EXO'S 11

Author: kaisoommer (author to be revealed)

Genre: criminals!au, romance, action, smut

Kinks: rimming, dirty talk, mirror kink

Rating: NC-17

Summary:  Big easy money never did come as easily as its name suggests.



Sex Tape: Ashton Irwin Smut


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word count: 3.6K

pairing: ashton x reader

rating: R

note:ik i havent posted in a while, and im sorry! i hope this makes up for it bc i almost exploded writing it. (mostly bc daddy kink l o l) sorry for any mistakes you may see! enjoy xx

As Ashton enters the bedroom, he sees you on the bed, legs crossed, with your phone in your hands. Not paying attention to him, you giggle at the text your friend had just sent you. “What’s so funny?” Ashton asks, curiosity clear in his tone.

His voice catches you off-guard, causing you to jump slightly. You glance up at him, relieved at the sight of your boyfriend. “Nothing. Just something my friend said,” you explain. With a sigh, you press the power button on your phone to shut it off. You then turn your body in order to place it on the bedside table.

"Oh," was all Ashton replied with. His arms are crossed, and he’s leaning against the door frame. The smile on his face falters immediately. Knowing what he’s thinking, you hold your arms out to him to encourage him to join you on the bed.

Sluggishly, Ashton crawls on the bed, and once he’s seated right next to you, you rest your head on his shoulder. “Don’t be sad, Ashton. The tour won’t last forever,” you reassure.

In less than three weeks, Ashton leaves for tour. He and his band mates have been working around the clock to prepare for it. Because Ashton has been stretching himself so thin to make sure everything is perfect, he hasn’t been able to be with you as much. You don’t mind, though; you know what’s in store for you and Ashton when he actually leaves. Ashton, however, is not as understanding.

As soon as all of the tour dates were announced, and everything was confirmed, Ashton’s first thought was how much he’s going to miss you while he’s on tour. Since then, he’s never let you forget it. “I know. I’m just going to miss you,” he says, wrapping a secure arm around you. You follow his actions, weaving both of your arms tightly around his waist. “I’m going to miss you a lot, babe.”

"What about me are you going to miss?" you question. With a pang of sadness gripping onto your stomach, you weakly smile at Ashton. Though Ashton can see past your smile, you can’t let him know you’re just as disheartened as he is. He is sad enough as it is, and seeing you hurt and upset over this situation won’t make it any better.

After a moment of thinking, he speaks up, “Your kisses, your hugs, your cooking…” Ashton kept going down the list, checking off one-by-one exactly what he’ll miss about you while he’ll be on the opposite end of the world. “Also, I’ll definitely miss the sex.”

Your cheeks burn a bright red at his statement, and he grins once he sees your reaction.  ”O- Oh, okay,” you reply, automatically avoiding his gaze to hide your embarrassment. Hopefully to avoid continuing the conversation, you clamp your mouth shut and focus your gaze on your phone you had set down on the bedside table. Silence plows through the air and into your brain, leaving you two to sit in an awkward silence.

"What’s wrong?" he asks, concern leaking through his bravado.

"Nothing’s wrong, Ashton," you say. "It’s just… I don’t know. You really are going to, like, miss t- the sex?" The disbelief in your voice was sickeningly obvious; of course, Ashton recognized it. His warm hand cups your cheek and guides it so your face is only centimeters apart from his.

"I am," he confirms, the smile on his face getting wider, "and I was thinking…" Ashton’s voice gets softer, leaving you to wonder what he had said.

"W- What were you thinking?" you press shakily. After letting his eyes wander, Ashton looks down at you, trapping your gaze permanently on him.

“Since I’ll be gone for a while,” Ashton says, biting his lip before continuing, “we should make a sex tape.”

You remain silent at his offer, only speaking up when a loud scoff escapes your mouth. “Sex tape? Did you just say… sex tape?” you reiterate. Never, in a million years, did you think you’d hear the words ‘sex tape’ come out of Ashton’s mouth.

