Do you see that awesomeness moth brooch next to my tarantula? That was made by the inccredibajkhrkawaasLE Kisindian whose new jewellries are great and and and…cannot was anything she was listening my squeeee-ing for 2 hours after she gave me this little sweetness. 
SO go to her blog immediately and give her so much love, follow, love, likes, reblogs GIVE HER EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SHE MADE ME A MOTH BROOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OnO

character designs???

I should really research some clothing history. Anyways, three characters, three different(supposedly) cultures.
Though the first one, Rannan, is a mixture of at least two cultures(he’s also a very rare “crossbreed”), he’s also a big traveler, so this infuences his clothing and behavior.
Prote, the second one (featured a lots and lots of times on my blog, with different colors) is a medicine guy from somewhere cold, probably.
And well, little Craave.


Some old art which I’m still kinda proud of but also embarrassed a bit.
We got a new shiny computer and I put all my old stuff onto it. Of course, I started looking trough all these years’ *work* and by God am I a “special” snowflake. :’D Such horridnesses, and most of them used to be online! ahahaha what the flying f*ck

1. from 2007, an orange feathery snake or whatever. i was all about Quetzalcoatl.
2. this one actually got a Mod’s choice on Elfwood(does anybody remember that art site anymore?), done in 2008.
3. done for a tiny artcontest, when I was in my weird furry era. The theme was stampunk, so I made a dog Hitler. Makes sense, right? It also won this contest, LMAO :’D (done in 2009)
4. uhh this character was also made for a contest in 2010. we got some random pictures and some words, if I remember correctly. Later on I redesigned her because I kinda liked her, but never put her up on the Internet. And now I don’t know where the drawings went. uhhh she’s really weiding me out

enjoy the horrible <3

i should really do some illustrations or at least some finished stuff. aw, man


I went to my grandma’s for a week and I drew some things, though really not enough. It suddenly popped to me that I should draw some interior so I drew my bedroom twice and the kitchen. They’re still in the 70’s!

Those watercolor brush pen my friend Suzanne told me to buy are currently the best and most fun purchase I have ever made 8D