Wow. Just wow.

Ex South Carolina Republican operative, Todd Kincannon took to Twitter on Sept. 9 to post an utterly tone-deaf reaction to the TMZ video showing NFL athlete Ray Rice knocking unconcious his then-fiancee Janay Palmer. While the Tweet has since been taken down, it wasn’t before someone took a screenshot of the tweet in which Kincannon vilifies the victim by saying that the “dumb bitch” got what she deserved for starting the whole mess. 

Kincannon’s gross display of misogyny did not stop there.

When TMZ released video of Ray Rice brutally knocking out Janay Palmer, national outrage ensued. But not everyone condemned this incident of domestic violence. Many people, mostly conservatives, praised it and said Palmer deserved it. That includes South Carolina Republican troll Todd Kincannon, who wins the prize for worst tweet about domestic violence ever.

Who wants to bet he considers himself a pro-life, family values-conservative?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present this racist fuck Todd Kincannon. He’s the former (hmm wonder why) head of the South Carolina GOP. He made these tweets last night during the Super Bowl. He has since taken down these tweets, but I thought I’d upload them to Tumblr that way they won’t be as easily forgotten. Also, he agrees that Trayvon Martin needed to be “put down like a rabid dog”. Seriously, fuck this guy…with a rake….covered in razor blades…dipped in salt beforehand. Here’s an article about the whole debacle if you feel like reading it:

Damn, its 2013 man, not 1813. Shit like this happens and Republicans seem dumbfounded why everyone else thinks they’re a bunch a racist fuck-heads.


A former executive director and general counsel for the South Carolina Republican Party is facing a firestorm after posting derogatory tweets about the late Trayvon Martin.

Todd Kincannon, who calls himself “The Honey Badger of American Politics” on his Twitter account, posted a series of incendiary tweets on Super Bowl Sunday, commenting on the blackout inside the New Orleans Superdome (Kincannon tweeted: “It hasn’t been this dark in the Superdome since all those poors occupied it after Hurricane Katrina,”) and even Beyonce Knowles’ halftime performance. But it was his tweets referencing the slain teen that drew the most outrage online.

Kincannon Tweeted that the Superbowl “sucks more d— than adult Trayvon Martin would have for drug money,” and despite angry responses from some on Twitter, he continued to tweet about Martin.

Kincannon drew some support, and he tweeted to one supporter that the 17-year-old, who would have turned 18 on Tuesday, was a “dangerous thug who needed to be put down like a rabid dog.”

Kincannon, in an interview on HuffPost Live Monday, defended his tweets stating they are “nothing more than satire” or “high-profile trolling.”

“The left has decided that Trayvon Martin was just this perfect little angel,” Kincannon said in a phone interview on the show. “He was a thug. Hetweeted about drug use. This guy, he was a criminal, and the left has decided to make him some sort of martyr. That is what I don’t understand.”


Three Republicans who aren't helping the party's rebranding efforts
  • one Alaska Rep. Don Young, who landed himself in hot water yesterday for casually referring to the “wetbacks” his family used to employ. He’s since apologized—twice—calling it a “poor choice of words.”
  • two North Carolina Governor Pat McCroy, who today, without warning or explanation, closed the state’s Office of Hispanic/Latino Affairs, prompting an angry response from the local Latin American Coalition.
  • three Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, who earlier this week told veteran Mike Prysner—now an anti-war activist—that he “should have come home in a body bag” and expressed his hopes that “the enemy splatters his brain JFK-style.”

To the national party’s credit, Young’s remarks were roundly denounced by Republican leaders, and Kincannon has basically been disowned by the state GOP. But every story like this reaffirms the exact stereotypes the party is working so hard to combat right now, and until the party can get its members under control, even a superficial rebranding is likely to be unsuccessful. The larger issue, though, is whether the Republicans’ electoral base actually wants it to change. The early evidence isn’t very promising. source


Not only is this “person” an adult but he’s a proud GOP represenative with thousands equally insane followers. He doesn’t think he’s racist and although he has proclaimed that transgender people should be put in concentration camps he insists that the Nazi’s themselves were actually “leftists” (because you know they were so liberal) he disrespects the Natives of this land and although he says he works with the homeless on a regular basis he eluded to raping any “hot” homeless lesbians. He’s recently garnered backlash from his concentration camp comments but since he hasn’t actually suffered any real consequences from it he thinks it’s hilarious. (X

Gee wouldn’t it be a shame if he was reported to twitter so much that they removed his account and he was no longer able to get off on spewing his crap to his mindless followers? Wouldn’t that just be so sad?


Pro-life SC GOP former director Todd Kincannon wants to kill everyone with Ebola.


Pro-life means pro-fetus.
Pro-life means pro-fetus.
Pro-life means pro-fetus.

I’ma keep tellin y’all that until it finally sinks in.

This clown who used to be the executive director of the Republican Party in South Carolina went on a Twitter rampage this weekend calling for immediate death to anyone who tests positive for Ebola.  Families, healthcare workers, cameramen — anyone exposed.

And he caps it off with a comment about Wendy Davis and abortion.  The stupid is starting cause me physical pain at this point.

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Todd Kincannon: racist asshole, generally terrible person. He also likes to make misleading tweets claiming that people who disagree with him are “supporting” him in order to smear their reputation, such as poor Dawn Catherine here.

So, obviously, he’s a general douchebag, but why should we care?

Oh, what’s this? He’s the ex-executive director of the South Carolina GOP and founder of the conservative Twitter mob, TGDN?

Well then.

Just some names

Kevin McGuire, Ronan Thompson, Kayla Kincannon, etc. Those names probably don’t make you think of Taylor Swift. You probably think of something like; Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer. But most of people don’t think of Kevin, or Ronan, or Kayla. No probably not, because those are 3 among many cancer victims whose lives were changed by Taylor. Among the hundreds of people who lost their homes 2 years ago because of tornadoes but who now have homes because Taylor Swift donated proceeds from several local concerts on her Speak Now Tour to rebuild them. Or the millions of dollars she donated to cancer research and charities. But like I said you probably don’t hear much about that since everyone would rather be an arrogant judgmental asshole and talk about her for being a 23 year old young woman who has dated SIX (most people get that number wrong) guys over the past 6 years. Now, why don’t you sit down and know what kind of woman you’re talking about before you open your mouth because there are very few women who do such beautiful things in this world today. So if there are honestly people out there who can actually call her names like: “slut” or “whore” for DATING LIKE A NORMAL YOUNG WOMAN IN AMERICA then they need to learn what those words mean. Because if Taylor Alison Swift is considered a slut and her romantic history is more important than the fact that she changes peoples lives every day then you know I fucking hope I can be half as amazing of a slut as she is. And if that girl wants to date guys who you only wish would look at you then she should be able to do that freely without being judged. So if you’re going to judge Taylor Swift you just remember what she’s done. And don’t you forget those names.
RIP. Ronan.
End of Rant.