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I want to publish my own e-book and sell it online on a major Web site. Where do I start?


Writing, editing and proofreading your book manuscript is the first step. Once you have finished your book, perhaps one of the easiest ways to get it out there for sale is to use publishing tools from the major online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Amazon has a Kindle Direct Publishing service that lets you self-publish your own e-books and sell them in its online Kindle store. The site has tutorials for properly formatting and uploading your book file to make it compatible with the Kindle, Amazon’s own e-reader hardware. You need an account to use the service, but you can use your existing account if you already buy things from the site. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Help page has the information you need to get started, including an explanation of the royalties you can earn and Amazon’s share of the profits. 

Barnes and Noble has its own publishing platform called PubIt that can be used to upload and distribute e-books in its Nook online bookstore. The PubIt site accepts files in the ePub format, but it also has tools that convert Microsoft Word, RTF files, HTML documents and plain-text files into ePub. It doesn’t cost anything to use PubIt, but you do need an account, and Barnes and Noble takes a percentage of your book’s list price in exchange for selling your work. The PubIt Support page has information on prices, percentages and using the service.

If you do not want to use a publishing tool dedicated to a specific online store, an e-book distribution service like Smashwords can help you get your work out to a variety of online bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore and the Sony Reader store.

Tutoriel de publication d'un ebook sur Amazon

Tutoriel de publication d’un ebook sur Amazon

Nessendyl, auteur de nombreux ouvrages, vous propose de découvrir comment publier un livre sur Amazon. Elle décortique pour vous les différentes étapes du processus et vous explique aussi les différentes options de la plate forme Kindle Direct Publishing.

Son tuto est très clair et très pratique.

N’hésitez pas à le consulter si l’édition en tant qu’auteur indépendant vous tente.


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I’m not doing this as a link since no one pays attention.

I am a young adult fantasy author and I recently self-published my first novel to Kindle. Sales aren’t going very well so I am trying to raise money to print 500 copies of my book (only amount that’s actually worth while buying, send me an ask and I’ll explain). 

Anyway, I’ve posted and reblogged before with no one even looking at my post. Please guys, I am desperate! I really want to get my novel off the ground but so far I haven’t had many sales and it looks like my dream of being an author is over :(

I really need your help! It doesn’t have to be much, and if you can’t donate please signal boost! I’ve seen plenty of these gofundme things get thousands of notes and raise more money than I’m asking. 

Just this one thing, it’s all I ask. 

Please click this link to go to my gofundme page: 

Alternatively, if you want to support my novel, click these links to go to the Kindle store:



The novel is available in all countries with Kindle but I’ve only included these two as there are too many to list.

Please guys, I need your help! I see you helping artists who draw, well I’m an artist who writes. Aren’t I worth as much as them?

Amazon to start paying per pages read

Amazon to start paying per pages read

I thought this an interesting change from Amazon, and for once it makes a lot of sense. In summary, from 1st July 2015 Amazon will be paying Kindle Unlimited (KU) and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) royalties based on qualified borrows, to paying based on the number of pages read

Some examples of how it would work if the fund was $10M and 100,000,000 total pages were read in the month:

  • The…

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Reckoning's One Year Anniversary! Thank you!

#Reckoning’s One Year Anniversary! #Thankyou! #fiction #fantasy #selfpublished #novel #grateful #writer #novelist

Hey there!

So it just occurred to me that Reckoninghas been out in the world for almost a full year (official anniversary 5/19 on Amazon & 5/21 everywhere else) and I can’t believe it. Publishing a book has been a great learning experience. There’s so much about the writing and publishing world I didn’t know until I dove head-first into it. It’s been an adventure, and I know everything I’ve…

View On WordPress The Fireman: A Short Story eBook: Chelsea Clemmons: Kindle Store

The Fireman: A Short Story - Kindle edition by Chelsea Clemmons. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Fireman: A Short Story.

I’m officially an Amazon KDP author, now! As such, I will ONLY be using this Tumblr for my author and writing-related posts. My PERSONAL Tumblr is .

Amy's Song is Now Available!

Amy’s Song is Now Available!

Hey everyone!  As promised, I’ve made my short novel, Amy’s Songavailable to purchase.  I decided, since the work is short and I just wanted people to be able to read it without my having to spend a ton of money, to make it available through Kindle.  I am not sure if I’ll publish it in a different way than this, but at this point, I doubt it.  I just wanted it to be available in an…

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I Am Still Here - Kindle edition

I made a post a while back asking for help picking pieces for a collection to publish on Amazon.  This is the final product, and I’m very proud of it.  Those of you who helped me with this, thank you so much.  If any of you on here want to help support me as I get through college and beyond, you can buy the eBook at the link above, or even just write me a review.  All of the poems in it are on my blog, so you can read them here, and still write me a good review.  If it seems expensive for such a short book, I apologize, but I’m an American university student, and I have to start saving money so I can live independently while I student teach in a couple years.  Thank you all for your support, and I hope that if you do choose to buy my book, or borrow it from the lending library, you enjoy it.

My Author Platform Success Story

On Friday, August 15th, 2014, I earned my 5,000th Twitter follower. I thought that was pretty amazing, seeing how I accomplished that in only three months. So how did I do it? By using the author platform secrets I’ve shared with you on my blog. But it’s not just the number of followers, it’s the quality.

  • I have the best followers in the world: they do more than just retweet me, they love me. And I love them right back.

Everyday, I engage with them in open, honest (and often entertaining) conversations about what it means to be an author in this crazy world we’re living in. It’s a beautiful thing that proves not only the power of social networking, but the gift I have to reach out and connect with complete strangers—to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Apparently, I’m making an even bigger splash than I thought: Kindle Direct Publishing is now quoting me on their Facebook page—not once, but twice, and each of my quotes has gathered over 500 likes! I’m stunned.

To be validated like this, to know my words have value and meaning, is the ultimate gift any author can receive. Thank you, Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing, and thank you to my 5,000+ Twitter and Tumblr followers. I am grateful beyond words.

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