Brett Talbot & Isaac Lahey ➢ Tall and Blue Eyed

Moving on. Something all of us have a hard time doing. There were some things in particular you couldn’t let go of no matter how much you wanted to. Isaac Lahey has been one of those things for a very long time. You’d started dating him at the beginning of sophomore year when he went through this sudden transformation into a sarcastic bad boy.

You were addicted to him in a sense, convinced he was the one. Until you realized he wasn’t. You knew the relationship was going nowhere long before you had broken up, but it took him ending it over a phone call to see it for what it was. From there you weren’t sure what to do. All your friends were technically his friends and nothing was more sickening than watching him flirt with Allison Argent right in front of you.

“Hey shortcake.”

But then there was Brett. Someone who came along when you needed a shoulder to cry on. He was slowly unwinding the chains Isaac still had locked around your heart.

You looked up from your book and smiled widely as he placed his tray in front of you.
“Hey Talbot.”

“So I was thinking fruit salad rather than sloppy joe today. Time to change things up, you know?”

You laugh at his random comments and pick the strawberries off his plate knowing he doesn’t like them. “Jackass, three o'clock.” he announces and you don’t even have to look to know who he’s referring to. You know who the tall figure is looming over you.

“Brett,” Isaac states monotonously. Brett grins widely unfazed by Isaac’s rudeness.

“Lahey, haven’t seen you since the last time I was ignoring you.”

You stifle a laugh but fail to do so as you let out an unattractive snort. “(Y/N),” you flinch slightly at the sound of your own name. Isaac hadn’t spoken to you since the breakup nearly 2 months ago, but now he was here. A sliver of hope in you thought he might be here to take you back. Just maybe.

“I need to talk to you.” You lifted your eyes to meet his but he wasn’t looking at you at all, he was looking at Brett.


Brett grabbed your arm lightly, pulling you back down to the seat in front of him.

“No, she’s staying here. Aren’t you, (Y/N)?”

Glancing between both of the tall, blue eyed boys you were speechless. Clearly they both expected different answers but you couldn’t think of one.


Again you were interrupted except this time by Isaac. “Come back to me (Y/N). You can come sit with all of us again and be our friend again.”


Is that all he’d came over here to ask? To be his friend and sit with his friends at a different table? It wasn’t at all what you wanted to hear but you found yourself wanting to say yes anyways.

“Don’t listen to him (Y/N). Stay here with me.” Brett reasoned, but all you could focus on was his hand placed on top of yours.

They were like the little devil and Angel sitting on your shoulders telling you different things, but you couldn’t tell who was which.

“Please, (Y/N). He isn’t your friend. He’s using you to get to me.” Isaac shot back snidely but his eyes still never met yours, still focused entirely on Brett.

Brett’s features hardened as he looked to you. “You know that isn’t true. You know it.”

“It’s him or me, (Y/N).” Isaac stated firmly.

You looked to Brett for some type of reassurance, but he looked just as serious. They were really going to make you choose, and it made you dizzy to think about choosing one over the other.

Who would it be?


So I’m not sure how I feel about this… I kind of strayed from what was requested only because I was having a hard time writing. Somehow I ended up with this but I hope you enjoyed this either way.

I know I could never choose between Brett and Isaac so I’m leaving it up to you to finish this off (:

Who would you choose?