Insanlari kirmayi hic sevmem. Hatta onlari kirmaktan ozellikle kacinirim. Ozellikle susmaya, canlarini yakmamaya calisirim. Cunku birinin de benim kalbimi kirmasini istemem. Kalbimi kiracak seyler soylemesini istemem. Ama bazi insanlar kirilmayi o kadar cok hakediyorlar ki...
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Isabella smiles “Hi Will! Come in I just can’t wait for you to be my butler for the day! First you’ll need to change into this” *Hands him a  fancy pancy tail coat jack with nice pants,shoes and a white button up shirt.


"Well?" How do I look?" He asked after he put on the suit.

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SHAINA! You have a tumblr! How are you doing? Did you find any really cool bones recently? AHHHH I'M JUST SO HAPPY YOU FOUND ME, I'M GIGGLING LIKE CRAZY.



guys this is Erika she is a college buddy from MCC and she has what is possibly the cutest art style for drawin people I have EVER seen I just want to pick up everything she draws and eat it whole. She does amazing comic work and just general art and she pumps out some mega great fanart too she’s just good.

Erika you beautiful soul

AS FOR BONES I actually have not gotten a whole bunch of new ones ahh I don’t know how long it’s been since I updated you but I have a squirrel skull + the hands/feet and tail, and likewise I have the wings feet and tail of a Flicker which is a gorgeous bird. ummm I’m working on getting that seagull skeleton cleaned up so I can put it together. I also have a chipmunk skeleton I want to mix with a songbird to make a teeny gryphon skeleton ;o; I just need a whole bird skeleton because frick me I almost always threw away the main body mass of the birds I’ve gotten my hands on shame on me

You sit at the table awkwardly, watching father and daughter work in ways that would rival a contestant on Iron Chef.
“Surprise me.” You told him. This clearly had gone over well with Morten, as his face had broken out into the biggest grin you had ever seen.
“Ok, how about we make you the judge?” Amanda suggested.

And so, ten minutes later you were sitting there, at the table, watching Morten and Amanda cook up whatever concoction they could make out of the ingredients in the kitchen. Well, more like you were watching Morten. The heat had caused him to sweat, and the intense way he stared while working was hypnotic.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang, and water splashed all over you. Amanda gasped loudly as her pot fell off the table and unto the floor.

For a moment life stood still, as warm water poured down from your chin and unto the floor. Then, before you understood what was happening, you were jerked from your seat and run over to the kitchen sink, where your face was doused with cold water, and between the gurgling you heard Morten order Amanda to run and get a towel.

You jerked your head back and snapped your head towards Morten.
“THE WATER WAS NOT HOT.” You all but screamed at him.
You sank to the floor, gasping to catch your breath. Morten knelt beside you, putting his hand on your shoulder.
“I’m so-” He began, but you whipped your hand over his mouth.
“Don’t. Say. It.” You ordered him.

You got up and so did he, however neither of you broke eye contact. You stood so close together that you could see the details of his face, and you could smell his cologne.

Slowly, he leaned towards you, closing the distance between the two of you. Your lips were so close to his, so very close, and then, like earlier, you heard those perky footsteps, and you jumped away from him, just in time for Amanda to arrive.

"Got the towel!" She called out, oblivious to the events that had just transpired only a moment before.
You accepted the towel, and immediately wiped off your face.
“Hey, I’ve got some spare clothing, you want to get changed?” she asked you. A nod was the only response she needed, and the two of you rushed out of the room. You glanced back at Morten right before you left, and saw him, leaning up against the counter, staring at you with the most peculiar smile on his face you had ever seen.

I tried to make it hot. It became fluff again I’m sorry.


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How do you think the gang would react to finding out Dally and Johnnycake are dating?

Darry: would worry; Dally may be his friend, but he doesn’t have much of a moral compass. And he knows in a way that Johnny is Dally’s moral compass. He fears that Dally couldn’t handle his urges and ends up ruining his relationship with Johnny.

Soda: would be a bit happy for them, but for the most part it would be the same as Darry.

Steve: wouldn’t understand at all; he had thought Dally was straight due to the many girls he’s bedded, then main squeeze Sylvia, and Cherry. And he just thought Johnny was just shy. 

