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King Shark (Killer Croc) is one of the most notorious cold-blooded killers. Speaking of cold-blooded killers, Killer Frost (Poison Ivy) fits the description perfectly. Black Spider (Red Hood) wages war on the drug trade, operating as a vigilante who murders anyone suspected of dealing. Captain Boomerang (Penguin) utilizes curved pieces of wood ruthlessly. Deadshot (Deathstroke) often boasts that he never misses. Harley Quinn (Joker) is just a lovable nutjob. Together, they are the Sinister Six Suicide Squad, a gang of villains turned government agents. The team’s assignment in Assault on Arkham is to infiltrate an asylum in order to retrieve/execute Riddler. When the Clown Prince gets freed from his cell, all hell breaks loose, and mayhem arises for both Task Force X and Batman, as Joker releases fellow inmates Scarecrow and Bane, among others. This movie is so incredible, but it should be noted that it isn’t for younger audiences. Given that the main characters are bad guys, it should come as little surprise that AoA pushes every boundary of its PG-13 rating in Dark Knight style. There’s profanity, violence, partial nudity, and some pretty gruesome death. If you can handle all that, this is the 10/10 feature for you.