Kira teasing Maui with the Pony lol


These are the strange creatures I live with. 

Chloe is obsessed with my human’s shoes… She always gets away with it, but I always get in trouble… I think it’s because I use my teeth. 

Lucky is a grandpa, he’s no fun. I try to play with him, but I just hear these strange growls from him so I figured I should leave him alone. 

Buddy is my buddy! He tolerates me and my nipping. Sometimes he’ll grab me and throw me over his shoulder… it’s fun! I think he likes playing with me too. He sleeps a lot though… I don’t understand how a cat can sleep that much. 


Playing with Maui (:

vicky-and-matisse said:

Hello there!! This blog is absolutely fantastic... One of the best of this type I have found so far... I started a diary blog yesterday and it is about my life with my dog. Check it out if you like and feel free to read the sections on top to learn more about us. Also, could you suggest more blogs like yours because I'd like to follow more :) x

Ahh we like your blog! My mom’s followed you on her main account (: and about other blogs like this one… My friend is one his mom made for him, check them out! Not sure if it’s quite the same as what you’re talking about but we’ll check later. Mom’s got class in a bit… Haha

Also, couldn’t help but notice your art supplies. Mind us asking what you do? My mom’s studying architecture!