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I want to publish my own e-book and sell it online on a major Web site. Where do I start?


Writing, editing and proofreading your book manuscript is the first step. Once you have finished your book, perhaps one of the easiest ways to get it out there for sale is to use publishing tools from the major online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Amazon has a Kindle Direct Publishing service that lets you self-publish your own e-books and sell them in its online Kindle store. The site has tutorials for properly formatting and uploading your book file to make it compatible with the Kindle, Amazon’s own e-reader hardware. You need an account to use the service, but you can use your existing account if you already buy things from the site. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Help page has the information you need to get started, including an explanation of the royalties you can earn and Amazon’s share of the profits. 

Barnes and Noble has its own publishing platform called PubIt that can be used to upload and distribute e-books in its Nook online bookstore. The PubIt site accepts files in the ePub format, but it also has tools that convert Microsoft Word, RTF files, HTML documents and plain-text files into ePub. It doesn’t cost anything to use PubIt, but you do need an account, and Barnes and Noble takes a percentage of your book’s list price in exchange for selling your work. The PubIt Support page has information on prices, percentages and using the service.

If you do not want to use a publishing tool dedicated to a specific online store, an e-book distribution service like Smashwords can help you get your work out to a variety of online bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple’s iBookstore and the Sony Reader store.


I’m not doing this as a link since no one pays attention.

I am a young adult fantasy author and I recently self-published my first novel to Kindle. Sales aren’t going very well so I am trying to raise money to print 500 copies of my book (only amount that’s actually worth while buying, send me an ask and I’ll explain). 

Anyway, I’ve posted and reblogged before with no one even looking at my post. Please guys, I am desperate! I really want to get my novel off the ground but so far I haven’t had many sales and it looks like my dream of being an author is over :(

I really need your help! It doesn’t have to be much, and if you can’t donate please signal boost! I’ve seen plenty of these gofundme things get thousands of notes and raise more money than I’m asking. 

Just this one thing, it’s all I ask. 

Please click this link to go to my gofundme page: 

Alternatively, if you want to support my novel, click these links to go to the Kindle store:



The novel is available in all countries with Kindle but I’ve only included these two as there are too many to list.

Please guys, I need your help! I see you helping artists who draw, well I’m an artist who writes. Aren’t I worth as much as them?

Amy's Song is Now Available!

Amy’s Song is Now Available!

Hey everyone!  As promised, I’ve made my short novel, Amy’s Songavailable to purchase.  I decided, since the work is short and I just wanted people to be able to read it without my having to spend a ton of money, to make it available through Kindle.  I am not sure if I’ll publish it in a different way than this, but at this point, I doubt it.  I just wanted it to be available in an…

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The Fireman: A Short Story - Kindle edition by Chelsea Clemmons. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Fireman: A Short Story.

I’m officially an Amazon KDP author, now! As such, I will ONLY be using this Tumblr for my author and writing-related posts. My PERSONAL Tumblr is .

I made a post a while back asking for help picking pieces for a collection to publish on Amazon.  This is the final product, and I’m very proud of it.  Those of you who helped me with this, thank you so much.  If any of you on here want to help support me as I get through college and beyond, you can buy the eBook at the link above, or even just write me a review.  All of the poems in it are on my blog, so you can read them here, and still write me a good review.  If it seems expensive for such a short book, I apologize, but I’m an American university student, and I have to start saving money so I can live independently while I student teach in a couple years.  Thank you all for your support, and I hope that if you do choose to buy my book, or borrow it from the lending library, you enjoy it.

Se mesi di KDP!

Se mesi di KDP!

 Con la splendida copertina alternativa che Giordano Efrodini ha realizzato per il mio ebook, festeggio i primi sei mesi da pidocchiosa autopubblicata. E, per festeggiare nel modo migliore, a partire da stamattina e fino a giovedì sera, sia Il Posto delle Onde che My Little Moray Eel saranno in vendita a 0,99 centesimi l’uno. In pratica, vi portate a casa due romanzi al prezzo di mezzo. Sì, sono…

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New Post has been published on amy eyrie

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Cringeworthy One Star Reviews of Classic Books

Illustration by AJC1

Kindle Direct Publishing has given writers an amazing  gift, a way to reach a worldwide audience. Anyone who meets Amazon’s standards can publish a book or story, and anyone can leave a review to haunt you.

