He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

Consciousness ☼ Liam Dunbar


     It had been quite a long day for you to be honest.  You didn’t complete your homework the night before which caused you to have really bad anxiety all day, and to top it off your boyfriend Liam was missing. You had an idea it had something to do with Garrett, but you weren’t too sure. You had talked to Scott earlier and he had told you that he’d call you when he had found Liam or if he’d heard anything, and so far there was nothing. 

     You had just crawled into bed and were about to turn off the lamp beside you, then you’re phone started ringing and vibrating against the top of the bedside table. It was Scott.

"Is he okay? Did you find him?" You asked before Scott could even take a breath.

"Well I found him. He got stabbed with a rare wolfsbane but he’s going to be okay" He replied. Hearing Scott say those things was a huge wave of relief for you. 

"Where are you guys now?" You questioned as you climbed out of bed and pulled a hoodie over top of your head.

"I’m just waiting for Stiles to pick us up. We’ll meet you at Deaton’s" 

"Okay. I’ll be there in a few" You finished and then hung up. You slipped a pair of sandals on and started walking towards Deaton’s. Lucky for you, your parents were both out of town and you’re older brother was in college at the moment. If any of them were here, you wouldn’t be able to leave the house at 1:00 am, that’s for sure. 

      In about five minutes you walked into the lobby of the animal hospital. “In here” You heard Stiles say. You followed his voice into one of the rooms, and found Liam passed out on the examination table. You noticed the bright yellow wound on his side, causing you to hiss a little bit. 

"Okay, now that Y/N’s here I am going to make the incision" Deaton said as he walked towards Liam. 

"Come here" Scott said softly. You walked towards Scott where he was standing near where Liam’s head was. 

"What?" You asked, looking down at your boyfriend. 

"Talk to him" Scott demanded. 

"Why?" You asked.

"Because, he can hear you. You’re his anchor remember? If he hears your voice it will keep his heart rate down, and it will make Deaton’s job easier" 

"Okay" You finished and stood where Scott had been standing. "You’re okay" You said to Liam, as your hand made its way through his hair. 

     You mumbled a number of sweet nothings into Liam’s ear, and Deaton made the incision in Liam’s chest, causing a cloud of yellow smoke to come out of him. You watched as the incision slowly closed up on its own.

"He’ll be 100% conscious in about half an hour" Deaton said and walked over to the counter to clean the scalpel. You nodded your head in response.

"I’ve got to go" Scott said to you. "Do you mind waiting for him to wake up?"

"Of course not" You smiled a little bit.

"Thanks Y/N. If you need anything Deaton’s just in his office"  Scott said and him and Stiles walked out of the door. 

     You spent your time waiting for Liam to gain consciousness by reading all of the posters on the wall, and also admiring the boy on the examination table. How his abs were so eye catching, how peaceful he looked, as if he wasn’t a werewolf or didn’t have IED. It felt like it had only been ten minutes when Liam’s eyes fluttered opened. 

"Why are you looking at me Y/N" He said sleepily. You didn’t notice he was awake. 

"Um" You stuttered, causing Liam to giggle. "How do you feel?" You asked and grabbed Liam’s hand after he sat up. 

"Okay" He said, making room on the table and signalling you to sit beside him. "But since you’re here, I’ve never been better" Jesus, that boy knew how to make your heart melt. 

"Well that’s good" You said and kissed his cheek. 

"Sorry if I scared you" He said and looked at his hands. 

"Promise me you won’t do that again" You said rubbing his upper back. "Cause if one day you don’t come back, I won’t be able to process" 

     You felt Liam’s head fall onto your shoulder. “Promise”