Two-Bit: Pissed off; he may joke about but Dally isn’t dumb. He sees the storm taking root in Two-Bit’s eyes when they are together and Dally knows it’s due to Johnny being a baby brother to Two-Bit. After Johnny was Two-Bit’s ‘Pony/Soda’, along with Little-Bit. Two-Bit constantly worried over Johnny.

Pony: Mad. He wants to be supportive and yeah, he’ll admit that after the whole Bob/Cherry/Windrixville/fire debacle he didn’t dislike Dally as strongly as he did before; but Pony still holds that Johnny deserves better. He thinks Dally will cheat on Johnny. And he feels Johnny needs someone who can comfort and show him emotions, which is something Dally cannot. Unknown to Pony is that Dally will sure try his best. 

Chapter “How much fluff can she put in”

After watching one (and a half-ish) romance movies Amanda was showing visible signs of sleepiness. Her eyelids were drooping, head on the floor, she had even started drooling a bit. You on the other hand had never felt so wide awake. Morten had been holding your hand this entire time, his grip relaxing and then tightening up a few times throughout the movies. During one particularly romantic scene he had flipped your hand over, and had massaged the middle of your palm with his thumb. You on the other hand had been a bit more cautious, and had settled on only entangling your fingers around his a couple of times.
“I think I’m going to bed.” Amanda mumbles, and getting up off the floor, she drags herself out of the room. You lists to her heavy footsteps go up the stairs, until you hear a door open and shut.
You turn your head to talk to Morten, however he seemed to have other plans in mind. His hands had already snaked themselves around your waist, and before you could ask him what he was doing, he had proceeded to pull you up into his lap. You half squealed but then clamped your mouth shut with your hand, fearing that you would wake your friend. Your heart was beating so fast, and you felt like you could take no more of any interaction between you and Morten.
Said creator of this feeling had clearly felt like he had not done enough damage, and instead proceeded to bring his lips to your neck, and began to cover the entire left area with kisses.
You were unable to do anything but bite your bottom lip and hold onto Morten for dear life, your vision blurring, tears welling up in your eyes, heart thumping, but you were happy. Happier than you’d ever been. He was your’s, and you were his.
But there were things that needed to be addressed, and you needed to talk about them now.
“Morten.” You called out weakly.
No response.
“Morten… Please.” You try again, this time with a bit more desperation in your voice.
You heard a grunt, signaling an acknowledgement from Morten, however he did not stop his kissing, and instead was moving up your jaw and towards your lips.
“We need to talk-“
However you were silenced by Morten’s mouth meeting your’s.
“About… What?” He asked between kisses.
You almost tell him to forget it.
“About us… About…” You push his face away gently.
“About Amanda.”

Kimsesiz çocuklar gibi bir köşeye siner oyunlar oynardim kendi zengimligimde yarattigim oyunlar..
Varlık boyledir en buyuk zenginlik kendi dünyada kurabildigin sonsuzluk
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Biliyor musunuz ?korkaklar neden korkak..
Cesurlar nasil bu kadar cesur ? Diye cok sormusumdur ..
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Bir çok sey oldum..
Sonunda anliyordum çok sey olmak gerekti hep cok bir çocuktum çünkü ben..
Hep çok yalniz ama kalabalik ..
Anliyordum simdi yildizlar neden uzak.
Ve nasil bu kadar parlak..
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Bir yildiz düşmüş. .
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Sorular..sorunlar. .sorunsuz uykular ..
Nasil uyuyordu bu insanlar. .#dk#gece#gece#yine#karmasa#

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birini hem sevip hem nefret etme hakkımı kullanacağım ender insanlardan birisin. garip bir tarafın var, tabii sevmediğim tarafta. ama öyle birisisin. neyse sevgilerle...

Sanirim az cok takip eden ya da taniyan birisisin ve eminim hakli gerekcelerin vardir. Umarim seni kiracak bi davranisim olmamistir. Tesekkur ederim ayrica. Sevgiler.


Hür Işık Gazetesi

Gaziantep mutfağının birbirinden lezzetli yemeklerini ve kültürünü İstanbullulara sunmaya hazırlanan İstanbul Gaziantepliler Derneği, Gaziantep’i Kadıköy’e taşıyor. Kadıköy’de 14’üncüsü düzenlenecek Gaziantep Yiyecekleri Şenliği, bu hafta sonu 20 Eylül Cumartesi günü Kadıköy Selami Çeşme Özgürlük…

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