Every KDP writer will eventually have to endure the Amazon one star review. They are part of the new publishing landscape.

Negative reviews range from illiterate, crazy diatribes, revealing more about the reviewer’s state of mind than the book itself, to pointed critiques by shrewd and pissed off readers. Why do people leave one star reviews? It’s simple, they’re experiencing a strong emotional reaction. Maybe the reviewer doesn’t like swear words, or they had to read the book for school or book club, or they just saw the movie and the book’s not the same, or the book conflicts with their personal philosophy about life, or they don’t think this is what a story should be.

Whether the one star review is a raw, visceral slap or a deeply cutting dissection that stings, they can be a shock for writers who took a big emotional risk to release their work in the first place.  Well written, critical reviews can be profound and truthful, painfully educating the writer. But often, the one star review on Amazon reveals nothing more than a confused individual who is lost in a book that is beyond their comprehension or a mismatch; a reader who was looking for something else and is disappointed.

To writers  just starting out, a one star review can be paralyzing.  Most of the writers I know tend to torture themselves anyway. They love books and they agonize over the quality of their prose. So those critical reviews can embody their worst fears.

What you need to realize is that every single book on Amazon, no matter how brilliant or historically significant, gets one star reviews. They go with the territory, people! And they can be hilarious, in all their misspelled, raw glory.

Imagine if Charles Dickens was publishing today? No lag time, just anybody who had a gut reaction to one of his stories typing away and posting their review. Would he have felt discouraged?

Is there a point when you should pay attention to negative reviews? Absolutely! The hive mind has an uncanny way of picking up on things. Listening to reviewers is an essential learning tool. But you need to put things in perspective. A fair number of one star reviews are just plain silly and should be ignored. The fact is you cannot write a book or story without receiving some crappy reviews. Period.

And I can prove it to you.

Here are some examples of one star reviews for classic books. You will see that no one, no matter how masterful escapes the poison pen. So gaze upon the cringe-worthy reviews of classics and don’t let other people’s opinions discourage you from pursuing your craft.

(All misspellings and punctuation are intact, so don’t blame me.)

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 

“…Ive seen this premise in several tv shows and christmas specials. What the dickens, you plagarist.” ~Abe the Reviewer

“… this book is tortureous. He uses unnecessary comparrisons and words that nobody understands. I understand Dickens is a great writer and it show. Everybody knows this story you do not need to torture yourself ny reading this though. It is boring and hard to understand . Just watch one of the movies. “~Ronald Reardon

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens “…the character of Oliver is thoroughly unlikeable. He’s such a sad sack that I was actually rooting for his bullies and tormentors…” ~Jason Seagraves “…the worst book ever. The only reason a person should read this book is if they are forced to or they like to hear about thieves.” ~ A customer

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte “…Torture! …. Nothing romantic about Heathcliff at all.”~ Holly Lathrom “… Catherine is a spoiled brat and Heathcliff is a psychopath. I can’t think of a more horribly “civilized” person in literature.” ~ P. Pena  

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick “…This book may have spawned Blade Runner, but in itself is on the wierd side of Sci-Fi and the reader constantly wonders what Dick was smoking as he typed. ~T. Balou “…a very poorly executed dystopia, and it’s all due to the soullessness of PKD’s writing. The mass extinction of animals, the decay of all matter into “kibble,” and the abandonment of Earth by a majority of humans to off-world colonies all underscore the bleakness of the future.” ~J. Dooley “hatctr”  

The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald “…don’t know what all the hype is about. Not a likeable character is the whole saga and, in my opinion, not that well written. Total waste of time .” ~Eleanor Skwarok” “… characters are boring and superficial. If there was a moral to the story I missed it.” ~ mimi “mimi”  

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen “… female characters are a bunch of air heads that are significantly over indulged and have nothing else to do but simper and fret. The male characters are not paragons of thought either.” ~ Max Montgomery “… they cut out all of the scenes with zombies. This was obviously edited to try and appeal to a wider audience.” ~ Charles G. Meyer “… It’s like People magazine written in 18th century English.” ~ Score  