"Y- Yeah," Ashton says, only proving your initial shock to be appropriate. At his confirmation, you run a hand through your hair to buy yourself time to process the question.

"Ashton, what kind of question is that?" you counter, staring at your boyfriend with scrunched eyebrows. His face emanated fear and nervousness, but he shouldn’t be nervous at all. He is the one who asked the damn question. Why is he nervous when he’s the one who actually wants to make a sex tape?

"Well, I- I’ll be gone for months, babe," he replies in an attempt to defend himself. "That means no sex for months. Last time I was on tour, I barely survived without you. Just… please? Please, baby?" Ashton curls his eyebrows up and widens his eyes enough to form his perfect puppy dog eyes. He rarely uses that form of trickery on you; when he does, though, you always fall for it.

"W- What about people seeing it? Like, it could get leaked! Millions of your fans would see it! Ashton, there’s so much that can go wrong with this. All those risks just so you have something to get yourself off with for a few months," you say, already having a mental list of all the possible setbacks to making an actual sex tape.

Ashton turns red, knowing that all of your points are valid, but he’s persistent. When he knows he absolutely needs something, he’ll stop at nothing to get it. “But… I’ll- I’ll record it on, like, my own camera. No one will take it, babe. No one will see it, I promise!” he assures. At his words, you scoff once more. Now, at this point, you and Ashton are no longer in each other’s comforting embrace. He’s basically on the other side of the bed now. With every word you two have exchanged so far, you separated farther and farther away from him.

"You promise? Really?!" you exaggerate. "Ashton, you do know you have three other idiots for bandmates who literally give you no privacy? They’ll get their hands on it, and soon enough, everyone else will too. I- I don’t know, Ashton…" At your resentment, Ashton gets up off of the bed. He sighs, keeping your stare glued on him, and leans over the soft mattress to grab your hands. Slowly, but surely, Ashton guides you off of the bed and into his arms. His hands sneak into the back pockets of your jeans, and a huge smile appears on his face.

"Please?" he begs again, even going to the extent of swaying you side-to-side and occasionally squeezing your bum from the pockets of your jeans.

"Ashton, this is insane. I mean, a fucking sex tape?" you mumble more to yourself, though it happened to be loud enough to be heard by Ashton.

"It’ll be between us. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. Besides, Skype sex just isn’t enough, my love. You know that," he says, giggling afterwards. You roll your eyes, knowing there isn’t any way to get yourself out of this situation. Plus, he is right. You and Ashton have attempted Skype sex plenty of times while he’s on tour, but it just isn’t as satisfying as you had thought it’d be.

"Fuck… fine. Fine! We’ll make a damn sex tape," you agree. Ashton, exploding with excitement, takes his hands out of your pockets to cup your cheeks. Though he giggled the whole time, he plants a sloppy kiss to your lips.

"Oh, I love you! I love you so much!" he gushes. "I’ll be right back!" Leaving you alone in your bedroom with your thoughts, you begin to wonder why the hell you agreed to do this. Sex is different when it’s being recorded. When you and Ashton make love, it’s for no one but yourselves. Because you’re actually going to record it, the chances of people seeing what you and Ashton keep between yourselves are heightened. You trust Ashton, though; you know he won’t ever expose the tape to anyone.

Finally with some closure on the situation, Ashton enters the bedroom, his bulky camera resting in his left hand. The same smile he left the room with is still plastered clearly over his soft features. “Ready, babe?” he questions. The amount of eagerness rushing through his system is extremely obvious, and your cheeks heat up at the observation.

Although, you nod your head despite your hesitation. “Y- Yeah, I think?” you agree, the statement turning out to sound more like a question.

Ashton places the camera down, pressing the power button and lifting his head up to look at you. Immediately, he realizes just how nervous you are when you bite your lip. It’s been a habit of yours to do that, and Ashton knows that. “Don’t be nervous. This won’t be any different, I promise. Just relax. I’ll take care of you,” Ashton soothes. Your arms are unknowingly crossed over your chest, standing in the same spot you have been since Ashton pulled you off of the bed. “Sit on the bed, baby.”

