It’s hard for me to remember exactly how it happened because it was a long time ago and I was tripping out really, and some of the pages are even just like hallucinating or something. I just had all these ideas and I was seeing all these connections in things—micro-movements and  ideas about authorship and anti-authorship. So I was trying to write a novel that existed in the margins that had as much to do with what was undefined as what was written, that had as much to do with the whiteness around the ink, you know? And so I’d walk around and hear someone like on a bus talking to themselves or ranting to themselves or hitting themselves in the head or singing some type of opera or something and I would just write what I saw. And then I would imagine like, what if Woody Harrelson said that? Or what if that conversation those two gay vagrants on the corner were having was between John Ford and his wife? And I liked how it would transform it and turn it into something so hilarious that so much of it was about context and the shifting humor and the re-contextualizing of things. I love those Sherrie Levine photos of all the Walker Evans pictures that she re-photgraphs and I remember wanting to do that but in words, in a way that was not just an experiment or just an exercise in craft but had a heartbeat and told a story. So I did that and the process was more abstract and I started writing a lot of that stuff in my early 20s and it took place over a couple years. I would just write notes and ideas and fragments on paper and crayon on the side of my wall. And then after I felt like there was enough of that stuff around me, I tried to make sense of it and re-collage it and re-contexualize it and give it some narrative in its own way to tell a story. 

Uncovering ‘A Crack Up at the Race Riots’ With Harmony Korine

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My Questions:

1. A random fact about your bestfriend(s). 

Well..she’s awesome uwu

2. Your favourite videogame.


3. Yaoi or Yuri? 

Yaoi ♥♥♥

4. One of your biggest fears. 

Cockroaches >n<;;

5. Have you got a pet?

Yep, it’s a dog ouo

6. A anime character that resembles you the most. (Not physically.)

erm…Oreki? xD;;

7. Favourite song?

Matryoshka by Soraru and Lon ♥

8. If you could change only a thing in the word, what would it be? 

The creation of the person called “Justin Bieber” 

9. Are you a masochist or a sadist? 

Sadist of course eue /shot

10. A stereotype you hate.

hmm…racial stereotype?

Oh, ok now, your questions:

1. Chocolate or Vanilla?

2. Shoujo manga or Shounen manga.

3. Optimist or Pessimist.

4. Dogs or Cats.

5. Pie or Cake.

6. Do you like vegetables?

7. Pizza or Pasta.

8. A little fact about someone you like.

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10. Nutella or Tumblr.

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Are you a yandere or a tsundere?
; I don’t know. Yandere? I’m violent!
Uke or seme?
; Uke (◡‿◡✿)
Neko or Usagi?
Blogger that you want to be friends with.
; Hmm. Senrii and all of my followers!~
Blogger that you ship with you.
; Oh uhm I dont know :l
Anime character that turns you on the most.
; Endless, endless.
Craziest thing that you would do for love.
; Till I’m exhausted but I will still continue on?
Ice cream or cake?
; Food. Both. Yes.
Your 1st URL.
; It’s still k-arneval~
Anime character that you want become.
; Wah. Too much alrd. Can I just be pokemon._.
One fact about yourself.
; I cannot make decisions.


1. Casual or formal?
2. Apple or Android?
3. Who is your favourite fiction character?
4. Who is your favourite celebrity?
5. Baking or cooking?
6. If you have only one day left, what would you do?
7. If you could adopt any animal, which one would you adopt?
8. Which is your favourite book?
9. What will you do when you realize you have been betrayed upon?
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11. Any favourite cuisines?


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i don't care if your fishes rotten beside's its not my fishes!! and you're the one who's BAKA you already know that my question is BAKA why would you answer it!?!?! and i know that im not kawaii just like you!! :D

OMFG! Are complimenting me or insulting?! Haha Okay I’ll just grilled it and eat them then I’ll stop talking to you OMG this girl you calm bastard