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anonymous said:

You want daddy kink? I'll give you daddy kink. John walks into the bedroom to find Sherlock in a mini plaid skirt, white lace panties easily visible, shirtless but with a now around his neck. Already he's hard. He takes off his jacket and ignores Sherlock, knowing exactly how this is going to play out, Sherlock lays back and spreads his legs, cooing "don't ignore me daddy," and then John slides his trousers and pants off and gruffly shoves Sherlocks legs up, moving his panties aside and-

-and pushing his hard, huge dick all the way inside Sherlock all at once and he just gasps out “da-daddy!” He can hardly finish the two syllable word and John growls and fucks Sherlock up against the billboard, his jumper rubbing against Sherlocks bare white chest and inner thighs, rubbing him almost as raw as Johns hips slamming on his bum cheeks


anonymous said:

Wanna hear a story? Ok well me and this guy were dating for a really long time and he decided it was time to get frisky. So we kiss and everything and he looks at me and says 'who's your daddy?' To which I reply 'excuse?' And he's just like 'call me your daddy!' And that's the story of how We got in a really big fight and how he broke up with me bc I would refuse to call him my dad bc that's really fucking weird.

(but yes that is v weird and I’d call the police if someone wanted to date their dad) (who is the half-eaten shoelace who invented this kink????)

aconissa said:

sherlock goes to a crime scene with a vibrator inside him, but doesn't tell john. after solving the case, they go to NSY to fill out reports and talk to lestrade. as they enter the building sherlock hands john a remote with a smirk, and tells him to press the on button. john does, and he sees sherlock's eyes flutter as he sighs. then john realises the power sherlock has just given him, and proceeds to make him slowly go insane over the next hour.

bless u

Dream #6: His favorite thing about you (physically)
  • Luke:Your laugh. It brightens his entire day, he loves how carefree and childlike it is. He loves how you laugh in 5 different ways and he loves being the reason for it bubbling up your throat and slipping out of those pretty pink lips of yours. He loves how you blush and shake your head, mumbling, “I sound like a four year old,” every time he tells you his loves hearing it. It’s favorite thing about you because it never fails to light up his entire world.
  • Michael:Your hands. He loves how soothing they are, how they seem to heal him even when he’s not broken. He loves how gentle you are with him, he loves feeling them rub the kinks out of his neck after a long day of recording, he loves feeling the pads of your fingertips drag up and down his back late at night when you can’t sleep or how your hands feel when they’re intertwined with his. They’re his favorite thing about you because they never fail to make him feel at peace.
  • Ashton:Your eyes. Because my god, they are the most beautiful things he has ever had the privilege to look at for a copious amount of time. He loves how they change color with your mood, he loves how the light up the second he walks through door after being with boys all day and when he tells you that “they shine brighter than any star in the sky,” he loves watching the small smile that creeps upon your lips as you shove him away. They’re his favorite thing about you because they never fail to make him feel loved.
  • Calum:Your nose. It’s his favorite place to give you tiny kisses whenever you’re sad or angry. He loves how it scrunches up whenever you’re confused or find something extremely funny, he loves how small and round and cute it is, he loves hearing the way you breathe him in after being apart for months on end before softly nuzzling it into crook of his neck. It’s his favorite thing about you because it never fails to bring a smile to his face.

anonymous said:

You're the biggest bitch I've ever come across. I mean that literally and figuratively. You can't even try to defend yourself with shit like "sorry I stand up for my beliefs" because you're so unnecessarily rude and obnoxious about it. The good die young so unfortunately for everyone else we have to put up with people like you for a long time.

I don’t have to apologize for anything. You’re a bunch of misogynistic abusers that have nothing better to do than pretend you’re fucking a small child so at the end of the fucking day I have absolutely no time for pedophiles and in my opinion they should be castrated and cut up in to tiny fucking pieces to be fed to wild wolves.