"Okay." At Ashton’s order, you twist your body to face the bed, eventually forcing yourself to sit on it with your legs crossed. Strangely, Ashton seems so calm and collected. His face looks naturally happy and relaxed, as does his tone of voice. "What next?" you question. You suddenly hear a small beep. Obviously, that was the sound of Ashton pressing the ‘record’ button on his camera. At the invasive noise, your heart begins to speed up.

With no words, seeming as if he completely ignored your question, he scampers over to the bed and crawls on it, joining you. Wasting no time, he lays you down on the bed, his lips already attached to yours. “Do you remember this morning?” he asked while your lips desperately searched for his affection. You stop kissing him, your eyebrows shooting up as you remembered. “Did you think that little act of yours was cute?”

“I- I couldn’t help myself,” you say as the memory flashed through your mind. This morning, Ashton left extremely early to go to work at the studio. You were just barely awake when he kissed your lips goodbye, but as soon as he left, an idea popped in your mind. Thereafter, you grabbed your phone and sat up from the bed once you were certain Ashton was gone. This morning, you were in nothing besides his shirt and your panties. You, in a teasing manner, lifted your shirt up, stopping it just when your breasts were exposed. You took the picture and sent it to Ashton, even adding a small little message to it. Much to your surprise, he didn’t even reply.

“I’ve been waiting all day to completely wreck you, baby,” he mumbles against your lips, “so I thought I might as well record it.” Ashton sits up, his eyes darkened and his smirk stretched out thinly.

Biting your lip, you prop yourself up on your elbows and contort your face to fake your innocence. “Oh, Daddy, I’m sorry. I’ve been one bad girl, haven’t I? You won’t punish me, right? You won’t punish me, Daddy?” you question, your teeth sinking deeper into your bottom lip to keep from giggling. You have always known about Ashton’s hidden kink, and his reaction only confirmed it to be true.

“You have been quite a naughty girl. Bad girls like you should be punished. Why don’t you strip for Daddy?” he asks, rolling off of you shortly after his request. You get up from the bed, and you slowly start peeling off Ashton’s shirt, exposing the bra you put on after you showered earlier today. You drop the tee-shirt to the floor; next up is your jeans. As you wiggle out of your jeans, you purposely exaggerate your hip movements.

To benefit Ashton, you keep up with your act. “Just like this?” you question as you throw your jeans off to the side. He nods his head, the boner through his jeans already becoming prominent.

As soon your hands gently reach for the clasp of your bra, however, Ashton stops you. “No, princess, Daddy wants to do that. Come here,” he orders. His arms stretch out to you, and you gladly oblige. When his hands weave around you, they immediately travel to the clasp of your bra and expertly undoes it within seconds. The straps loosen on your shoulders, but Ashton doesn’t take it off. “Were you wearing this bra when you took that picture, baby?”

You shake your head, your eyes witnessing Ashton’s whole face glow with passion. “No, Daddy,” you confirm. At that, Ashton slowly takes your bra off of you before rapidly tugging his shirt off. As he laid you back down on the bed, your hands clumsily messed around with the button of his jeans. Ashton didn’t aide you until you finally unbuttoned them and tried to guide them down his legs. He kicked his jeans off himself, getting impatient rather fast.

Once his jeans collided with the wooden floor, he pecks your lips before immediately dropping down to your breasts. He curls his lips around your nipple, swirling his tongue around it. His large hands grab your waist, arching your back enough so more of your breast is in his mouth. You moan louder than you had expected, seeing as Ashton is more for using his hands to massage your breasts. You aren’t familiar with this sensation, and it showed more than you thought it would.

Shortly after, he began kissing down your stomach, though his tongue contributed to his kisses more than his lips. He continued licking down the length of your torso until he reached the constricting fabric of your panties. “Oh, baby… who made you this wet?” Ashton asks, looking at you smugly from in between your legs.

