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"We fell in love, so how can we convince our parents that an arranged marriage between us would be a politically good idea?" au

Connor has this all figured out. He’s sure he does. It’s just a little hard to think right now with Oliver’s tongue in his mouth and his hands on his ass. But he’s sure, somewhere, some part of him has this all worked out.

Yet when Oliver abruptly pulls away, hangs his head, and mumbles, “We can’t keep doing this,” Connor can’t think of one single reassurance other than a very eloquent, “Huh?”

Oliver huffs out a breath, but any amusement on his face quickly falls. “I’m going to miss your kissing face.” He looks down. “And all of your faces.”

Oliver’s sadness kicks Connor’s brain awake.

"I’m not going anywhere, Oliver."

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idk just imagine luke coming to your house for a movie night and seeing you sad bc your ex is starting shit with you for no reason?? and he quickly kneels down in front of you and puts his hands on your face and asks what’s wrong bc he hates seeing his little princess sad so you tell him what’s going on and he calls your ex and tells him off and threatens to beat him up and that makes you laugh bc you just picture your giant boyfriend getting in his face and punching him like crazy aw. after he gets off the phone he pulls you into his lap and kisses you all over your face and tells you how much he loves you and wants to protect you from dicks like your ex and that’s when you realize that you have the most perfect boyfriend in the world ((((:

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"Kiss me you fool!"

You giggled as he grabbed your face and kissed you, stopping only to move on to kissing every inch of your face, your laughs getting louder.
"St-Stop! It tickles!" you managed to say through your laughs as he did.
He looked down as he hovered over you, a big smile on both your faces.
"You love me." he restated.
"Yes I do."
"You love me you love me." he continued to sing, being his silly self.
"You’re stupid."
"You love me."
"Why is that such a big surprise for you?" you continued to laugh continuing to stare up at him. He was quite the pretty view.
"Because you love me. That’s why." You rolled your eyes as he was clearly not in any sentimental mood at the moment as you instead just grabbed his shirt, pulling him in for another kiss.

Letter to my favorite fisherman

It’s been a year next week
Since you made your choice
We all miss you, you know
I can still hear your voice
I don’t know why you did it
I never really will
That day is embedded in my mind
The day everything stood still
I can still smell the hospital
And hear beeping from the machine
I remember kissing your forehead
Praying this was all a dream
They said to say goodbye
That this was my last chance
I held your hand and kissed your face
And walked away after one last glance
I went and sat at our fishing spot
To remember your favorite times
All the laughs and smiles
Broken rods and snapped lines
I’ve been there a few times since
I’ll probably go in the coming days
I feel close to you there
It’ll always be our place
I don’t know what comes after life
I hope your demons set you free
I’d like to think I’ll see you again
Wherever that may be

Things I Will Never Be Over: Emma’s damn face in this scene.

I mean she’s practically shuddering. I think most can agree that kisses all over your face from your Person is one of the best feelings in the world—a combination of comforting and sensual—and WHEN was the last time Emma was kissed like this, like someone couldn’t get enough of her? It’s possible that the answer is Never. Part of this is anguish because she’s saying goodbye, but part of it is also her getting to learn another part of what it feels like to be loved so deeply.

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"its hard to type when u don't have fingers" JEN u are so cute i want to kiss your pineapple face but my face will get all scratched up ://

do not worry i am a v soft pineapple… a special variety if u will


I imagine during their Skype calls all Jean does is stare dopily at Marco’s face while he talks and can’t stop smiling like a goofball.

After reading LAD’s Ch 7 "I missed you" I couldnt stop myself…even if my wrist was cracking every few minutes.