Got a problem with women being unapologetic, son? Just a reminder that you’re in the real world, not your BDSM **fantasy** and women aren’t ACTUALLY submissive fuck toys. 

Fuck off you vile piece of shit.

Ahh man there was a post on the kink meme about the Triumvirate cheating and oh my god okay hear me out

- Combeferre drunkenly cheating on Courfeyrac with Enjolras

- Courfeyrac seeing

Courfeyrac leaving without a word because he’s always thought Combeferre deserved better than him

Courf not being able to bring himself to talk to either of the others but nalso not being able to tell any of the other Amis what happened because he can’t do that to Ferre or Enjolras

- Courf not knowing what to do at meetings now and showing up the most uncertain any of the others have ever seen him

- R working out what happened but not saying anything and instead just taking Courfeyrac under his wing and protecting him as much as he can

- At the second meeting after Courfeyrac deciding fuck this and bouncing back (outwardly at least) to being the life of the party whilst simultaneously not even making eye contact with the other two

- Broken-hearted Courf hiding it from everyone give me life

Things annakovsky and I have been complaining back and forth to each other about:

- how hard it is to write or finish fic anymore b/c it always morphs into something it’ll take 30,000 words to finish.
- how we really should actually get around to doing the personalized kink/trope bingo cards we made each other when I was visiting her last winter because we are supernerds awesome.
- how we should do something to celebrate knowing each other for 10 years: TINFINITY.

Things we are doing to rectify the above:
- that’s five fics in five days EACH. What what what are we doing.

So this is my card. WHAT SHOULD I WRITE, TUMBLR?! Which line should I try for??? Any and all fandoms are game — I’m feeling rash and ambitious.  (zhouyi, I hear you have some thoughts, re: the Enterprise D?)

Perhaps most urgently, w-which square/line situation lends itself best to theoretical Nick/Schmidt foursome fic???? 

You can track the tumblr tag #5 fics 5 days or our respective AO3 pages (her, me). Her card / request for marching orders is here.  

The gauntlet starts tomorrow. May fandom have mercy on our souls.  (Seriously, what should I write?)

Chapters: 20/?
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Levi/Eren Yeager, some Jean/Eren
Characters: Eren Yeager, Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Jean Kirstein, Marco Bott, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Grisha Yeager, everyone
Additional Tags: Sugar Daddy, Friends With Benefits, Infidelity, College, Eren and Jean are friends with benefits at first, Lots of Sex, lots of kinks, lots of awkward situations, asshole grisha, slight reincarnation themes

Modern Sugar Daddy Au!
Eren is a typical struggling college student. His father thinks he’s a disappointment. He’s having an affair with his friend (who’s already in a relationship). He feels like everything is useless.

One night he runs into a handsome stranger. But when this stranger starts to casually throw money at him, Eren comes to an agreement: having a pampering sugar daddy isn’t the most awful situation he could be in.

His only problem is his own emotions: holding on to his past pains and trying to accept a possible future at Levi’s side.


I got this request on another blog a bit ago and have always had this sort of idea of Mink and Koujaku indulging Noiz’s praise kink. So I sort of combined the two. Therefore, it’s a bit Noiz-centric. I hope the original requestor finds this (please don’t reveal my other blog though!). 604 words (just a drabble!)

Includes light bondage, praise kink (lots of ‘good boy,’ that kinda stuff), kind of rough body worship (just because of Noiz’s condition)!

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anonymous said:

ARe you against kink entirely or just age play? Because as a consenting adult lemme tell ya there is nothing better than my boyfriend choking me from behind while he rams into me, it's a+ and everyone should experience it once.. i agree with you tho age play is strange and so is being subservient to someone outside the bedroom but i can't take much more of this on my dash omg

holy fucking shit never message me again

sometimes i think about kagehina being this cute ship with these cute little first years and then other times i think about how fucking tall kageyama is and how muscular he is and how much more muscular he’s gonna get and like things stop being cute and become like size kink level sexiness…