Olivia hen wearing the sweater I knit her!!!!!!

How adorable is she?! This makes my whole year (so early in too lol). It arrived just in time to keep this elderly girl warm in FL’s latest cold spell.

Olivia’s picture was taken by her lovely caretaker at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Florida

If you are ever in the area, consider attending one of their volunteer parties or just make a kind donation to feed their 150+ rescued farm animals <3 You could also pledge to go vegan to save hens and other animals like Olivia from a short life of abuse and needless death. It’s time to align your morals and ethics with your choices, isn’t it?

And of course, keep making a difference through your craft x


I’m SO happy to share this with you. I embroidered this banner (top right) and teamed up with Skool of Vegan (based on their wool cartoon) to help raise funds for Kindred Spirits Sanctuary just in time for Thanksgiving.


Last year, my mom helped rescue a turkey named Libby (short for Animal Liberation), and it takes $350 to feed her for a year. Of course, there are so many other amazing animals living at the sanctuary too. SO this year, I’m asking to please donate just ONE dollar to help. That one dollar will enter you for the chance to get your name embroidered on the banner as a sponsor, which will go up on my larger flag, which will be the end product of this project. 


You can donate your dollar to the sanctuary by following this link (bottom left of the page for a one-time donation). Don’t forget to write ‘Skool of Vegan’ and your name in the comments as you donate, to be entered into the draw.



Please, please, please share! Thank you xox