I am Natan trash and the Universe knows it

For dinner tonight, I went to a local restaurant that’s very quaint and has unique salt and pepper shakers on every table. Guess what I got?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I cannot fucking believe this. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Korra carrying Asami and shit but like

Asami is strong too

I want Asami carrying Korra just to make her laugh

I want Asami carrying Korra after their wedding because no one would expect it

I want Korra to be nervous that she’s too heavy for Asami the first time Asami picks her up and Asami laughing as she throws Korra over her shoulder easily

I just really want more art and fics about Asami picking up Korra because that is just really important to me

Okay, so I’ve decided that this blog will be a no hate blog… Or some crap like that. Mostly I mean I will not acknowledge any silly fandom nonsense. I want to enjoy my blog and I want others to enjoy it. So from this day forth, if you send me ANY negative stuff about people I like… I’ll be selecting that little delete button.

So if you have crap to say! Better send it now, because starting tomorrow… No more… I hope.



please save this poor lazy, lazy guy