Wab Kinew on the Stereotypes about Natives in Canada

Being somebody who’s working as an ambassador for the CBC in the Native community, I couldn’t accept that! Because what you’re saying is that my dad, my uncle, my cousins—everybody in my family that went to these places, they don’t know their experience. ‘We’re going to tell you what happened to you, okay? Because you don’t understand your own story. Here is the word, here is the language to describe what happened.’

So I stood up, and I said no, that’s not right. And I basically, you know, tendered my resignation and basically said, if this is… Yeah, I go hard or I go home.

But that’s how I felt! I mean, for me this was a test. Is the CBC gonna be a place that is, you know, diverse in the fact that we’re gonna put brown people on the air but everybody just has to act white?
—  Wab Kinew, on the CBC trying to change the language of residential school survivors from “survivor” to “former students of residential schools.”

This one deserves another read. Intensely good. (Also, I agree with Wab Kinew that this needs to be made into a miniseries a la Book of Negroes on CBC).

Canada Reads announces their 2015 books

Canada Reads announces their 2015 books

CBC’s Canada Reads has announced their 2015 book finalists and who will be defending them. This year’s theme is “one book to break barriers.” It’s all about books that can changes perspective, challenges stereotypes, and illuminate issues.

Many Canadian book lovers get excited for this time of year. But if you’re unfamiliar with Canada Reads, let me explain: It’s like an epic book battle debate!…

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