“You did, Daddy. Only you make me this wet,” you murmur. When his large hands find your thighs, and his fingers press into your skin, you squirm, already unable to handle waiting for much longer. Ashton laughs lowly; when you feel his hands travel up to the waistband of your panties and hook into the fabric, you sigh as relief washes through your system.

Once he flings your panties across the room, he admires your dripping core. “This is all for me?” he asks once more, as if the first time wasn’t enough for him.

“It is,” you answer. Ashton laughs, slowly inching his finger up your slit to collect everything he could. He admired it for a few seconds before gently guiding his finger inside you. You whimpered quietly, giving Ashton the automatic consent to add one more finger. He pumps slowly so you get used to the feeling, but wastes no time curling his fingers. Your head dug into the mattress of your comfortable bed, the moans only getting louder.

“Baby, ssh,” Ashton demands softly as you catch your breath, “just feel it. You aren’t feeling how good Daddy makes you feel.” Your mouth clamps shut, the room falling into a deep silence as you focus on Ashton’s fingers pumping in and out of you in an even, consistent pace. Your eyes fluttered closed, your moans shifting into small gasps of air. “Does that feel good?”

“Oh, Daddy…” you murmur, “f- fuck…” Your body shifts around under his touch, indicating your high is quickly approaching. Although you don’t ever want this feeling to end. Ashton’s free hand is massaging your thigh, and occasionally runs up your body and back down. Knowing your body motions well, he stretches his thumb to your clit and starts rubbing it. In hopes of speeding your orgasm up, he pumps at a rapid pace, and his words guided you to finally reach your peak.

“Yes, princess, Daddy makes you feel so fucking good, doesn’t he?” Ashton murmurs, watching his fingers help you as your orgasm strikes through your body, sending you to a whole new world. Your back arches off of the bed, head digging into the mattress, and you scream out using what little breath you have left. As you worked yourself out of your high, you hadn’t realized you were grinding into his fingers until now. You stopped abruptly, and Ashton giggled as his long fingers exit you with caution.

Ashton lifted his fingers so you can see what had clung to his fingers when you released. He slides his fingers in his mouth and licks them clean. He moves up to plant a chaste kiss on your lips, but you didn’t settle for that. You press your hand into his neck, pulling him down to deepen the kiss. Your tongues meshed together in hopes of you getting a taste of what Ashton did moments before. “Did you know you tasted that fucking amazing, baby?” Ashton whispers against your lips, as if he’s the one out of breath.

You shake your head when he pulls away, and he doesn’t waste any time dipping his head down to your neck. His lips brush past it, but don’t kiss it. “N- No teasing,” you groan, hoping your pleas are enough to propel Ashton to do something.

“Bad girls don’t get what they want. This is part of your punishment, my love. Daddy doesn’t like it when you’ve been a bad girl,” Ashton reprimands, quickly slipping his boxers off to allow his painfully hard cock to spring free. His breath fanned over the exact area he knows your sweet spot in located in. You whimper, and your nails dig into his biceps, eventually trailing down his arms to leave marks.

“I’ll be a good girl, I… I promise,” you beg. “P- Please, do something!” Ashton finally kisses your neck, forcing you to flutter your eyes closed at the feeling of your euphoria erupting through you.

“I know you’ll be a good girl. Right now, though, you haven’t been a good girl,” Ashton remarks. He starts sucking on your neck, his lips covering the whole area of your sweet spot. “Oh, I’m going to wreck you, baby,” he growls into your sensitive skin as soon as your sweet moans fill his ears. At his promise, he pounds into you, causing you to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Through heavy gasps and sharp blends of euphoria and discomfort, you moan aloud. “Fas… faster!” you plead, realizing that there’s no longer an ounce of pain coursing through you. Only Ashton can fill your body to the max with pleasure. Only Ashton can make you feel like this, and he knows that.

His fingers tickled up your body, every touch equal to that of fire burning your skin. His pace quickens, causing him to enter you even deeper with every thrust, which you didn’t think was possible.

