Using the MS Kinect to control sound.


To Be Reproduced

Interactive installation by Bram Snijders puts the viewer into a virtual room and moves according to their viewpoint - video embedded below:

To Be Reproduced is an interactive video installation that revisits the classic painting Not to be Reproduced a work made in 1937 by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The installation reflects on the pervasiveness of virtual spaces that have become an integral part of our daily social lives, and the way data traces are used to build sophisticated reproductions of the user.

In To Be Reproduced the viewer enters a hybrid space where the physical and the virtual world are closely intertwined. Positioned in front of the mirroring plane the viewer is enveloped in a virtual space where it meets a faceless digital reproduction of itself. As other participants are mirrored correctly the viewer takes on the role of the person depicted in Magritte’s painting.

This uncanny representation of the faceless user in a graphical point cloud refers to the voyeuristic nature of modern communication culture and to the data traces that are used to generate sophisticated consumer profiles. Instead of depicting people by mimicking nature, models are in-formed by analyzing metadata.




Project by schnellebuntebilder and kling klang klong is a real-time system for reactive sounds and graphics using a Kinect 2 - video embedded below:

kling klang klong and we developed an interactive framework to create synaesthetic experiences of sounds and visuals generated from body movement.

In our first collaborative work „MOMENTUM“ the user and his surroundings transforms into a fluid creature in an ever-transforming system of particles. A virtual reality, in which movement becomes sound and music and matter seems to dissolve.

Here is a behind the scenes video showing how the system works:

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Experimental digital short film by Marta Di Francesco explores a human form in a state of metamorphosis, made with a Depthkit Kinect camera - video embedded below:

Inspired by the journey of Ishtar into the Underworld, a short film about metamorphosis - a journey from abstraction to beauty, from the wrapping geometries of darkness to grace, pulsing between the violence of change and the ever radical beauty of morphing angles & lines.

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How the Kinect saved my health, and why I don’t want to see it go away

I am perched on the balls of my feet, the arches painfully taut as I begin to trot on the bland gray carpeting. “Run,” says the doctor, his neck swiveling towards the hallway looming ahead of me. I scamper past the many open office doors on my invisible high heels.

I was diagnosed with Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy at the Seattle Children’s Hospital in the spring of 1998. It is a rare condition that causes a malfunction of the body’s neurotransmitters, which, when functioning normally, send signals from your brain to your nerves.

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