The Shining by Stephen King “…The damn book made me want to sleep. I read about 100 pages. It was so boring that i couldn’t concentrate on it. Redrum, ok great but is that the only thing in the book thats trying to make me not stop reading? Come on!… ” ~A Customer “…You want to scar the readers Stephen King? Vc. Andrews writs scarier novels then you and has the same length as your book. The book goes off explaining how there’s food in there about on paragraph too long. All the guy had to say there’s food in the cabinet in the refrigerator and so on. Don’t need more then three lines to explain food. I need to get to really scary parts and make me scared or it sucks.” ~no

Game of Thrones ( box set) by George R.R.Martin “…This writer loves to kill off the people you bother to like…the people he bothers to write whole books about…then the next thing you know the bad guys are happily parading their heads around on sticks! Who needs the good guys anymore?! “Off with their heads!” is the motto of these books.” ~ Miss Chris “…Oh, the characters. I have never met a more contemptible bunch of losers and scum. By the middle of book 1, I didn’t even care who died anymore – in fact, I was actively hoping for everybody to just get it over with and kill each other so the story would finally end.” ~Aaron G

Harry Potter: The Sorceror’s Stone by JK Rowling “…Along with the “Scooby Doo” ending (I thought of this myself before reading the reviews), severe lack of moral focus, and just generally mediocre writing, I wonder why any adult would get excited about it and infect their children with the same.” ~I.M. Hoogendyk “the critical eye” “…For one thing, it’s terribly overwraught; the supreme clumsiness and obviousness with which the writer tries to manipulate our emotions is totally laughable. In fact, I can’t believe that even children fall for it. ” Red Moose “Mark”

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez “…If you’re immortal and have time to waste on junk, then go ahead and read this book. I’m not immortal and I just wasted too many of my limited hours on this Earth on this steaming pile of dung.”~ B5Anteros “…opaque, confusing, rambling nonsense. I have enjoyed his other books but this is just … . senseless.”~Alison Stock

The Color Purple by Alice Walker “…Characters and plots are very confusing right from the get-go, choppy storyline with rapes, incest, lesbianism; all rather confusing. It seems like a story without a real theme to it.”~Yoo Win “…Read this book only if you have an IQ less than 80 and if your idea of literature is People magazine. Or if you’re an aging former hippie with so little clue as to what’s going on in the world that you need a daytime trash-talk show host to tell you what to read.” ~ Chris Belfry  

A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess “…Hated it. The made up slang words ruined the book for me – it’s way too annoying to have to constantly refer to the dictionary in the back of the book. I couldn’t even finish it. I made it through two chapters and then quit.”~BellaGrace

“…This book is the product of a diseased mind or, more likely, of someone desperately wanting literary attention. He got his attention only because literary standards have been so degraded in the last fifty years. ” ~Flying Scot

Breakthrough AdSense Profits Review

I’m not going to tell you what this is about…just yet. Because I know what you would do. Exactly what I did. Ignore this and move on.

Look it! I’m doing you a favor.

Because this is NOT to be ignored!

Couple of days ago, I bought a WSO. (Bought! Wasn’t given a review copy.)

I was intrigued because it was about an online method that I thouht was DEAD as of about 2 years ago.

I only got a chance to really look at the report last night.

Couple of things.

1. It’s not DEAD as I so stupidly thought

2. The traffic source is pure genius! And, it’s something Yours Truly (Moi!) is going to massively leverage not only for this particular method, but for two other huge niches that I’m in.

If you don’t buy this for the stated method (I’ll reveal that below), please…buy it to learn the genius traffic method!

Now, I’m sure you’re tired of not knowing what this “DEAD” method is.

Okay, I’ll reveal it…but remember…a mind, like a parachute, functions best when OPEN!

Here it is!


Yep, good old AdSense.

These guys are literally killing it with AdSense.

If at this point, you (like me) are considering shutting down Ye Old Brain, and reaching for your mouse. Don’t!

