Anonymous prompted: Kurt runs into Adam back in NY and he is wearing the ring

Kurt hadn’t been avoiding him. Not consciously, anyway. He just had been away. That wasn’t avoiding, that was going home to visit family. Right?

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been super nice about everything. He understood Kurt’s troubles and hesitations. He was gentle and tried to take things slow. He was nothing but kind and sweet. He was an amazing friend, he would have been a great something more if that was Kurt’s life was destined for. Kurt was happy to have him.

But Kurt hadn’t seen him since he’d abruptly sent a text saying their little flirtations couldn’t continue.

So Kurt kind of panicked when he ran right into him.


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Drabble: Your Pain is my Pain

"i want a soulmate AU where during grilled cheesus even though blaine doesn’t know kurt that whole week he just feels…heartbreak and despair and like he’s gonna cry at any moment and he doesn’t know why” [x]

thanks dani

edit: Now with sequel

Despite all the fun Blaine has been having with the Warblers the first few weeks of his Sophomore year at Dalton, just a week into October Blaine begins to feel…off. 

It happens during second period, which is History and one of Blaine’s favorite classes. He’s listening to the teacher talk about the factors that contributed to the Civil War and suddenly, his stomach falls out from under hip, like he’s just taken a drop on a roller coaster.

It startles him so much he drops his pencil and gives a small gasp. Beside him Jeff, one of his friends from the Warblers, gives him a look. He shrugs and picks up his pencil and continues to listen to the teacher. But as time progresses, his stomach becomes more and more unsettled, like it’s full of butterflies. 

By the time lunch rolls around, Blaine can’t touch a piece of food on his plate, his stomach still in knots. He rings his hands nervously, something he doesn’t notice he’s even doing until Trent points it out and asks him what he’s so worried about. Blaine opens his mouth but - can’t even answer why.

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This is my mother’s fault. And Dani’s. Based off this:


Essentially, Klaine flirts like fools. 

Kurt let out a dramatic sigh for the thousandth time.

“You’d think they’d have told us if this was going to take more than an hour…” He mumbled, checking his watch. He and his father were at the hospital for his father’s usual check up. Ever since the cancer scare in Kurt’s first year of college, Kurt made sure to be there for every single one of his father’s checkups.

But that didn’t mean he had to enjoy them.

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Drabble: I'm Complete

Companion to this drabble


 asked for a Sadie Hawkins companion pieces in Kurt’s POV for the above soulmate!AU drabble. :)

The worse pain Kurt had ever experienced in his life happened for no logical reason, one night about halfway through his sophomore year. 

Kurt was sitting in the living room with his dad as they pretended to bond. His dad was watching television and Kurt was reading a magazine, turning pages slowly as his eyes traveled over the words and the clothes. God, the clothes. His phone lay silent next to him on the couch. Part of him wished for it to light up with a text message or a call from Mercedes or Tina so he could go do something. 

That wouldn’t be happening, though. Mercedes and Tina - and the rest of the Glee girls - were having an attempt at a sleepover tonight. Kurt was not able to go. Though his dad accepted he was gay, he was still hesitant to let him go sleepover with a bunch of girls. He was a bit old fashion in that regard.

So here Kurt was, on a Friday night, spending it with his dad. Doing their usual “bonding” which mostly consisted of them doing their own thing, with some sparse conversation. It was their thing, and while nice, was boring.

He let out a loud sigh. 

Kurt was midway through an article when a sudden spike of fear went through him, making his blood run cold. He froze in his spot, hands tightening on the magazine, making the paper crinkle. (He hated ruining his magazines - why was he doing that?)

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Drabble: Joining Pieces

Third part of the Soulmate!AU I’ve been writing over the last few days. This takes place just after 1 and 2. :) oppanblainegamstyle suggested a little chat about the empathy bond they had. <3

Part 1: Your Pain is my Pain

Part 2: I’m Complete

"I felt you." 

Blaine looks up from his coffee. He and Kurt had decided that the staircase at Dalton wasn’t the most suitable of places to really get to know your soulmate, so they had decided they would meet up at the Lima Bean nearest Dalton. Blaine had texted Jeff on his way to the car, saying he wouldn’t make the impromtu Warblers’ performance they had this afternoon and that he would be taking over Blaine’s solo. 

