The first chart is what I’m seeing all over right now.

The last chart is for you to make your own!

There are so many different options!! Homestuck, we need to sort out our Quadrants for Gog’s sake.

Hetalia… Whovians… Supernatural.. What do you think?

And who else will fill the blank spots?


So I finally made it to the post scratch part of the story, like the very beginning. I’m not sure if these two have actually met or not, but I think their first meeting would be something like this.

Yeeeaaaa…. something tells me they wouldn’t get along very well, so IDK it’s sort of a strange Kismesiss ship I guess?

I mean in a weird sort of grandfather and granddaughter sort of way or something of course, because otherwise it’d be weird AND gross. This way it’s just weird.


This is really cheesy and probably the weirdest thing ever, but I want to do this. I drew the symbols for each Quadrant, the Red on my hands and the black on my feet. At the moment none of the quadrants are filled, and it’s really sad, but I will color the quadrant that is filled once I find that person or persons. I’m hoping that the girl I ask out tomorrow will say “Yes” and then I can fill the Matesprit quadrant in. I’m that I never have to fill in the black quadrants in but…you never know what will happen in the future, right?


MM: Aaaaaalright! Time to start cranking out some ans^w^ers, ^y^ou’^v^e all had to ^w^ait on Regent’s laz^y^ ass for long enough!

WR: Hey! I’m not lazy! …It’s just that there’s a /lot/ of those relationship asks and I suck at answering them.

MM: ^W^ell then, shut up an’ lemme do it for ^y^ou!

WR: .l

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