The Kirin Beverage Company created awesomely tiny dioramas that fit into their own soft drink bottles for a series of advertisements for their line of beverages called “Sekai no Kitchen Kara” (“From the Kitchens of the World). The level of detail achieved with each handmade 1/48th scale bottled scene is completely awesome.

A tiny Thai kitchen, created for the Salt and Litchi (Lychee) flavor, features a well-stocked fridge that opens and closes, an illuminated burner for the miniature stove, countless itty-bitty food items and kitchen utensils, and even stains on the walls.

Click here to watch a video of the making of the Thai kitchen.

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I just realized I never posted anything from my masters dissertation… shame on me.
My work was about creating a hypothetical yet plausible anatomy for six distinct mythological beings from different cultures while being as true as possible to their original forms, and these two were my favourite to work on :D
I give you the Qilin and the Lernaean Hydra!
I grew a lot after this dissertation, art-wise. Suffered a lot for it too XD
Anyway, I hope you like it! :D


Jytte the Kirin Now Available
£135 + P&P

This gentle kirin is a rare creature from Japanese mythology, said to bring peace and serenity to all who see her. Her name is Jytte. She likes strong coffee and sitting next to warm fires, she also has a bit of a fascination with skulls. Her favourite season is winter, especially mid-winter nights, where you can see all the stars in the sky and sometimes a shooting star if you’re lucky.

She is a mixed media art doll made to display proudly in your home. She has been made independently by me from start to finish in my garden studio in Scotland, and as such will have handmade and unique details. You can read more information via this link.

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Two kirins that I’m working on.

The more vertical one with no hair has been casually called “twisty” and is more recent. She’ll be painted and given mohair and sold on etsy when she’s done.

The giant guy will have sculpted hair and my intent is to get him cast. But, that’s been over a year in the works so I have no idea when he’ll be available. But he’s coming along! The position will likely make him a huge pain to cast. I’ve never done casts before so it’s a new venture for me. It’s still a far way into the future though, gotta get him done before I worry too much about it. 

Both are made from polymer clay/ apoxie sculpt over wire and foil.