Rooftop Picnics

Nine/Rose, all ages

High School AU, pure fluff tbh

1552 words

Dedicated to asthewheelwills and fleurdeneuf who love high school!nine as much as I do, if not more. Hope y’all enjoy!

Rose broke into a grin when she saw John leaning against her locker. His back was to her so she quietly snuck up behind him, rose up on her tiptoes so her lips would be right next to his ear when she spoke.

“What’s up, Doc?”

He spun around so quickly she thought he was going to fall. “Very funny, Rose,” he said dryly, glaring down at his blonde friend who was doubled over with the force of her laughter. “Thought I told you to stop calling me ‘Doc.’”

“Since when have I ever listened to you?” she teased, tongue touching the corner of her smile. “Now shift, I need to get in my locker.”

John obligingly took a step back and watched her fight with the combination lock before it swung open and she started piling her books into her backpack.

“So why are you lurking at my locker anyways?” Rose glanced up and gave him a once over, “You know, besides trying to look all impressive in your new leather jacket for any girl that happens to pass by?”

John tugged on the lapels of the aforementioned jacket. “I’ll have you know that I’m very impressive, Rose Tyler.”

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kiss + earthrumblechampion


        “Toph!” he called out with elation, not having seen his best friend in what was months that had really felt like years and years. She’d gotten a bit taller, but was still small enough for Sokka to wrap up and spin around in his arms. When he finished spinning and set her feet back down on the ground, something strange came over him. A rush of excitement maybe? Adrenaline? A certain death wish? He leaned down to her height, hands on her shoulders and pressed a kiss straight on Toph’s lips. Reality came back to him with a snap and Sokka pulled away quick, embarrassment flooding his features.

             “Uh…welcome back?”


That wasn’t a kiss for a minor victory in finding Henry. Isn’t that what they said? She kisses him after he helps them gain ground in the search for Henry? This was more like a challenge. He goads her, and they flirt and she shows him what’s what. It’s hot as hell, but it’s not what they described.

There’s something they’re not telling us. There’s something else that happens, and that’s why they’ve hyped this so much, b/c maybe this ISN’T a “one-time thing”. 

Maybe Hook does something else to save the day, and there’s another kiss.

But, Mama, that was HAWT! Panties OFF!

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kiss + flammxble


                The tension between them cut in an instant. Sokka wasn’t
                even thinking – he didn’t have to, not when he was with Azula.
                Spontaneity was the key to their relationship, the fuel that lit
                the fire. He leaned in and pulled her close, arms wrapping
                around her waist to close every inch of separating distance.
                There wasn’t an ounce of regret to his actions, not this time and
                probably not next time either. His lips parted over hers and as he
                deepened the kiss, a familiar spark of excitement shot down his spine.

ceciliaftw asked:

“Can I touch you?”

“Y-Yes…” Cammie whispered to Cece, their faces inches apart. Cece moved forward first, her lips lightly pressing against Cammie’s. Her eyes fluttered closed. Cammie would never say it out loud, but she swore behind her closed eyes, she saw fireworks. Her right hand came up instinctively, cupping the other girls cheek, while her other tangled in Cece’s long blonde hair. Cammie sighed into the kiss. She had been craving every single small touch from Cece, and this was no exception.

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Kiss + Lunamatrem


        His arms wrapped around Yue’s waist and as he leaned in,
        Sokka inhaled a breath of the icy outside air before closing
        the distance between them. The kiss was gentle, deliberate
        and everything he had imagined – but better – since the
        moment he first laid eyes on her.

incendiiare asked:

"Sokka." Azula said firmly, walking up to him quickly. She stood in front of him for a few moments, golden eyes scanning his features slowly. Lacing her fingers behind his neck, Azula leaned up to press her lips to his.

    “Azula…” His voice rang out in a tone mocking her own,
    but was quickly muffled by her lips pressed onto his.
    Sokka’s eyes grew wide, unexpecting of the gesture, but
    he quickly got the point and leaned in. He was kissing
    back in no time, arms wrapping around her waist where
    they pulled her in to close the distance between them.

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kiss + stubbornelement


        Sokka’s arm slung around Toph’s shoulders as he collapsed onto
        the sweaty sheets. “Wow…” An exhale escaped his grinning lips
        while the ability to breathe again slowly returned to him. So that’s
        what he had been missing. Who knew friends with benefits could
        have such a nice – benefit. Tipping his head to the side, he caught
        his lips lazily with hers, giving a warm kiss like a ‘thank you’ he
        couldn’t say with words. “We should do that again sometime.”

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kiss + oftatkret



            The confidence that typically saturated his voice was missing
            as Sokka spoke. He leaned in close to the princess, but heat
            was rising to his cheeks against his better intentions. Should
            he he kiss her? What if someone saw? There were so many
            thoughts colliding around in his brain, but one in particular
            stood out. She’s standing right there and she’s waiting for you
            to make a move
. In a moment of sudden courage, Sokka dove
            in. He pressed his lips against hers, his eyes fluttering closed
            as he reveled in the feeling of Yue’s soft, warm skin on his own.