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Funny how you talk shit about parents kissing kids on the mouth but you and your girlfriend are obviously twins

We just look similar sometimes we’re not related probably

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I want to make him soft what poetry phrases do I say to him

So I will love you quietly
like something that
doesn’t want to be found. - Caitlyn Siehl

I love you. I love you. From back to front, I love you. - Jessie Burton

 Unspeakably I have belonged to you, from the first. - Rainer Maria Rilke

You want to go back
to where the sky was inside us. - Margeret Atwood

Lie down, lie easy. / Let me shipwreck in your thighs. - Dylan Thomas

I could be a wolf for you. I could put my teeth on your throat. I could growl. I could eat you whole. I could wait for you in the dark. I could howl against your hair. - Catherynne M. Valente

Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs, oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies. - Pablo Neruda

In a way, you are poetry material. You are full of cloudy subtleties I am willing to spend a lifetime figuring out. - Franz Kafka

You are at once both the quiet and the confusion of my heart. - Franz Kafka

To love another is something
like prayer and can’t be planned, you just fall
into its arms because your belief undoes your disbelief. - Anne Sexton

Here is your home country - Nizar Qabbani

let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. - Mary Oliver

I meant skies all empty aching blue. I meant
years. I meant all of them with you. - Kate Clanchy

How much dirt were you? How much ugly did your eyes see? And she found you, and found you and dug you out of yourself and thought you were sweet as wine and tasted you and wanted to keep you. Wanted to hold you in the heart of her and keep you and keep you.  - Azra Tabassum

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“You did so amazing!!! Oh my God, seriously you are the best singer in the world!! Totally fangirling over you right now and I’m not embarrassed, if we were alone I would kiss you just to see you blush even harder than you are right now.” Brittany smiled while talking quickly and excitedly.

“Promise?” Santana asked shyly. “I mean like we can kiss later, I mean if we are under the mistletoe or something.” She rambled while shaking her head and looking down.

Brittany looked around quickly, making sure no one else was in Santana’s dressing room and pulled her close before leaning in. Santana felt her heart speed up as her palms got sweaty with nerves and Brittany kissed the corner of her mouth.

“Oops, I missed.” Brittany winked before picking up a glass of champagne and handing it to Santana. “Let’s toast.“

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Have you tried kissing while pop rocks were in your mouth.

No but I’ve tried it with salt and that’s about the same thing

You checked “yes” in all the wrong boxes.

Even after you shrunk me to the size
No larger than a pea,
You still scored higher.

It is now ten years later and
From your mouth are ten thousand apologies.

With my mouth, I kissed your shriveled lips four times;
One for every year
You forged our secret.

You held me;
One hand on my waist
One hand clenched in my hair
And still,
You tried to kiss me more.

Every time I think about you, it rains.

Every time it rains, I remain dry while those I try to love’s clothes get wet.

—  Halloo | A poem for my molester - Crypticqueen

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I have to admit it didn't get hot until they were on the bed and he flipped them. I'll never get over EBR's open mouth panting while SA kissed her neck. Never ever. But I agree with you. The rest of Oliver's sex scenes have been hot and heavy but always lacking intimacy. Which feels more lasting and memorable.

once you watch the scene without the background music you never go back. that’s when you realize how hot it really was. i’ll never be over the way she whimpers and bites her lip while steve is going ham on her neck….

but yes, i think that was the point of acting out the scene the way they did. they didn’t want it to be just another sex scene for oliver. it was really meant to stand apart from the hot and heavy hook ups he’s had in the past.

Your Drunk


Really detailed newt and reader where she’s drunk and she seduces him and ends up sucking him dry and he feels like he’s taking advantage of her but he can’t stop himself from enjoying it.

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Marissa put her arms around Rory and gave him a pouty look.

Marissa: Please can we go?

Rory smirked at her tactics but it didn’t stop him from taking advantage of the physical attention from her as he wrapped his arms around her as well.

Rory: I thought you wanted to go on a picnic? You know, this isn’t something I would agree to do with just anyone. I hate doing outdoorsy shit.

Marissa: we can do both! The party is not until late tonight anyway. 

Rory laughed and shook his head before  kissing her quickly to distract her mouth from talking anymore about going to the party.

Rory: Come on you little keg addict, let’s go do this picnic. I’m hungry.

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Taemin with number 6 pleaseee :)

Collarbone Kiss

“You have to stop wearing those sweaters like that.”

“What sweaters?”

“The ones that show your collarbones, I’m weak.”

Taemin laughed pulled your closer to him in the bed, “I’m laying in bed naked with you and you don’t want me to wear a sweater that shows my collarbones?”

You nodded, your lips already finding the said body parts that were your absolute favorite.  You ran your tongue along the skin and smiled as his breath hitched in response. “The sweater just makes you a tease,” you murmured before kissing his lips. 

He smiled against your mouth, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Original Period prompt

“Tatsuya…”, you whined as you tried to pry the taller male off of you as the later planted kisses soft kisses on your neck and shoulders. 