When I read this report, I was literally thunderstruck at two things.

1. The viability of this

2. The traffic source!

I wish I could reveal the traffic source to you in this email so you could say, as I did, OMG! THIS IS GENIUS!

But I can’t. That wouldn’t be fair.

So, you’ll just have to trust me on this. The traffic source is not just for this method. It’s a perfect idea for anything!

— Any affiliate niche marketing program

— Any offline consultant

— CPA, video marketing, ANYTHING!

Okay, ’nuff said.

If you’re still with me and want to actually check this out yourself, here’s the link to click…

Did I mention that at this price they’re virtually GIVING THIS INFORMATION AWAY?

Click Here To Learn More About Breakthrough AdSense Profits!

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My Author Platform Success Story

On Friday, August 15th, 2014, I earned my 5,000th Twitter follower. I thought that was pretty amazing, seeing how I accomplished that in only three months. So how did I do it? By using the author platform secrets I’ve shared with you on my blog. But it’s not just the number of followers, it’s the quality.

  • I have the best followers in the world: they do more than just retweet me, they love me. And I love them right back.

Everyday, I engage with them in open, honest (and often entertaining) conversations about what it means to be an author in this crazy world we’re living in. It’s a beautiful thing that proves not only the power of social networking, but the gift I have to reach out and connect with complete strangers—to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Apparently, I’m making an even bigger splash than I thought: Kindle Direct Publishing is now quoting me on their Facebook page—not once, but twice, and each of my quotes has gathered over 500 likes! I’m stunned.

To be validated like this, to know my words have value and meaning, is the ultimate gift any author can receive. Thank you, Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing, and thank you to my 5,000+ Twitter and Tumblr followers. I am grateful beyond words.

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Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac

Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac

Amazon has announced the release of a Kindle Textbook Creator for Mac that lets educators and authors easily turn PDFs of their textbooks and course materials into Kindle books.

Once the book is ready, authors can upload it to Kindle Direct Publishing in just a few simple steps.

“Kindle Textbook Creator makes it easy for anyone to take any PDF and create a richly featured and widely available…

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Ако един автор може да се възползва от услугите на Kindle Direct Publishing или Barnes & Noble’s PubIt!, за да публикува незабавно своята книга и след това да събере до 70% от продажната цена като авторски хонорар, за разлика от 15% до 25%, които много от традиционните издатели предлагат за електронните книги, защо да не го направи?

Това е въпросът, който много автори си задават в ерата на електронната книга. И на този въпрос издателите трябва да отговорят.
Големите книгоиздатели вече са направили изявления за цялата дейност, свързана с успешното публикуване на една книга в съвременните условия.

И така, какво извършват издателите?

Според вътрешен за Hachette Books документ от 2012 г. издателите трябва да изпълняват следните функции:

1. Да намират и развиват таланти: да разкриват автори и книги, които ще се открояват на пазара; да откриват нови гласове; да развиват писателския талант; да способстват за обогатяването на взаимоотношенията с авторите и да им предоставят експертен редакционен съвет.

2. Да финансират процеса на писане на авторите: да инвестират в идеи под формата на авансови плащания за тях, което пък ще позволи на последните да използват времето и ресурсите си за изследвания и творчество; и да инвестират в инфраструктура, инструменти и партньорства.

3. Да разпространяват и продават книгата на възможно най-широка аудитория: да разпределят книгите на правилните места, в нужните количества, и в точното време, както в печатен, така и в електронен вариант; да работят с търговците на дребно и партньорите дистрибутори; да се справят със сложността на веригите за доставка; да проучват нови идеи за продукти, дори и когато положителният резултат не е гарантиран (както се случва с някои приложения и подобрени електронни книги); и да действат като специалисти в областта на цените и маркетинговите комуникации.

4. Да изграждат авторски брандове и да защитават авторските права: да създават и разгръщат “вълнение” около авторите; да представят книгите на пазара по най-подходящия начин чрез експертиза в областта на маркетинга и пъблисити; и да защитават интелектуалната собственост на авторите чрез строги мерки за борба с пиратството и териториален контрол.