“Be a good girl for Daddy, now. Be a good girl and come for me, princess,” he urges. His large hand gropes your breast, secretly knowing he would anyways. The other hand positions itself comfortably on your waist, guiding your body to move against his in perfect harmony. Ashton moans follow up after yours, only encouraging you to moan even louder.

Ashton twitches inside of you. Knowing his body better than anyone else, you feel the vein traveling up his whole length throb eagerly against your clenching walls. With both of your orgasms quickly approaching, you desperately kiss his lips in search of some relief. You moan into his mouth as your second orgasms arrives - this one tumbling down on you harder than your first orgasm. Your hips buck, and he unexpectedly pounds into you fully. He had been careful not to do so, but you didn’t care; you never want this unexplainably pleasurable sensation to end. Ashton’s orgasm hits him just as you start to work your high out.

His sloppy, messy thrusts slow down as his head falls back, the feeling of him release inside of you sending chills down your shaky body. You watch his eyes flutter closed as his muscles flex however they could. His stomach tensed up, exposing the outline of his abs. The muscles tightened up near his upper arms and shoulder, where your fingers grazed over softly.

“Fuck,” Ashton breathes out, exiting you carefully before kissing your lips, “that was hot.” He smiles at you, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace.

“Am I a good girl now?” you joke, giggling before kissing his lips again.  

Ashton nods his head, rolling off the bed to grab his boxers. “Yep, and you’re my good girl.” With a wink, he speedily gets changed as you cover yourself with the comforter on the bed. You had completely forgotten about the camera on the other side of the room, recording everything that had just happened. Ashton jogs over to the camera and shuts it off, placing it on it’s side on the dresser and looks at you with a smile. “That’ll be something I will never get rid of,” he declared proudly.

You sigh, rolling your eyes and leaning over the bed to reach for the clothes Ashton had told you earlier to strip yourself off. On the bed, you get changed. Ashton cuddles into you once you finish and kisses the top of your head. “You’re so fucking perfect,” was the last thing you had bothered to listen to before drifting off in his arms.

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Could you tell us a bunch of your Jeaneren headcannons? How they get together? Kinks? That sort of stuff? :)


  • Jean in a squad leadership position & Eren as one of his squad members & Eren having to deal with Jean giving him orders while slowly realizing that wow Jean is actually a good leader
  • Older!jeaneren where Jean is Commander & Eren as a Squad Leader & Jean makes Eren salute him every single time he walks in a room just to irritate him because hey he’s the commander he can do what he wants lol
  • Jean teaching Eren how to better use the 3D gear & Eren teaching Jean better techniques in hand-to-hand combat
  • They sleep close together in their trainee days so they can continue arguing but also so they won’t disturb the others sleeping, and they fall asleep arguing & sometimes they wake up all tangled limbs & grumpy faces

Kinks - fumbling kisses, awkward boners during hand-to-hand combat training, biting, frottage, delayed satisfaction ie teasing the shit out of each other until one gets pissed, bondage yeahyeahyeah, trying to do it with the 3D gear & failing miserably, doing it anywhere that is available ie kitchen, storage room, empty barracks, jean as the bottom

anonymous said:

What do you think of Laci Green (the youtuber)?


  • I think her videos on sexual health are great


  • I don’t really have time for the choicey choice, libfem, sexpossie feminism 
  • She reclaims slurs (bow bow)
  • Supports kinks [x] [x] - talks about rape fantasies as ‘women wanting men to desire them so much that they can’t contain themselves’. Sound familiar? Oh yes, the ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘men can’t stop sexual urges’ bull shit
  • She is not gender critical, and sees ‘gender’ as more important as sex. Also, she believes ‘gender roles’, ‘gender identity’, and ‘gender expression’ are 3 different things. *Face palm* [x]
  • She’s a feminist that constantly tries to make men feel fluffy and included. It’s not about men. [x]
  • As much as she might slightly criticise mainstream porn, she still believes it should exist - and admits she’s probably seen women get raped and coerced but is really ‘meh’ about it.[x]

my mom took my laptop while i was sleeping, and i had the Jack G daddy kink smut was open on microsoft word, and i think she may have read it. omg. 