Kurt had gotten there first. Blaine walked in, eyes instantly finding Kurt’s - his soulmate. He walked up to him, their hands easily slipping into each others’. Kurt had said he wanted to wait until he got there to order. “So I know your coffee order,” he had said. 

Which is what Blaine was stirring now - his usual medium drip with sugar. Kurt had a hand around his nonfat mocha, which Blaine had also committed to memory. His long, slim fingers curled around the cup, index tapping nervously on the lip. 

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What if the make out scene starts with them in the car with all the ust and then they park and Blaine asks Kurt what them going to the wedding together means because he’s been trying to avoid asking and getting to hopeful but he has to know and then Kurt says he isn’t sure and tells him about Adam and Blaine isn’t upset he just takes Kurt’s hand and says he doesn’t care and then At Last comes on and they fall silent and look at each other and Blaine kind of reaches his hand up like he’s going to touch Kurt’s face but stops half way there and then they both kind of lean in a little and then suddenly they’re kissing

Every February

words: ~330

a/n: fluff fluff fluff because this picture made me have feels

The first year, he was pleasantly surprised when a bouquet of yellow and red roses was delivered to him at work. The card read, ‘My love for you grows. – B’ and Kurt couldn’t stop the smile that overtook his features.  Now though, 45 years later and 10 months and 4 days since Blaine had passed, he wasn’t expecting anymore flowers. So when the doorbell rang and he opened it to reveal a young man holding a bouquet of yellow and red roses, his heart lodged into his throat.

He stared, shell shocked for what felt like hours until the boy hesitantly said, “Delivery for Kurt Hummel-Anderson?” Kurt wretched the flowers from the boy’s grip, and slammed the door before racing to the kitchen to retrieve his phone. He dialed the flower shop with the bouquet still in his left hand in a death grip. Before the owner of the flower shop could begin his greeting, Kurt began to speak.

“Yes hello, this is K-Kurt Hummel-Anderson. There seems to be some kind of mistake. I just received a bouquet of flowers but as you know, my h-husband is – he’s no longer with us.”

“Oh, Mr. Hummel-Anderson. I was expecting your call. There hasn’t been a mistake with the delivery, though.”

“What do you – I’m confused. What do you mean?”

The shop owner sighed, speaking softly with a smile evident in her voice, “Before your husband passed away, he prepaid for many years and asked us to guarantee that you’d continue getting bouquets every Valentine’s Day.”

Kurt gasped softly and eased his grip on the flowers.

“Oh. Th-thank you,” he breathed.

He hung up his phone and placed it gently on the counter before turning his attention to the now rumpled bouquet of flowers in his hand. He retrieved the card and opened it with shaking hands as tears threatened to spill over.

‘My love for you is eternal. Every February, you’ll be my Valentine. I promise. Always, B’

For What Binds Us - Prologue & Chapter 1/5

Title: For What Binds Us
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length & Rating: ~8200 / ~31,000 (PG - eventual R) (completed)
Summary: It’s five years after the end of Glee and Chris and Darren haven’t seen each other since everything fell apart.  When Chris shows up unexpectedly at Darren’s new home, he struggles to find out if they still have a place in each other’s lives.
 Brief mention of Chris/OMC, who never makes an appearance.  Additionally, Lea Michele is with an unnamed, unseen husband and pregnant with their first child.

AN: This would quite literally not exist without the weeks of endless support and thousands of text from Katie

"And when two people have loved each other
see how it is like a
scar between their bodies,
stronger, darker, and proud;
how the black cord makes of them a single fabric
that nothing can tear or mend.”

- Jane Hirshfield, “For What Binds Us”

(AO3 prologue link) (AO3 chapter 1 link)


Prologue:  No Time To Regret

Chris isn’t even home when Jamie moves out.  He’s had a day full of meetings – with the last one running late because of someone’s ego – and hadn’t gotten around to listening to the voicemail Jamie left earlier in the afternoon.  He only knows his boyfriend (ex-boyfriend) is gone because there’s a set of keys on the kitchen table and a missing pair of shoes by the front door when he finally gets home that night.

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