Неотдавна Random House разпространи интересен видеофилм за това как компанията придобива, произвежда, разпространява и продава книги, в който се обсъжда всичко – от редакционния процес през дизайна на корицата до продажбите, както в САЩ, така и в чужбина.

Защо издателите са толкова нетърпеливи да оповестят своето значение в съвременните условия? Защото те са изправени пред растяща конкуренция за най-важните им “клиенти”: авторите.

Преди десетина години единственият начин една книга да бъде публикувана и продадена от щандовете на книжарницата беше книгоиздателят да помогне в редактирането, дизайна и разпространението й. Днес всеки, който умее да пише и разполага с връзка към интернет, може да предложи своята книга за продажба в най-голямата книжарница в света - Amazon - в рамките на няколко часа.

Съществуват десетки доставчици на технологии, които предлагат услуги за самостоятелно публикуване, и непрекъснато се появяват нови.

Например Smashwords разпространява книгата на автора от всички основни електронни книжарници, освен Amazon, предоставя му впечатляващите 70,5% от нетните приходи от продажбите, предлага му маркетингови консултации и набор от инструменти за управление на всичко това.

Book Country на Penguin разполага с общност от автори и редактори, които  обработват ръкописа, докато той стане готов за публикуване чрез патентования софтуер на сайта.

Author Solutions предлага на авторите специална оферта: 100% от нетните приходи от продажбите на книгите, които публикува и разпространява.

Всички тези сайтове за услуги се конкурират не само помежду си, но и с традиционните издатели, които обикновено не предлагат авторски хонорар, по-голям от 25% от продажбите на електронните книги. Издателите обаче обикновено плащат аванси, понякога в шест- или седемцифрен диапазон, нещо, което компаниите за самостоятелно публикуване не правят. Те по правило разпространяват книгите в традиционните (“bricks-and-mortar”)  книжарници, които са хиляди на брой в САЩ. Около 80% от приходите на т.нар. “търговските издатели” все още се падат на печатните книги и, в по-голямата си част традиционните издатели са най-добрият залог за генериране на продажби от тях.

Нови технологии като print-on-demand и in-person или продажби на електронни книги в книжарниците могат да променят ситуацията (да не говорим за  възходящото развитие на електронното четене). Засега обаче традиционните издатели все още смятат, че това е предимство.

Но ако издателите не могат да привлекат автори с маркетинговите комуникации, поддържащите услуги и обещанието за максимално възможно разпространение, какво ще се случи с тях? Издателска къща, която не публикува книги, е просто “къща”, предполагам (ще може ли тя да печели пари по начина, по който е привикнала).

По такъв начин издателите вече открито се конкурират за таланта на авторите със сайтовете за самостоятелно публикуване. Сред десетките хиляди самопубликуващи се автори малцина са успели да спечелят огромни суми пари, да създадат списъци с бестселъри и дори от време на време да получат огромни поръчки от традиционните издатели . Макар и изключение, те подхранват надеждата на огромната армия от потенциални автори на бестселъри, разпалват огъня.

В свят, в който всеки би могъл да се превърне в автор на бестселър, да получи лъвския пай от възнагражденията и да извършва всичко самостоятелно, защо се нуждаете от издател? Не е чак толкова трудно да се напише, редактира, форматира, изработи дизайн, публикува, предлага и продава една книга, не е ли така? А ето какво споделя по въпроса Random House:

Мария Гуленова


Допълнително по темата:

Животът на печатните книги продължава

Индустрията на самостоятелното книгоиздаване може да достигне 52 милиарда долара Как да издадеш книга Майкъл Козловски: Самопубликуващите се писатели не бива да бъдат наричани автори ( Нов самиздат настъпва в електронната епоха Писането на книги е лесно; след него идва маркетингът Програма за самопубликуващи се автори пуска Apple до края на месеца Променящият се пейзаж в книгоиздаването Самопубликуването в „Амазон” набира скорост Самостоятелно публикуващите автори откриват е-успеха Какво извършват издателите в свят, в който всеки може да публикува книга Ако един автор може да се възползва от услугите на Kindle Direct Publishing или Barnes & Noble’s PubIt!