ihyde522 said:

I know I've loved kirikyan ever since I got into gb. It's weird though cuz they don't act like theyre friends at all. Especially when asked they always say they're just work colleagues, like in the arashi interview, so I'm like..r u guyz friends? Lol

Yeah I think that this “I am just a colleague” “I have no interest in the band or him” is just for the show. Especially Kyan is the “I don’t give a fuck”-character, but I think he really treasures Sho and the band. For example.. he practices guitar and plays it sometimes live at concerts - eventhough he sucked at it from the beginning. And I think it’s the same with Sho… :3 He doesn’t show it, but he really likes/loves him (as a friend or whatever xD)

He is just a bit of a tsundere lol