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If you could say anything to one character, what would it be and to whom?

Sam Winchester. And I’d say… Hmm…

I don’t know what to say. I mean, of all characters I’ve come across, I’ve never, ever, seen a character that resembles me so much. Until I saw you, that is.

I hate you, and yet I love you. I hate you for all the bad traits we share. I love you because I see that despite those bad traits, you always manage to push, to keep going. You fight to help. You fight to be good.

You mean a lot to me, despite the fact that you’re fictional.

(Answering the first 20 asks in my inbox, no matter how creepy, funny or sexual. 6/20)
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Perrie Edwards/Zayn Malik, Niall Horan/Barbara Palvin
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Barbara Palvin, Gemma Styles, Jade Thirlwall
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, Punk Louis, Rich Harry, Fluff, Mutual Pining, Bottom Harry, Dom/sub Undertones, 16-Year-Old Harry, 18-Year-Old Louis, as in harry discovers kinks he might be into later, also slight, Submissive Harry, Face-Fucking, Orgasm Delay/Denial, slight slight slight

Harry’s a sheltered rich kid and Louis’s a punk with a heart of gold. They meet when Louis breaks into Harry’s house, Harry obtains an instant and all-encompassing crush, and they spend the summer falling into a whirlwind romance.

Calum Smut: A Promise Is A Promise

Anon: Soccer Calum won the championship so you go home and have rough sex

*So sorry that I’ve been behind on requests! I’m still taking them but it will be a couple days for me to post them because of school! I apologize to the anon for taking forever to write this but I hope you enjoy it! Xx*

**Warning: Cursing, dom, spanking, daddy/sir kink. Suggest that you shouldn’t read if you can’t handle rough/’punishment’ sex.**

You were cheering from the risers in a stadium filled with people. This was the moment your boyfriend Calum had been working hard for, the final championship. All his team needed was one more goal and they would be titled the state champions! The other team had fouled so it was Calum’s team’s ball. It was no surprise when the team kicked the ball right into the goal. The crowd was loud, including you screaming at the top of your lungs. You ran through the crowd as quickly as possible trying to find Calum after the game. You walked back to the locker room and found that most of the team had left. You looked around quietly, knowing you weren’t allowed to be in there. Someone grabbed your waist and pulled you into one of the showers.

“Hey you aren’t supposed to be back here, naughty girl!” Calum kissed you before you could say anything, leaving you a little breathless.

“You scared me! Don’t do that!” You slapped him on the arm and he scooped you up off the floor.

“Sorry I couldn’t resist babe. How about we go home and get out of these dirty clothes?” Calum was all sweaty from the game. He had taken his shirt off and was only wearing his gym shorts. His skin was glistening with sweat, his muscles tense from the game. You brushed aside his damp hair and smiled.

“Yeah thanks for getting me all sweaty! I’m sure you’ll want to go home and rest now, must be exhausted from playing.” He set you down and leaned into you so your back was pressed against the wall.

“I’m not tired at all and since I won the game, you have to keep your end of the bargain we made.” Your eyes widened remembering that Calum had made a bet that if he won the championship you would let him have victory sex. Anything he wanted to do you would have to succumb to it. “A deal’s a deal and I’ve been waiting for this the second we shook hands on it.”

“Okay but can we do this later? Your parents wanted to see you and I’m not in the mood.” Calum laid a hand over your mouth stopping you from talking.

“No, now. It’s my victory sex and I’ll have it when I want it. I’m in charge until I say so. Got it sweetheart?” You nodded your head slowly and Calum removed his hand, giving a quick peck on your lips. “Good. I have a couple rules for you to follow or there will be consequences. First you will address me as ‘Sir or Daddy’ for the night. Not Calum, not babe, or whatever pet names you have. Second whatever I ask of you, you will do it. Only I will be pleasuring you. You will not touch yourself and you will cum only by my cock. So we are going home now as soon as I get dressed and once we get there go straight up stairs and be completely undressed by the time I get to our room.” Calum walked to his locker leaving you stunned at his change of mood. He’d never been this dominant before but you didn’t dare question him.

