Love? (An experiment in deduction) - Original

Is it a feeling that we each create and define ouselves?

Is it a level of affection that we strive to meet and possibly surpass in a relationship?

Is it a set uniform thresh hold accessible to all?

Does it even exist?

Do others use “love” as moral justification for living their entire life with just one partner?

Is it an idea that can exist in both monogamy and polygamy?

Can a child feel it?

Does being “in love” with a person affect your ability to love others?

Is it only achievable once?

Will I forever be chasing that high but never re-achieving it?

Can I still love other people the way I love my wife or girlfriend?

Is it morally justifiable to cheat on someone you don’t love with someone you do?

Is it morally justifiable to cheat on someone you do love with someone you also love?

Can you even fall in love with two people at the same time?


I may not have a clue what the hell love is but I know this for certain:



Profile: Kirsa

Name: Kirsa

Creator’s Name: Alex

Fair Game?: No

Age: 12. Do not mention how young she looks; she will get quite defensive. Which usually means something is going to get destroyed and we really don’t want that.

Appearance: She’s the redheaded one

Personality: Kirsa is hot-headed and she likes to be in charge. She is very brave and likes to help people, but sometimes she confuses courage with recklessness and this gets her in trouble a lot(and has given her quite a few scars). She has no filter and it’s hard to get her to sit still. She is very protective of the things and people that are close to her, and is more of a “doer” than a “talker”.

About: Kirsa and her sister Lili were orphaned years ago when their grandmother was killed. They were adopted by a prince, who happens to be a bear at the moment. AND HE TAUGHT THEM BATTLE SKILLS. And now, in order to turn the prince back into his true form, she and her sister have to fight a multitude of monsters. Not that Kirsa’s afraid. She’s not afraid of anything.


Please Do Not Draw: Well she’s a child, so she really shouldn’t be doing anything sexual. You can go crazy with the violence, though. She’s…pretty violent.

  • Bir omru ayni bedenle gecirmek cok sikici en azindan ben cok sikiliyorum.hic de ilgi cekici seyler gormuyorum etrafta.bir unicorn bir anka ne bileyim bir ejderha falan.niye ben gormuyorum ki bunlari benim gozum pic mi anlamiyorum.bir yavru ejderha gelse balkona koydugum kaptan su falan icse hapsirirken yanlislikla kirsa gecirse ortaligi.olmuyor ya boyle seyler cok takiyorum ben buna cok sıkılıyorum.

Fun Polynesian drawn-on creation for Kirsa last week at Ka’eo Hawaii! Always having and creating great days and amazing clients! Thanks so much! Much Aloha! #tattoosbynickel #kaeohawaiitattoo #polynesiantattoo #plumeria #addon #drawnon #polyink #manifest #grateful #create #lovelife #love #aloha #dogoodbegood #girlswithtattoos (at Ka’eo Hawaii Tattoo)

Profile: Lili

Name: Lieselotte, but she lets close friends call her Lili.

Creator’s Name: Alex

Fair Game?: No

Age: 10

Appearance: She’s the blonde one.

Personality: Lili is generally more docile than her sister and tends to think more before acting. But this doesn’t make her an angel; Lieselotte tends to use her manners and domestic skills to get closer to people, which would make them easier to manipulate. She can be vain and nitpicky and self-centered, and she is a bit of a clean freak. However, she can be genuinely sweet sometimes(i.e., not because she wants to get something out of someone), and she will dote heavily on people that she likes. She is also drawn to beautiful and/or shiny things.

About: I’m sorry but you can check Kirsa's profile for this. XD It's pretty much the same.

Please Do Not Draw: Sexual anything, as she’s a young girl. She also doesn’t tend to go straight into the heart of a battle, so drawing her on the front lines of a fight won’t really be in character.