Can we talk about Kimye and Amber Rose real quick?

You people confuse me.

When Kim and Kanye first started dating, y’all HATED it and threw all sorts of slander their way(especially Kim).

Then y’all suddenly loved them together and pics of them and how they’re so stylish and in love started buzzing everywhere.

Now Kanye talks bad about Amber and suddenly y’all hate Kim and Kanye again? Suddenly Kim is a white piece of garbage with nothing real about her? Suddenly Kanye hates black women(hahahaha) and loves white women?

FIRST OF ALL. Amber Roose isn’t even black.

Second of all, Kanye doesn’t respect black women because he insulted and dislikes his ex(like 99.9% of people do)? Lmao if I have to explain to you the error in that train of thought then it’s not even worth it.

3rd of all, what did Kim ever do to y’all to deserve such hate? Her body might be real or fake, WHO CARES. She might wanna “look like a black woman,” WHO CARES. She became famous due to a sex tape? WHO CARES. She has dated black successful men, WHO CARES. How is any of this your business???? How does any of this warrant your hatred and disrespect for her??? Some of y’all act like she personally came into your house and called your children niggers. She gets disrespected more than the guy who betrayed her trust and leaked her sex tape.

I ADMIT it way back when they first started dating, I called her a gold digging ho and said she’s only after him for the money, but I’m much wiser and more mature now then I was then. I realise that I actually don’t know the woman and have no place saying anything about her.

Y’all doing the most. Stop talking about people cause it’s cool. You know what’s cool? Staying in your fucking lane.