Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
—  1 Corinthians 13:1-13

As promised, eto na oh kineticwordplay


Freshman Year: The Beginning

Being one of the many new faces, I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the greatest sections that year. We happen to dominate back then, even though we were actually all just probees(probationary), we proved worthy of attention. Like any other school, place, organization, we too had to go through the unnerving competition. And it just so happened SHE was part of that section that, well, how do we put it, the cream of the crop of the freshman batch. 

The first time I ever saw her, like any other feeling, I knew for one that there was this aura that lurks around her. This aura that tells you, ‘I’m superior. We are higher.’ I may have been too judgmental but who knows, we cannot escape the fact that we were in competition… and we are the underdog here. Anyways, moving on, besides that certain aura she possess, there were also those eyes that tells you to watch where you are. Mind your manners, you are merely trespassing here. Yeah, I remember… that is what those eyes felt.


Sophie Year: Desires

For one, I had to admit that I worked hard to be heard. I’m no longer a probee, and I wanted to be one of the stars. Not because I feel any less, but because I wanted to prove something. I know that I could do better, and I know I could make it. However, due to certain unexpected circumstances, all efforts exerted were left unrewarded. I felt really bad back then, but then again, somebody works in wondrous ways. 


Junior Year: Blessing in Disguise

Blessing in disguise. That’s it. It was a blessing in disguise. I was not granted what I desired, but in return, I obtained something better… or perhaps of equal worth. I got to meet new people— the best people I’ve ever met— which up until now, I know I can count on. But then again, my view about them (star) worsened…? or may be not. It’s just that, I lost the desire to be with them. I realized that I do not belong with them. That perhaps our destiny were never designed to meet… that I need to accept what’s at hand. But still, this thought did not stop me from doing better… from doing my best. Unfortunately, I remember back then, these people… from this said group, whom I met on the pathways while I just got my card, they asked me what was my grade. My initial assumptions then were even amplified because of this incident. 


Senior Year: A/The Gift

The unexpected and long forgotten desire becomes reality. So yeah, I know that I should be posting about Robelle here… but hey, I wanted to tell you how I met her… and Monica. =) Hihi, so yeah, I only saw her in the canteen and around the campus before but I really did not know her. I know her by name, but not the personality. Her looks ARE deceiving. She has this smile that looks calm and friendly but hey wait till you hear her talk. She is more than what she looks like. She is an epitome of beauty and brains. She speaks her mind out completely and freely. Her thoughts would make you even go crazy, but still you would be left in awe contemplating on the ideas she have presented. She is overflowing with thoughts— thoughts that prove beneficial for all. When I first saw her, as I entered Monica, I knew for one that she is another person to keep an eye on. My barriers seems insufficient and incapable of protecting myself from her. She deals with your mind then slowly eats up your brain. Even so, she possesses this wild charisma and dedication no one can even top up.

She is a potential leader. Very organized and hasty. She wants all things done as soon as possible. Despite this, she too has her own weak spots. One can surely hurt her pride badly when she is ignored. And for sure, she is not a good pick for an enemy. Along with Kahlil, one would make sure not to pick them as enemies. No one should even dare challenge their wisdom… unless if you want to experience mental torture. She is young at heart, searching for something greater. She flies beautifully like any other eagle that soared up high. Keeping in tact the values and knowledge she had obtained from our dear Alma Mater, she is another eagle of the flock that withdrew from the common standards and chose her own flight. She continually grows into something even more beautiful than she is — both inside and outside.

Umm… so yeah, sorry for a very crappy ‘whatchamacallit’ thingy. I’m sorry Robelle/Arkay if-ever you are expecting something better from me. :( Huhu, Anyways, this is a real honest opinion. Sorry for the mere grammatical imperfections… much more, appreciate the thought perhaps? :D Hoho… :D Anyways… I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! :)

P.S. I did it in a way sort of divided into like, well chapters? Even though not all of them clearly defines who you are, and it’s mostly generalized, I think it still aplies to you! :D Anyways, here you go. You should know by now how much I admire you and your intellect! :D Hihi, Hello there fellow tumblrista!


This is not a drama post. To the people who know me personally, no. It’s not my personal life.

Napakatalino ng mga Pilipino. Masipag sila. Maagap. Maganda…at lahat na ng mga katangiang maaring magsimula sa letrang M. Hindi ko naman kokontrahin yan dahil kahit papaano ay may katotohanan yan. But beware, don’t fool yourself, if you are going to just…ride the bandwagon and believe it for yourself when your footprints, your tracks say otherwise. Huwag mo na basahin ang kasunod. :))

Sayang ang kasipagan mo - nasa ilalalim ka pa rin ng amo mo after what? 20 years? lifetime award? loyalty? Ate, Kuya, Manang, Manong, Toy, Inday. Nasaan na ang naipon mo sa suweldo? Nakanino mo pinahawak? Ininom mo? Pinangtaya sa Lotto? Binigay sa asawa mong walang kaalam alam sa paghawak ng pera? Binili ng kung anong gamit na mamahalin? Masaya sana kung nailagay mo sa bangko, kumuha ka ng kurso ng pandalawahang taon, at naging propesyunal. Ikaw? Ms/Mr OFW? Naubos na ba ang pera mo sa kakapadala ng balikbayan box na laman ay mamahaling mga gadget samantalang ikaw ay “bare-living” lang? Sana’y ginawa mo na lamang investment ang pera mo.

