This soft and warm kirin has chocolatey brown fur and golden antlers and hooves. His name is Rusdale.

Kirins are magical creatures with the ability to heal the ill. Their fur colour denotes their favourite weather. Rusdales fur is a warm brown, which means his favourite weather is a clear early dawn in the Autumn. You’ll find him padding through forests watching leaves fall and rooting around in the moss to find hazelnuts (his favourite food).

Rusdale is about 6.5” from floor to horn-tip and is sewn from cuddlesoft fur. His mane is fake fur and feels silky and warm when you stroke it. His head and hooves have been cast from resin from an original sculpt of mine.

I make all my soft sculptures from scratch and have been working by myself for four years now. By purchasing Rusdale you will own a totally unique piece of art for display in your home, with an enchanting character.

He is available here

This insanely vibrant kirin was inspired by my favorite citrus fruit, a mandarin called (disappointingly) TDE triple cross. As a result, I could have named this critter after the fruit’s full name: Temple Tangor Dancy Encore. I think you can see why I didn’t.

Anyway, Caran d’Ache colored pencils are insanely bright. This lively fellow is on a clean sheet in the sketchbook, so he could be sold, if anyone was interested in having his company.

Also, let’s pretend he doubles as a potential future commission example for more simplistic/smaller commissions in colored pencil. If I can organize my thoughts for more than two seconds, I’ll post more details.