new hunters?

So we have an arrow head marked with an unknown symbol, it looks like a bird, looks like it could be an eagle.

So far we have Argent which means silver, Calaveras which as I understand means Skull. 

So does this mean this new group is Aquila? Maybe Italian?

Aquila means Eagle and just for kicks how are wolves and Eagles related?

The Kirghiz tribesmen of central Asia have long been known to use Golden eagles to catch wolves, and in fact Marco Polo (c. 1254-1324) wrote of “a great number of eagles, all trained to catch wolves, foxes, deer and wild goats”.


So confirmation, Like Argent, Aquila as a name is sensible because it’s directly related to the death of wolves.


[MONSTER] The Gilgiss.

Japanese name: ザ・ギルギス
Romanized name: Za Girugisu

Alignment: Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess
Type: Beast Warrior
Inspiration: Ley Wanda, bovine, zebra
Status: Killed by Super Cosmo Flash.

From: Choushinsei Flashman - Episode 12


  • "Girugisu" (ギルギス) is similar to the Japanese transliteration of the word "kyrgyz" (キルギス; kirugisu). The Kyrgyz (or Kirghiz) are Turkic people living in the Kyrgyz Republic. The word "kyrgyz" can be translated as "imperishable" or "immortal."



Lunch dans une famille Kirghize. Des semi nomades, qui possedent environ 200 tetes de betail (brebis, yacks, chameaux confondus). Au menu : le polo ou pilaf (tiens donc !) base de riz cuit dans le jus de mouton avec un soupcon de legumes et du mouton ( de gros morceaux pour les hommes et de minuscules pour les femmes… )

Quoi qu’on en dise, il n’est pas forcement tres agreable de faire ses besoins dans un tel tableau idylique.