As soon as you walked into the door you did as Calum said and went up to the bedroom, taking off as much clothing running up the stairs. While laying down on the bed you unhooked your bra and slipped down your panties, letting them fall to the floor. It was agonizing having to wait for Calum, remembering him shirtless in the locker room with sweat running down his back just made you wet. “Come on Calum” you mumbled as your fingers inched near your heat, wanting to be touched.  Calum would be furious if he found you starting without him so you clasped your hands together to keep from touching yourself. He walked in hiding something behind his back.

“I’ve got a surprise for you since you’ve been such a good girl waiting patiently for me.” He lifted up his arm to reveal he had handcuffs. “Now turn around for me. That’s it and stick your pretty little wrists out for me.” The handcuffs snapped and the cool touch of the metal closed around your wrists. You moved your head back to look at Calum making an innocent face at him. Calum suddenly got stern and grabbed a handful of your hair, “Don’t call me that! Didn’t you hear me earlier?” You whimpered feeling his tight grasp.


“Yes WHAT?” He growled into your ear.

“Yes Sir.”

“Good girl. Lay on your knees.” He released your hair and pushed you to fall onto the bed, lifting on your knees so your ass was up in the air. Calum grabbed onto your cheeks and dug his fingers into them to leave bruises in the morning. Then he gave a playful slap to one of them, making you moan at his touch. He’d never spanked you before because he was worried that it would hurt you but tonight he didn’t care. You had made a promise to submit to his needs. Calum saw that you enjoyed it as you pushed your ass into his hands wanting more. “Did you like that princess?”

“Yes sir. Can you do it harder?” You cooed looking back at him.

“Well since you asked nicely.” Calum chuckled and raised his hand into the air bringing it back hard onto your skin. You screamed out from the hard sting but it felt so good. Calum loved hearing you scream, “Be as loud as you want princess. Let the whole fucking world now how much you love getting spanked by your master.” Again he slapped your ass leaving a huge red mark. Another one, this time your skin got welts from the pain. “That should leave a mark for the next couple of days. Are you okay princess?” He lightly brushed his hand across the swollen skin and left kisses down your spine.

“Is there more sir?” You said through clenched teeth, sucking in the pain. Calum gave a small chuckle and bent down to your ear.

“Oh baby I’ve only just started.” He nuzzled on your shoulder and unzipped his pants. You could hear a soft thud as his clothes hit the floor. Calum tapped your ass for you to scoot forward against the headboard. He climbed on top of the bed and sat up on his knees right behind you. You could feel the heat coming off his cock. This was also the first time Calum would fuck you doggy style. He reached over to grab a bottle of lube next to the bed and rubbed it around a finger and around your sensitive hole. “Spread your legs wide for me princess.” Calum knew it was your first time fucking from behind so he prepped you slowly pushing in one finger.

You cried out feeling him stretch your hole, “Fuck it fucking hurts!” You closed your legs put Calum used his elbows to push them back.

“Don’t you fucking dare do that! Keep your legs spread or I will fuck you without the lube THEN you’ll see how much it can fucking hurt!” You spread your legs again wider this time and whimpered quietly as Calum put in a second finger. You arched your back as he scissored them to stretch your walls. Once he saw that you were ready for a third he put more lube around his fingers and pushed through all three at once.

“FUCK daddy!” You screamed using his other name for the first time. Calum loved you calling him that and urged you on.

“Does princess love daddy’s fingers in her?” He started pumping them and hit a sweet spot.

“Oh yes, fucking yes daddy! Right there fucking Christ!” You moved your hips wanting him to hit that spot again. Calum removed his fingers making you groan, upset that he stopped. “More daddy! I need you, fucking please!”

“God I love it when you beg princess.” He wanted to keep teasing you and moved down so he could lick around your hole.

