~ Hour of Twilight ~

Wolf Link
Imp Midna

Been in a Loz Mood lately so made these. Hope they are enjoyable enough for your eyes. I actually had a hard time coming up with a Midna design because I’ve never done a humanoid before in this style but hopefully I pulled it off (Sorta)

designs are also up on my Redbubble shop, the names have click through links to the designs. 


Bastion - Squirt 

I’ve been playing this very lovely game recently, was intentionally playing it to speed run but on my casual playthrough for the first time, I loved Bastion for the story, the art, the design, gameplay, and music. So made a fanart of one of the little mobs “Squirts” the baby versions of the Ghastfellas. 

Up on RB:


~ Conductivity ~

Overcharged - レビディオラ Rebidhiora
Discharged - ルコディオラ Rukodhiora

Elder Dragons of Frontier, Ruko released F1 expansion, Rebi released G2 expansion. One of my favorite elders. 

And here, for my followers being awesome and stuff
Rebidhiora’s Theme (Click here)
Rukodhiora’s Theme (Click here)


For those who don’t know, all my newer followers and passerbys, I have a Redbubble Account for my different lil’ pieces I’ve done. 

>> My Redbubble: <<

I can also take commissions for different designs as well ~! I just charge $5.00 a piece and sometimes I usually add a bonus for free <w>! 

But if you have a liking for my different designs, they’re available as clothing, and stickers and such! Either that or share this post around :)!!


Rushing Currents - Kyogre 

~ Now Available on my Redbubble ! ~

Kyogre  <Click Here>
Primal Kyogre  <Click Here>

~ Available as a (free!!) Wallpaper Download ~ 

Rushing Currents Full Set <Click Here> (hope you don’t mind the hosting for the download is through Mediafire) 

 >> Starting a new “Season” of Project Rare Candy, so can be expected to see more. In the celebration of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, I decided to make Kyogre for S2 of Project Rare Candy. Having a blast on the nostalgia train while getting used to the added contents in the game… ANYWAYS I had loads of fun working on this piece, starting it all off though was a pain to think of a relative design and make it look decent, I then realize I could make it just like the Groudon, so I matched the same style I did as my Groudon piece. <<