Meet My Bestfriend

You see that girl right there? Yeah ,her name is Jenny Wu. We’ve been friends for 7 years and those were the best years of my life. So,lets go back to the times where everything was just black and white. In kindergarten,everyone got along,but the way me and her bonded was just… i dont even want to go there (: when i was little i didnt know how to write my ‘J’ correctly and it would just look like and 'L’ so one day when i wrote her name on a piece of paper it came out to look like 'Lenny’. that day ,was hilarious because her dad gave me like a 30 minute lecture about writing my j’s correctly. ever since then me and her became bestfriends. shes insecure around the world,but around me OHHH BOOY,i dont even know how you would manage <3 this girl makes me smile even on the worst days. Good things dont last forever tho. Fifth grade was maybe one of the best school years of my life. This is because I spent the most time i could with her before she left. You see,in fifth grade she told me she was leaving to san fransisco and thats when i became the saddest guy in the world. in science we would laugh 24/7 because there would be backpacks humping eachother and we wouldnt even pay attention to science. i dont even know how she managed to still pass that class -,- did i mention, she’s amazingly tall but not anymore because apparently i grew a lot over the years -______- so sixth grade came along. it was the first school year without her. she told me about everything that happened during her first day of school,and she seemed happy about it. she told me she met a friend. her name was marcy san juan (: honestly. i had a crush on her for like a week until i realized that i never even met her. jenny changed alot but i think its a good thing ^-^ but i think she needs to cut back on the boys,cause you know. shes a little too boy crazy o; sixth grade went by so fast i couldnt believe it. sixth grade summer was the best thing . this was because we talked every single day of the summer . we talked on the phone for 849535 hours. and we texted 908938265 times a day. we would have our little fights but then we’d make up at the end. shes one of the cutest girl i know. shes a crazy baller,and the hugest laker fan just like me ,(: i like how we can talk about anything we want and just laugh about it. she can be serious tho. and when shes serious, dont even try to crack a joke. shell cut your head off like a black girl would if you took her fried chicken. best part of being friends with this girl is that she TALKS a lot which means shes not boring at all. in fact,shes the funniest person i know. ;3 Now she lives in Arcadia where she met a new friend. His name is Devin Vuong. i’m kind of jealous of him because she goes on and on and on about him. but im actually happy for her because what they have together is probably the cutest thing ive ever seen. hes in eigth grade tho which means high school next year. but in the meantime, you guys have fun <3 Honestly, me and her havent been talking lately,but i understand that we’re not that close as we used to be. considering she lives 34752389 miles away from me and that shes found herself new friends,im proud of her. shes not that insecure about herself anymore,but sometimes i miss that side of her because i would always try to motivate her. She’s so beautiful,and yet she doesnt see it. I love you,and if dont believe me i think you should read this again. 

sincerely, asshole.nigger.little brother.bestman.kindercrush.bestfirend

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Giving the band, Cosmonauts, a try...

I’m a little confused and lost! D: what…

EDIT: Turns out there are TWO bands with the same name. No wonder I was confused. Thank you for clearing that up! :]

kindercrush asked:

4, 6, 11, 29, 42, 48, 58 :)

4) What do you think about the most?
everything. i’m constantly bombarded with thoughts all the time. it could start off as something like: what everyone might be thinking about me, what i could do to change that- like having a significant other, if i’ll ever find love to begin with, who i like now, what i think of them, i start to judge them, then i realize i just started this whole thought process all over again but now i’m coming from the other end.

6) Do you have any strange phobias?
No. I don’t think so.

11) Do you believe in karma?
Yep. I totally do. I don’t really think about it until the action/reaction has already happened, though.

29) Do you have any obsessions right now?
As if you have to ask me… Logan Lerman. Tumblr. There’s one more, and I know you know who it is… so I’m just not even going to bother.

42)You are at the doctor’s office and she has just informed you that you have approximately one month to live. a) Do you tell anyone/everyone you are going to die? b) What do you do with your remaining days? c) Would you be afraid?
A- Yeah. I think I would because if it were anyone else, I’d want them to do the same.
B- If I’m being honest, I would go to Make A Wish… and see if they’ll take me and some friends (that would include Abel) to New York. I don’t really know how realistic I’m being. I’d write letters to all the people that have mattered to me. I’d go to school just a few times. I’m not going to do any of the schoolwork though. I’d like to drive on my own down to the beach. I’d go to Hollywood and just roam. I’d document everyday, and hope that someone will take what I experienced and make a film adaptation- so I’ll know I will have made my mark in the film industry. I don’t really know what else.
C- I feel like I would have a shit ton of mood swings- most of which would probably include being terrified.

48) What would you want to be written on your tombstone?
Maybe one of the quotes that type across my blog, or some other quote from a book. IDK. All the good quotes have been taken by the white girls.

58) You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?
New York. 

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40, 133, 136 this inspired me to send you good morning texts from now on, k?

40) Do I ever get good morning or good night texts? Nope. lol If you do, send them to me on random days and sporadically. I think they lose value and purpose if I get them every day.

133) Broken a mirror? No. I don’t think so.

136) Was I named after anyone? Nuh-uh. My parents kind of just pulled the name out of their asses, I think.

kindercrush replied to your post: I think my favorite part is that you call me by my…

you better be talking about me! ;p haha. did i miss anything good at lunch??

well. believe it or not, you are the glue to our lunch group. i went to the back and no one was there the entire time. I don’t think Scott bothered coming over because it might’ve been awkward. And I’m sure Brandon and Christin were making babies or something. ugh. So I didn’t get to do anything interesting besides buy another bar and walk away. huhuhuh. Oh well.

kindercrush replied to your post: kindercrush replied to your post: OHEMGEE. jesus…

i thought he was talking to them at first also, but he seemed to be offering it to us first!! it was strange. are you friends with him on fb yet? if not, send him a request. lol after break, we’re making this love connection happen.

Damn. I thought I friended him already. Would it be awkward if I friend him now? And LOL okay. I’m counting on you, Nicholette. I don’t have the social skills to talk to people like that. YOU HAVE TO HELP.

kindercrush replied to your post: OHEMGEE.

jesus fucking christ! i didn’t know that you liked him!! i felt the vibe too. he seemed really excited to be offering you a cookie!!!! like i was surprised at how friendly he was.

holy shit. i forgot you would see this. it’s not a bad thing, but i forgot that i coud just be telling you this. hahahaha yeah. OMG. I don’t know. Thinking back now, I’m not even sure if he was offering us a cookie… I think he was talking to Christin and Brandon, but I turned around and jumped the gun and shit. IDEK. HELP ME, NICHOLETTE.

kindercrush replied to your post: thanksgiving break just ended. how much longer…

we should do something crazy/adventurous to hold us over until break. like something that would be in perks of being a wallflower.

YAYAYAYA. I really want to drive through a tunnel and scream and stuff. There were so many in Taiwan that I was tempted to. But, then the taxi drivers (and my family) would think that I’m weird. hahaha hhmmmm… what can we do?