“Fu-FUCK daddy I need you please!” You wanted him inside you but Calum wouldn’t stop until he couldn’t tease you anymore. He lifted up your legs over his should for better access, his rolling around in circle around your hole. You moved your hand down to your clit and started rubbing it knowing this would make him angry. As soon as Calum saw your finger rubbing yourself he grabbed your hands and pinned you against the bed.

“What the fuck did I tell you? Just for that daddy’s going to tie you to the bed and you will cum as many times until I say you are finished.” He went to draw to get some rope he had been saving for this occasion from his closet. He took your hands and ties them to the bedpost. He resumed licking your hole and added three fingers one at a time. You moaned in frustration wanting to cum, but his fingers weren’t enough.

“Daddy please! I need to cum, fuck!” Calum chuckled watching you buckle your hips in agony.

“I’m sorry but you’ve been naughty and you’re gonna cum only by fingers now and then if you can be a good little girl for daddy I will reward you.” He pumped his fingers fast finding that sweet spot again and kept hitting it. It didn’t take long for you to cum, the juices running down your legs and onto Calum’s hands. He didn’t stop pumping his fingers and kept hitting your spot making you scream again.

“DADDY FUCK! I need your cock!” Calum kept going moving his finger around your walls clench again as you came the second time. He removed his fingers and watched you struggle with your hands tied up. You twisted your body wanting to bring your fingers where you needed Calum but it was useless.

“Tell daddy how much you want his cock princess. I don’t think you deserve it after the way you’ve acted tonight.” He traced his fingers around your extremely sensitive hole and kissed your thighs up to your hip bone.

“I love your cock daddy! I fucking NEED it!! I’m sorry daddy I promise to be a good girl for you! Just FUCKING PLEASE!” Calum got the lube again and rubbed some around his cock after he put on a condom. He didn’t give you a warning and his cock hard inside you. It hurt so badly but like his spankings, you loved it too. It was different having him inside your ass, him pushing so deep into you, you could feel his cock almost hitting your stomach. You yelled out once he found your spot again and focused on hitting again and again. You were close and clenched your fists tight, your palms and stomach sweaty from moving so much. Your body was exhausted from coming twice already but Calum didn’t go any easier on you. He dug his hands into your hips again, already there were bruises from before and pulled it making his cock do fully into you and slammed as hard as he could into your prostate.

“FUCK DADDY oh fuck it hurts!! Daddy I’m going to cum!” Pathetically your body hit with another orgasm. Your legs were complete wet with the clear liquid. Calum rode your orgasm and came inside his condom, overwhelmed by seeing you cum for the third time without him having to touch your pussy. He untied you wrists and you let your arms fall flat against the bed, too tired to move. You probably won’t be able to walk for the next couple of days. Your ass was sore and your breathing was shaky trying to relax. Calum laid next to you and softly kissed your lips and wrapped his arms around your stomach bringing your into his.

“You were such a good girl for me babe. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” He brushed his hand where he had slapped you, heat still rising from it.

“It’s okay Calum, I will be fine. You deserve it for working so hard this year. I’m proud of you.” You kissed him back and buried your head against the crook of his neck, falling asleep there. 

Chapters: 18/?
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Levi/Eren Yeager, some Jean/Eren
Characters: Eren Yeager, Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Jean Kirstein, Marco Bott, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Grisha Yeager, everyone
Additional Tags: Sugar Daddy, Friends With Benefits, Infidelity, College, Eren and Jean are friends with benefits at first, Lots of Sex, lots of kinks, lots of awkward situations, asshole grisha, slight reincarnation themes

Modern Sugar Daddy Au!
Eren is a typical struggling college student. His father thinks he’s a disappointment. He’s having an affair with his friend (who’s already in a relationship). He feels like everything is useless.

One night he runs into a handsome stranger. But when this stranger starts to casually throw money at him, Eren comes to an agreement: having a pampering sugar daddy isn’t the most awful situation he could be in.

His only problem is his own emotions: holding on to his past pains and trying to accept a possible future at Levi’s side.

emolynz said:

my kink is lying in bed after a long day at school and relaxing and being reassured that ill have a mentally emotionally physically and financially stable future oh yeah