All the great cosplayers I saw at A2F (: 

If anyone knows these people’s tumblr, I’d be so happy if you told me their Url and who they were so I can add it to the caption so they can get credit for their cosplays(:

Especially that adorable ass Lil Cal and the Dean and Cas couple. Oh the cute babies


Game night with L33teh and most of crew

It’s a Friday, and that means STREAM NIGHT~!

I honestly don’t know what’s going on in the stream tonight. The boys kinda plan stuff, and I never pay attention. Oho! I do believe Monster Hunter is going to be played… I think.

Anyway, come check us out at 10:00PM CST!


My respect for Meenah went up a good 56% ewe LOL

I don’t own this video
It was made by mateya95

Game night with L33teh and Crew

Hey, dorks, guess what time it is?


And stream time.

This week, Lastrastuff and Markuspwn aren’t gonna be with us because they’re losers, but the cool people are still around. We’ll be playing a new MMO (Black Gold Online) along with whatever the hell else we decide to mess with in the meantime.

We start at 10:00PM CST, so come check us outttt!

Thank you soooooo much for following me every one. ;u; I don’t know why you did it.. but your faces and lives are so appreciated I zentangled you some flowers! <3 >w< 80 is really a lot to me and it means so much. Thank you so, so ,sooooo very much. I love you my kawaii little nubs.

OH! And welcome to the Nub Kingdom new comers! I KingNubby love your existence because you are the most amazing person in the world! QwQ 

Just wanted to sat “THANK YOU” for my 70th follower! <3 

I love you all dearly. ;w; 70 is a big deal to me.. to be honest I didn’t think I’d get 10 follower let alone 70. So I made a quick little sketch of my self.. Thank you so much again. It really means a lot.

Also. Now that I have my bamboo tablet, I will be opening asks soon. I’ll add drawings to them because you know, I’m a nub and have no life. ^w^ So start asking and I’ll start drawing. 0w0 <3 THANK YOUUUUUU

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We finally get mansta hunter to work, so we played it for a little bit. 

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The crew robs shit!

And we suck at it! so there’s that. Watch if you enjoy comedy over people actually being good at games.