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“You just popped in the Kanye West
Get right for the summer workout tape
And ladies if you follow these instructions exactly
You might bear to pull you a rapper, a NBA player
Man, at least a dude wit’ a car
So first of all we gon’ work on the stomach
Nobody wants a little tight a#s!

- Kanye Omari West

Kanye West | The College Dropout | 2004 | Kanye West | Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam

As you can see above Kimmie Nguyen foodiesUNITE! doesn’t workout just like any other person, she does it with style!
With a form-fitted dress, heels and dumbbells…she tones herself to the sounds of the musical genius they call Kanye West.

Make sure to get your tickets to the gun show!

*Taken at the Casa de Chiang/Nguyen/Andrade in McLean, Virginia


“A scene from one of my favorite movies of all time, Coming to America – ‘Oh, my goodness, I can’t believe it! This is the greatest day of my life!” – played in my head when I tried their food for the very first time. At last, an above average Indian restaurant that I not only enjoy but would recommend. Their spices tastes authentic, their rice (a key compontent of an Indian dish) is fresh and their sauces compliments their protein (the lamb or cheese). However, their garlic naan wasn’t anything special.“

Bombay Bistro | Location: 3570 Chain Bridge Rd, Fairfax VA | Top: Garlic Naan, Rating: 3/5, Price: $2.95 | Bottom Left: Saag Ghost, Rating: 4/5, Price: $13.95 | Bottom Right: Paneer Shashlik*, Rating: 4/5, Price: $11.95 | For The Record: *cottage cheese brochette

waaaba waabaa LOL

Just got back from kimmie’s house. HEHEHEHE “Kimmie’s Slut” LOLOLOHAHAHAHAHAHALOLOLOLOLOLOLOLHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!! ohk <3 it was so scary walking to her place. ): SAFE AND SOUND! YAAAAH HEARRRRD MEH?!!


“Trying to save money on cab fares in a city like San Fran is not only impossible, it’s stupid. The BF and I walked EVERYWHERE, and then kept walking some more. By the end of the fourth day, I felt like we were on a foot expedition to explore uncharted territory. We wanted to venture out for dinner but honestly, my feet hated me and wanted nothing to do with me.  We thought it was a safe bet to check out our hotel’s restaurant – it’s the W Hotel, after all! The ambiance threw me off (there was a DJ), the service was awkward (the waiter asked me if it was my Birthday randomly) and the food was JUST alright." 

TRACE, W Hotel | Location: 181 Third Street, San Francisco CA  | Top: Pan Roasted Halibut*, Rating: 3/5, Price: $29.00 | Bottom: Walnut Tart, Rating: 3/5, Price: $10.00 | For The Record: romano & bluelake beans, roasted garlic & almonds grape mostarda


I went to San Rafael with Kimmie and her ppl (: Omg I accidentally left my phone at home! For two days, I was phone less ); It’s fine, I had a lot of fun! The first night up there, I learned a lot of new card games! The second night up there, we had corndogs before sleeping and I did a little camera whoring and shizz! ahahahhahah FUN FUN FUN! Well Raymis came the next morning and we all went to Japan Town! It was my first time and ohhhh myy… it was pretty (’: I had donuts for breakfast today! Now I’m home and I miss Bay Nguyen.. );


“In a land far, far away (thank goodness) – I used to be an EA to the Co-Founder of an accounting company, who happen to love two things: making me feel like shit and the Washington Capitals. He went to most of their home games at the Verizon Center and frequently asked me to make reservations at Rosa Mexicano for him and his comrades beforehand. I was intrigued by this since there are so many other restaurants at his disposal…Good guac? Margaritas? Tacos? Service? Ambiance? What was it? The answer? Not a damn thing, I thought the food was average and underwhelming for the price while the service lacked attention.”

Rosa Mexicano | Location: 575 7th St NW, DC | Top: Lamb Tacos, Rating: 3/5, Price: $16.00 | Bottom: Huevos Rosa*, Rating: 3.5/5, Price: $11.50 | For The Record: *sunny-side up eggs, crisp tortilla, refried chorizo beans, roasted tomato-chipotle sauce, salsa verde, ham, peas, cheese

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Kimmie Nguyen is a food and fashion enthusiast from Springfield, Virginia. Follow her travels around the world: Website | @the2Fs

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“Even before you walk through their doors, you’ll be greeted with signs and messages like "No Skinny Bitches”. Indoors, you're loudly silently laughing to yourself with qips like “Eat all you want, you’re already fat” and “Anything worth eating is worth overeating”. They only sell more rice pudding flavors and toppings that you could ever imagine! But aside from the eclectic vibe, the taste of the rice pudding is actually good! It’s creamy with a healthy dose of the named flavor – my almond was nutty and rich. But I’ll be honest with you by admitting that without the crunchy goodness of the coconut shavings, the dish would have been average.

