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If GoM/Kiyoshi/[Admin's choice here x2!]'s partner was the creative type and wrote them into a manga as a character, how do you think they'd be portrayed? For example, the hero of an adventure manga? The love interest in some shoujou slice of life manga? The 'bad guy team' in another sports manga? Thank you!

Akashi: the protagonist in a psychological horror that appears to be the victim at first, but is actually the killer 

Aomine: the really annoying guy in another sports manga. (imagine Aomine in haikyuu!! as Ushiwaka tho)

Hanamiya: main antagonist in a shounen adventure, who’d constantly trick the protagonist with mind games and the like

Kise: the main love interest in a shoujo manga. Everyone wants to be with the ‘adorable Kise-kun’. When Kise finds out this is how you’ve portrayed him, he starts posing as if you’re going to draw him this very second.

Kiyoshi: the reliable sidekick in a magical girl series (he even gets a pretty dress)

Kuroko: a background character in a crime drama, who becomes more and more important as the series progresses

Midorima: one of the mains in a vrmmorpg. He’s his group’s strategist and sniper/archer (depending on the type of rpg)

Murasakibara: he’s a titan okay that’s basically canon

Takao: the ‘funny guy’ in what starts off as a slice of life, then develops into something life or death style.. and it turns out all the friends have powers to save the world!! (Takao has his hawk eye, but taken a step further - his sight in general is enhanced and he can see things in much more detail than most people )

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Hi~! What would the GoM and Kagami do if they found that their s/o fell asleep on the couch while watching TV and she's shivering of cold? Please and thank you ;) I confess that I read a lot of blogs like this but you're the first who I've asked, I really hope everything goes well with your new blog x3

Thanks, anon-chan! This ask is super cute~

KUROKO: He would bring his significant other a blanket. After placing the blanket on them he would brush their hair off their face and give them a gentle kiss on the forehead before leaving them so they could have restful sleep.

KISE: He would place a blanket over his significant other and crawl under the blanket and cuddle with them, occasionally placing gentle kisses on their face.

AOMINE: He would bring them a blanket and lay down beside them and hold them close as they slept and he would probably fall asleep as well. He enjoys taking naps with his significant other.

MIDORIMA: He would lay a blanket on his sleeping significant other and watch them sleep for a bit, but he would be nervous that they would wake up so he would leave the room and find something else to do.

MURASAKIBARA: He would brush the hair off his significant others face and place a blanket over them. He would admire their sleeping face for a moment before leaving the room to let them rest while he found some more snacks.

AKASHI: He would place a blanket over his significant other and gently kiss them on the forehead. He would marvel at the sleeping face of his significant other before exiting the room to let them rest.

KAGAMI: Kagami would grab a blanket and place it over his significant other and place a soft kiss on their face. For a bit he would jut sit and admire them as they slept.