1-year-old North West To Get $10m

According to latest reports, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have set aside a mouth-dropping $10 million for their 1-year-old daughter to receive when she hits drinking age 21.

A close source to the couple revealed that Nori’s loving dad is planning to bestow her with so much millions so she, “won’t have to work a day in her life.” The source also said that the rapper is crazy about his little princess and “his decisions these days are for Nori and her future. He wants her to create, innovate, and leave her mark on this world. And he’s planning for her future as we speak.”

According to Hollywoodlife, KimYe already put $5 million each into an account for her that she can have free and clear when she turns 21. $10 million is quite a lot of money, but our source revealed that by the time North is 21-years-old, it may not be in her mind.

“It’s simple. He wants her to always live the life she’s going to be accustomed to. That’s just spending money for her when she reaches 21,” our source said. “They got a whole lot more set up for her in case something were to happen to both he or Kim.”

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>Kim and Kanye look miserable to me. I believe that they’re actually in love.. & whatnot but.. the cameras.. constantly.. I think they’re tired of the *spotlight*. Just my opinion. Kim has the shades on.. looking tired.. & Kanye.. the obvious fake smile.. he hates it. Look at his eyes.. And North… yes.. she’s GORGEOUS.. but she’s a CHILD. she’s oblivious to the real world right now. This is the only life she’s seen. They have to live up to so many expectations. America LOVES this family. HATES this family. As much as I’m here for Kimye.. I think they deserve some privacy. I’m here for thm tho!

Of Mice & Men: Engagement Preference



Austin wants to take you somewhere desolate, but romantic. What better than the northern ocean? It’s a great place to cuddle, sit by the fire, and watch your favorite movies while sipping on hot cocoa. You two have the coziest relationship!



Alan wants everything to be public! Everything! But, instead of a baseball field like Kimye (yes Kimye), it’ll be at one of his concerts. The crowd will fall silent but burst into the the biggest mob any of the band has ever seen! Your love is the truest Austin’s ever seen, and…he’s only a little bit jealous…



Aaron is a classy guy and appeals to your needs as much as he can! He knows you always talk about travelling to Paris, and…well…right in front of that Eiffel Tower he’ll bend his knee for you. As if just going to Paris wasn’t exciting enough!



Phil would be as cute as possible, taking you to that park you grew up at. On that same swing set you met when you were young, you’d be engaged, too. 



Tino wants everything to be private as possible. Sitting at home in the comfort of your own bed was exactly where you wanted to be. After soft kisses trailing down your neck, he’ll fall to his knees in front of you until you jump into his arms out of excitement!

Cedric the Entertainer -- San Francisco Giants Owe Kim Kardashian & Kanye West for World Series Win

Cedric the Entertainer — San Francisco Giants Owe Kim Kardashian & Kanye West for World Series Win

Madison Bumgarner is getting all the credit, but Cedric the Entertainer says the San Francisco Giants had two other World Series MVPs — Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

TMZ Sports spotted the comedian in Calabasas and he admitted he was pulling for the Kansas City Royals … since the Giants whupped his beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

But Ced is buying into the not-so-widely held theory that Kimye…

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