aclockworkcitrus said:

May I ask if you know anything about the website kisschic? If it's reliable or not? Thank you very much!

i don’t have any personal experience with them, but they look like a bunch of other wholesale websites. their shipping seems realllllly high so if i was going to order from them i’d probably try to get a friend to order with me so we could split shipping costs or go elsewhere—but if you have found something you really like on there that you can’t find anywhere else i say go for it. i’m not seeing any bad reviews but i’m also not really seeing any reviews…at all? so i can’t say much more than that.

for your first order, order one or two pieces, something small, just in case. that’s the safest way to try out new places.

Kisschic Women's Maxi Dresses

That selection enables you to be in a position to decide upon what you are comfy in. Some girls like to exhibit off their legs and other people don’t. Some adult females like a strapless kisschic women’s maxi dresses and some others really don’t. Irregardless of what your own preferences are you however you will locate people that fit accordingly.


You don’t have to settle for one thing you definitely really don’t think wonderful about wearing.Becoming as well as dimension does not mean you really don’t treatment about vogue. Absolutely nothing is even worse than owning to use maxi dresses that you never really feel fits you suitable. This can make a lady self aware about her entire body. That can have an effect on her personal daily life, her mood, and even her vocation.

Kisschic Vintage Pencil Dresses

If you’ve been walking through stores for years, hoping to see something truly feminine and elegant, but ended up buying the same jeans and t-shirts at a time, now your wait is over.


The fashion industry welcomes the Pencil Dresses vintage clothing left impressed the minds of men in the 1960s and has brought back a bit of refinement in your closet. The Pencil Dress is something that every woman should own - delicate, yet attractive and sexy, emphasize their waists, flattering what needs to be flattered and hide what needs to hide.