kindah khalidy


Myrtle FW13 Illustrated lookbook | illustrations by KIMBERLY ELLEN HALL

  1. R/H Magic Pine sweatshirt and Metallica skirt
  2. Delphine Liberty sweatshirt, Micaela Greg fragment leggings & Kindah Khalidy zip pouch
  3. Eve Gravel love letter dress & Samantha Pleet x Wolverine Arc boots
  4. Samantha Pleet perspective dress, Micaela Greg triangle knotted scarf & Wolverine Evelyn boots

Píccolo Presents: Picture Party featuring Kindah Khalidy
We celebrate illustrated products from around the web!

Who made it? Kindah Khalidy, a painter and textile designer based out of California.
What is it? Handmade goods - like these clutches - featuring her colorful artworks.
How was it made? Kindah paints/creates her designs and then they’re replicated on cotton-twill bags. Her products are handmade in California. 
What do we like about it? We love how bright and colorful these clutches are. They are wild and free - just look at the confetti! 
Where would this look best? This would look great in your hands!
Where can you find this? Her online shop.