Ang talino mo naman! - Ms. Perfect Student. Mr. Valedictorian! Kamusta? Nasaan ka ngayon? sa ibang bansa? Hay. Nagagamit mo ba ang talino mo? Ang lahat ng natutunan? Ang walang awang pagbabasa? Masaya ka ba? May patutunguhan ka ba? At ang kahuli-hulihan…..ikaw ay isa sa mga taong binigyan ng regalong intelektwal..sana ay nagamit mo ito upang itaas, di lamang ang sarili mo, kung hindi, pati na rin ang mga tao. Sana ay may naitulong ka.

So pretty! So cute! So gwapo! - Ang hot mo teh! gwapo mo kuya! Ikaw na! Ang kakaibang kagandahan na nagbibigay ng rason upang matignan ang galing ng ating Diyos sa paglikha…One of the most perfect creations. Pero! check lang ah! Baka naman…tusukin kita ng karayom at magdeflate ka dyan bigla. Naku! Puro hangin ka lamang ba? Wala man lamang kaalaman na nailagay sa utak mo? Hindi rin masama na tignan kung maitim ang iyong budhi. How many hearts have you broken?Nakailang nobyo/nobya ka na? Baka naman, pumasa ka lang dahil inakit mo ang masipag mong kaklase? At puro ngiti at pa-cute lang ang alam mo na gawin? Hindi masama ang kagandahan mo….but make sure na waterproof yan. Kasi po, baka skin deep lang yan. :)

Y U SO RICH?- A is for Armando, B is for blackberry, C is for credit card! Kung hindi ba naman ikaw ang isa sa pinanganak na taong maraming resources. Sabihin mo lang at ibibigay na ang DLSR, latest iTech, you name it!. Kung sino sinong pangalan ang suot mo. At hindi ka rin pwede marumihan. Baka nga lang marumi na ang budhi mo…hindi natatanggal ng The Body Shop Body Wash yan! Hindi rin magandang mag-eye down ng mga people like so dumi and icky!. Hindi dahil maralita sila ay mas nakakataas ka na. Check yourself my dearest friends, you might be surprised what you can WISH money can buy.

Baka magalit ka sa akin ah. :)) Hindi ko naman binabash lahat ng tao eh, I just wrote this because many people don’t realize their faults. Like me. IsA AKO dun. :) I want to objectify what you think is something to be envied about. Sometimes, we bring our own misery to ourselves because we don’t want to face the truth. An eye-opener, for all of us.


TITLE: wordy-iest blog of all

BLOG: Ang kyut ng background theme niya. Yung imahe sa bandang kanan dyosa kasi kahit na stolen shot yun ang ganda niya pa din. Ang sarap magbasa sa blog niya, ewan gusto ko lang talaga magbabasa sa blog niya. Nakakadala yung kagandahan ng muka niya, pareho ng blog niyaaa. :)

BLOGGER: KIM| Filipino-college student | word-y blogger for a cause | Now Lord’s little mouthpiece too. | A bit whimsical, with a dash of innocence.

MESSAGE: Hi Kim. HAHA. Namiss kita ka’TA. For real. :( So, kamusta ka na, pagkatapos kasi ng bagong taon nawalan na ako ng balita sayo. Hu! Tsk. basta, manatili kang maganda at andito lang ako lagi para sayooo. :)

kineticwordplay replied to your postkineticwordplay

Edi kinilig naman ako! :)) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :) YAY! Someone thinks im calm and friendly as a first impression! :) i love it. Brain eye-candy! :) double thumbs up! bd :D

Syooor thing! Although I could have written some more… maybe next time. These are merely rough impressions. There is more to you than what I’ve written here. Next time! :D I shall do a part two! :D

Unrelinquished drive

Hi! I am Kim.

Well, that’s one way to start it. Actually, I have a different reason for writting this out. I normally go for angsty teenager or everyday life snippet but I choose to write something different today.

Maitatanong mo, ano naman ang maaring isulat mo na iba sa normal na pinopost mo sa Hipster-Artist-Social Networking site na ito?

First, I’d like to share to you guys a secret.

I want to be instrumental to a change. <- Well. There. Something big, someone to inspire, that was the main reason I blog anyway. Gusto makatulong para sa ikabubuti ng iba. Para kahit papaano, sa aking normal (at walang tulog) na buhay bilang isang premed na estudyante sa Unibersidad ay may maliwanagan ako sa aking mga salita. Ngunit, napangingibabawan itong blog na ito ng aking mga problema, sikreto, hinanakit at kung anu-ano pa.

This time. I promise. That objective will be achieved. Write for a better life, write to inspire. Write to remedy my own pain by being at least, a small flicker of light to the world. If its tagged “kineticwordplay”. Expect my alter-ego. The one with the better, clearer view of the world around her. :)

Stranded & Suspended : A to-do list


Are you a thomasian like me who has no class today?