Rice to Riches | Location: 37 Spring St, New York NY | Food: Almond Shmalmond, Rating: 4/5, Price: $7.00 + $1.00/topping | For The Record: crunchy coconut shavings (called Blessings)

Pool Party part two with #JennyYang and @the2fs #4thofjuly on Flickr.

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Kimmie Nguyen is a food and fashion enthusiast from Springfield, Virginia. Follow her travels around the world: Website | @the2Fs

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Productive Day w/ Cinddy.
  • 4/27

I woke up around 11 to get ready. I was waiting for this day because me and Cindy and Jerrick planned a day to go to the mall to watch a movie. Before going to Cindy’s place, I had to wait in the car because my mom had to do some stuff. I also really wanted to go to Kimmie’s house because I missed her. So I told my mom to bring me there and pick me up in two hours. Me and Kimmie chilled in her gazebo for 30 minutes then came in to watch Glee because I ruined her “Glee day being ALONE” LOL Catherine wanted to come over but didn’t wanna walk by herself. Kimmie lazy ass didn’t wanna go and I didn’t either, but then I did wanna. IDK. Right as when I stepped my foot outside of Kimmie’s property, my mom came. I couldn’t meet up Catherine. So we planned a day for 4/28 to chill. Which is today. Moving on.. My mom had to pick up my brother from where she dropped him off to bring him home, before bringing him home, she dropped me off at Cindy’s place. Me and Cindy chilled in her room looking for clothes to wear and then took off to Oakridge at 6. Jerrick was already waiting there. We didn’t know if we had enough time to go to target to get some food, but previews were about ten minutes to we took our time wisely. ;D We bought tickets for Madea One Big Family or some shit. IT WAS HILARIOUS, but it made me cry because it was also sad.. I recommend it to everyone. <3 After the movie we walked around the mall and waiting for Cindy’s people to pick us up. Her dad drove us to In n Out to get some stuff. Got home around 9 and ate and chilled in her kitchen. Jerrick had to leave around 10 so we ran in the room. Now was the time for FUN. We decided to go pull an all nighter. As you know, I am afraid of the dark. Cindy had to turn on the lights for me. We went back in the kitchen hours later to get some coffeeeeeee. yumyumm. I had to make sure I don’t fall asleep. And Cindy had to make sure we ate a lot so that we don’t need to run back in the kitchen. We got ourselves some bombing as pizzas. Went inside to watch “She’s outta my league” and talked and eat. and things. LOL then afterwards, we watched “White Chicks” After we watched “White Chicks” I did her nails for her birthday party I can’t go to because I already made plans on Sat. D; But I picked out her clothes and color and everythaaang. painted her nails half way done but got really really tired. By that time, it was around 5. We crashed.

  • 4/28

We planned to wake up at 7 to get some mcdonalds breakfast. Woke up at 7 and went back to sleep. LOL Woke up again at 1 in the afternoon and first thing I wanted to do was redo her nails. So I took off everything I did last night and redid it. I was surely not fully awake when I was doing her nails, so it’s a bit weird looking. I thought it looked nice, except one or two. AHAHA Me and Cindy walked to Mcdonalds and that bitch riped me off two dollars. I was so mad. Luckily I didn’t throw in my money like I usually do. I was very suspicious cuz I paid a twenty and she only gave be back 15 dollars. Damn bitch, and I only used two dollars. I loved my math teacher when I figured out that she didn’t give me back my change. I also double checked and look at my recipe. Yep, I went to embarrass her ass in front of everyone. Damn Bitch, thought I just woke up (which I did) but didn’t know that I’m smarter when tired. LOL WTF Yelled at her and ate and went to safeway to get some Jamba. I was ranting to Cindy about how I was mad but yeah. My mom came to pick up us and I drove her home. I went home and now I’m aboutta crash again. I hope not because I have a day with my Catherine (:

“Sometimes, you get introduced to something that makes you think how you ever went so long without it and becomes the basis of all comparison, like online banking or online shopping or online reservations – basically any and all online functions. But of course , San Francisco had to introduce me to the experience of Dim Sum on-the-go. Now, envision a buffet line with rows and mountains of dim sum, which ranges from steamed dumplings and buns to sticky rice and pastries. You go through the line, point out your selections and smile awkwardly unless you speak Chinese! Lastly, you pay per pieces, which is great for someone like me who like options, and sit your ass down at a small and sticky table!

Delicious Dim Sum | Location: 752 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA | Food: Dim Sum per Pieces, Rating: 4/5, Price: $4.00 | For The Record: hargow, clive dumplings, pork dumplings, leeks dumplings, shumai