26 Of Our Best Posts About Kissing To Make You The Best Kisser Ever

I still remember how I felt about kissing before I had my first kiss. I was scared, excited, a little freaked out, and very apprehensive. I spent a lot of time wondering when it was going to happen, and who it would happen with, and what it would be like. Things didn’t get much better after my initial first kiss – I only spent more time thinking about when it was going to happen again. It took a while before I felt super comfortable about kissing.

So, I know how it feels to be confused about smooching. The tough thing about kissing advice is that it can be hard to explain. You think you’re going to totally mess it up, but once you start kissing, things usually just sort of fall into place. Want to know more about this? Here are 26 of our best posts about kissing that will make you the best kisser ever.