“I’m really-”

“I’ve wanted you for so long now… I couldn’t stand being at training camp for so long…”, Himuro murmured as he kissed the corner of your mouth.

Guilt began to seep into you when you heard those words. The raven-haired teen had been gone a whole three weeks and had missed you terribly with every minute that passed by. Now you had to tell him that he couldn’t have what he’d been thinking of for so long now.

“Tatsu…”, you said in a soft voice, desperately trying to get his attention for more than three seconds.

“Yes ___?”, Himuro answered with a soft smile.

You frowned deeply and turned your head away as you prepared yourself to say your next words. Not knowing what was going on, the older teen thought it was something serious.

“I really need to tell you something….”, you began as you kept your eyes glued to the wall.

From the corner of your vision you could see the taller teen’s smile fade immediately into extreme worry. You forced yourself to continue, not really knowing what was going inside of his head.


“Are you cheating on me with Taiga?”, Tatsuya suddenly burst out as a hurt, betrayed look crossed his features.

“Wait...what!? Where did you get that idea!?”, you yelled,  baffled and taking on a look of shock.

“It’s just the way you went about starting the conversation… I was so sure that you were ch-”

No! I’m just on my period!”, you yelled trying to clear the misunderstanding as quickly as possible.

Himuro blinked a few times before he blushed fiercely and looked away from you.

“I-I’m sorry… I’m such an idiot…”, Tatsuya said as if he were scolding himself.

You sighed and placed a gentle kiss on the teen’s lips.

“The way I went about it was misleading.”

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EXPAND ON THE ALPACA ONE pretty please with sugar on top?

Original Alpaca post.


Derek smirked at Stiles’ babbling, suppressing the urge to kiss the words from his mouth again.

“You know the absolute best part about this? Your metaphor didn’t even make sense–” Stiles continued, flailing his hands in Derek’s direction as he spoke.

So what if it didn’t make any sense, Stiles was the one who kept bringing up the alpaca farm outside of town every time Derek had tried to ask him out over the last two days. He was to blame for whatever spewed out of Derek’s mouth when he finally got Stiles to shut up about going there.

“It made perfect sense, you’re the one who doesn’t make any sense,” Derek retorted and immediately regretted.

Stiles was infecting him. It would only be a matter of time before he lost his ability to flirt his way out of a paper bag, before he started making more idiotic metaphors about random fuzzy animals for no apparent reason.

Why did he want to date Stiles again?

“Dude, you did not just–wait. Are you saying you like that about me?!” Stiles asked gleefully.

Derek gave up and kissed him again, and this time he didn’t stop once Stiles realized what was going on.

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Hey, could you do an imagine for Poland, Ukraine and Nyo!Germany wanting to cuddle with their S/O?

Poland: He would outright announce to you his desire to cuddle. “Like, come here,” he’d smile, arms open and inviting, leaving little room for negotiation. If you tried to resist, he’d playfully invoke the Polish Rule, “Poland wins!” As soon as you were close enough to reach, he’d pull you into his lap and nuzzle his face against yours, squeezing you tightly. “See? Isn’t this so much better?” He’d like to hold your hand, playing little games with your fingers, while he dropped light kisses on whatever part of you his mouth could reach.

Nyo! Germany: She’d never outright ask; instead, she’d drop physical hints. She’d sit on the couch, one arm thrown wide over the back, then stare you down. If you didn’t seem to get the hint, she’d look at the empty space beside her, then back to you, then she’d jerk hear head, indicating that you should sit. The moment you do, her arm would curl around you protectively. She’d hum happily if your arms encircled her waist, your head dropping to her shoulder. After a moment, she’d place a tender, lengthy kiss to the top of your head, and smooth your hair with her free hand.

Ukraine: As soon as you were sitting next to her, she’d reach out and simply hold your hand. After some time, she’d have slowly pulled you to rest your head on her shoulder/chest, seemingly without your realizing what was happening. It may not be until you’re drifting to sleep (she is so very soft and cozy to cuddle), her fingers running through your hair or giving you a light head massage, that you’d clue in. She’d laugh and kiss you gently. If you tried to untangle yourself, she’d wrap her arms around you tightly and say, “stay like this! Aren’t you more comfortable?”

And it was Death itself who stood behind me, with his arms wrapped around me as tight as iron bands, and his lipless mouth kissing my neck as if in love. But as well as the horror, I felt a strange longing.
—  Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace
day two

30 day OTP challenge (NSWF)
2. kiss (naked) | wc 500~

Lu Han’s palm is firm as he cups Yixing’s cheek, directing him in the kiss and not giving up an inch of control, mouth hot and tongue wet as it runs along the seam of Yixing’s parting lips before pressing inside insistently. Yixing liked it when Lu Han pushed him around like this because he knew that Lu Han hated it when people thought he was was too delicate to do so, temper flaring every time someone so much as thought the word “pretty” around him.

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