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bi çocuk gördüm adını bile bilmeden her yerde onu aradım facebook falan en son nasıl bulduysam buldum fakeden mesaj attım sonra gerçek hesabı istedi ekledim numaramı istedi konuşuyoruz biraz umursamaz değil baya umursamaz kızları pek takmıyomuş arkadaşı dediki senle nası konuşuyo normalde kimseyle konuşmaz ama hafif soğuk feci hoşlanıyorum ne yapmalıyım?

Kendini kaptirmadan hicbir beklentin olmadan bir sure konus belki karsi taraf da bu surede hoslanir bilemezsin ona zaman tani
herkesin zorlugunu kiracak biri cikar belki kirabilecek kisi sensindir

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"Viva Discordia" by That Handsome Devil

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

YO I’M DEFINITELY GETTING THIS ONE, and I’m looking more into this band later yesss. This is so catchy I love this genre and the instruments and wahh that voice?? 

Y e s

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1 yildir biriyle beraberim ve cok mutluyum bulustugumuz zamanlar bazen onun evine gittik. Ama hic bi zaman beni kiracak bi yaklasimda bulunmadi sadece cok az yakinlasmamiz oldu oda opusme gibi iste sence bu kotu mu ya da daha fazlasini ister mi sence

Eğer seviyorsa ve 1 yıldır bunu istemediyse bence istemez cünkü öyle biri olsa şimdiye coktan agzını yoklardı ama gene her şey elinde unutma :) bence güzel bi ilişkiniz var bozmayın :)

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SHAINA! You have a tumblr! How are you doing? Did you find any really cool bones recently? AHHHH I'M JUST SO HAPPY YOU FOUND ME, I'M GIGGLING LIKE CRAZY.



guys this is Erika she is a college buddy from MCC and she has what is possibly the cutest art style for drawin people I have EVER seen I just want to pick up everything she draws and eat it whole. She does amazing comic work and just general art and she pumps out some mega great fanart too she’s just good.

Erika you beautiful soul

AS FOR BONES I actually have not gotten a whole bunch of new ones ahh I don’t know how long it’s been since I updated you but I have a squirrel skull + the hands/feet and tail, and likewise I have the wings feet and tail of a Flicker which is a gorgeous bird. ummm I’m working on getting that seagull skeleton cleaned up so I can put it together. I also have a chipmunk skeleton I want to mix with a songbird to make a teeny gryphon skeleton ;o; I just need a whole bird skeleton because frick me I almost always threw away the main body mass of the birds I’ve gotten my hands on shame on me

kira-cakes said: I obviously can’t speak for others, and I’m not saying all this just because we’re friends. I have never thought you infantile or immature. If anything, you seem really tired and stressed out all the time

(and rightly so, since you’re dealing with all this). When I think of you I don’t think that you’re childish at all. I am amazed at your knowledge of strange organisms (our walks at MCC and talks about the zombie fungus were a blast)

and your drawing skills always amazed me. You are my senpai haha. I’ve always respected you, and always will, even if you may not feel you deserve it. I can’t pretend to know what you’re going through, but I’ll always be here to talk

if you want. No lie, one of the best moments at college for me was in Drawing 2 when you claimed half of my desk as yours. I’m so glad that you’re my friend, Shaina.

Ughh what the HECK Erika you have no idea how much this all means to me.

You’re such a great friend, I’m so glad we met ;o; Class with you was definitely one of my highlights of college too. hHHHuFFS 
senpai though

I look up to your art too, your style is absolutely lovely. It’s so unique and it’s just absolutely adorable without being at all like the other cute styles I see which are popular. It stands out so much, I love it

And you’re such a friendly and approachable person? God bless you.

Bless your existence.

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"The Ballad of Love and Hate" by The Avett Brothers

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

The tune is kind of vanilla, so it isn’t something I would choose over other songs in my library to listen to, but the narrative lyrics are enjoyable! 

kira-cakes said: Yeah gross. Hope you feel better soon! Do you like peppermint tea? Sometimes that helps me a bit, calms my tummy if it’s feeling kinda wibbly.

Heck yes I do.

Mint tea is the best thing. Thank you!