I discovered this triangular pencil amongst my other pencils. It is an oddity, and I have no idea whence it came. The word “hardware” is written on one side), KINGDONS on a second, and Andover 65005 (an old form of telephone number if it’s a UK one) on the third.

So, it appears to advertise a hardware shop called Kingdons, located in Andover, Hampshire. The shop name is not coming up on a Google search, which suggests that it closed down or was taken over years ago.

I have no idea how this pencil came to be in my house! I have only been to Hampshire once within the last 40 years, and I would not have picked up this pencil there. Nobody who has visited my house in the past 30 years has spent time in Hampshire, as far as I know. All I know is that it must date from the 1970s at latest to have the telephone number written like that.

Or, maybe there’s a pencil fairy…

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Moonrise Kingdom is the best so glad you've watched it!😍

its a pretty crazy story actually, i went to america on holiday last year and i was lying in bed in a hotel in miami and i was really enjoying this film, then i realised it was moonrise kingdon! i like that story haha

Played gta v with a friend today, Just had an realy awesome day 😊 after that played some kingdon hearts, and now its already time to go to bed 😅 its a bit early, i know, but tomorrow morning i have to work in a vegable garden again 😅 anyway, here some art, that describes the fun i had today 😊 G'Night! 😊 #kagaminetwins #kagamine #kagaminerin #kagaminelen #vocaloid02 #hatsunemiku #miku #hatsune #mikuhatsune #hatsunemiku01 #anime #manga #animegirl #animegirls #mangagirl #mangagirls #kawaiianime #goodnight

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A mother whose strict, and needs to listen to what I want from time to time. Just because she doesn’t think stealing candy from a baby is evil enough, doesn’t mean it still isn’t evil. Also kind of a hypocrite, because somehow ruining flowers isn’t as evil as stealing candy, when their practically the same thing when it comes to pettiness.

“I ruined flowers while I took down kingdons, and don’t use that tone with me young lady or I swear you will have a punish far worse than those little fairies.”