Are you stuck in a dorm?

Are you sick of seeing the flood?


I cant solve the flood!

Here’s something to take your mind off to, A LIST.

a list to ease the boredom

  • Trim your toenails
  • Change your bedsheets
  • Update your phone’s contact list
  • Delete spam mail from your inbox
  • Get a nice, warm, loooooooong shower
  • floss. seriously. floss
  • Update your fb info
  • Redecorate your twitter
  • Shine your black shoes
  • Delete useless, old files from your hard drive
  • Throw away those empty shampoo bottles from the bathroom
  • Brush your hair
  • Wax the waxables
  • Actually fold your clothes
  • Laundry up some stuff you never bother to wash…like those teddy bears
  • Listen to A T.Swift song then go through the “cycle” (Hate-Love-LSS-Love-Hate-Meh, i guess its fine.)
  • Give yourself a foot scrub
  • Call a friend
  • Skype
  • Play that RPG game you have long forgotten about
  • Chat roulette
  • Cook Lunch!
  • Study. (im going to get hate :))
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • ..
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Fill in the rest of those bullets, I am sure you can find something else to do ;P
Model-Student Mode.


Pagbigyan ang mukha at ang quality. :)) haha. webcam + 9 am in the morning. :)

I’ll be reading this book for awhile, as you know, first of my many major subjects ito. BS Microbiology kasi course ko. Ayun, we shall see if I understand stuff in here. Though, honestly, alam kong mahirap itetch. :) But, I will be undeterred (undeterred - hindi gi-give up), I will do my best of abilities, I am aiming high this year, in everything. I hope I can make it. Sana wala na din gulo!

Later today, I will be making a descriptive-blurry-highendtext about a friend/Classmate/tumblrista named Dominic, like what I did for Alyssa HERE. Watch out for that! If you want one too, just give me a heads up. :)


10 Things People Say That Hurt
  • :I told you so, and yet, you didn't listen to me
  • :I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner
  • :It doesn't look good on you
  • :You are a horrible at _____
  • :There's nothing else I could do. i am sorry
  • :I don't love you anymore
  • :Whatever! (with eyes)
  • :You are not worth it
  • :You're nothing! ( or in filipino, wala kang kwenta!)
  • :If it wasn't for you, (insert horrible situation here)
Some points on which i think Filipinos need to improve on.

Disclaimer: All written here are under some general observations made by the author. Please take on with a sense of objectivity. and think. thank you.

  • We are onion-skinned. we can’t take harsh and blunt criticism. We think with our emotions, and make bad presumptions once they are hurt. This is one of the predominant cause of unprofessionalism in many places.
  • We are so emotional. A drama movie is not complete without a cryfest. One of the reasons why dramas and soap operas are very dominant on the local networks. We like feeling “high” on emotions. We are easily swayed through emotional marketing.
  • We don’t like thinking. There is a lack of educational programs on the local networks due to lack of demand from “learning and wanting to” audience”. We don’t like puzzles or game shows that require some mind to do. We don’t like to think about complicated situations, often we tend to: Pass it over to someone with patience, “bahala na” mode or leave it until it becomes a problem. We tend not to try improve situations and just ADAPT.
  • We don’t think ahead. Aside from saving money for the next day, we tend not to think ahead. (e.g going unprepared to class, filing for any government-required papers, making a large investment. bringing an umbrella during rainy seasons, among others.).
  • We put too much emphasis on looking just right. Under this are: buying the latest gizmo when you can’t afford it. YOU JUST HAVE TO THROW a BIG BASH even if money’s tight, you have to look affluent, even if it is a big inconvenience (a too-magastos car, a big house, having too many maids, etc.) This also stems from the “Pakikisama” value of filipinos, that have served both to be a gift and a curse to us.
  • stay tuned for part 2 :)
  • ?
why can't kineticwordplay be..

A fashion blogger?

As much as I love to, I’m pretty crappy at taking pictures, and I do have face issues- see here. I do have great ideas though. But as trends in tumblr, you have to get a pretty decent camera ( no money) and a lot of time (broke with that too.)

Be the love-advice blog?

I don’t have ENOUGH experience to share it so that it will encompass all kinds of love. When I get a little older (and hopefully, another experience). I might entertain if someone asks me.

Get political, like Anonymous?

I salute this group for their continued efforts, but my focus was always for life efficiency by crushing away common norms and beliefs rooted on ignorance (AND HOURS OF TELEVISION) that may be centered not only on my fellow filipinos, but my international followers as well. I do become political at times (when I see something wrong with my country - or the president). But i try to be balanced about it, not wanting to be a propagandist, just a person who notices something, and tries to give light to it, because you won’t find it.

Just stick to personal diary blogging?

This blog was one of those. Until, I decided I want to be a little more sensible waste of internet space. ;)

Other objectives/things that i want to achieve with this blog

  • Gain readers - NOT followers
  • A little humor never hurt a blog ;)
  • Be more open to answer questions and submissions
  • Be equal in nature. No leaning into a certain religion of sorts
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Must write in filipino AND english ( I am a Filipino NOT a Pinoy)
  • Be happier, and hopefully stick with this goals and objectives.