April 1, 2012 // After spending time together he asked for my phone. Not even asking why, I gave it to him. Then waking up at 2:45AM in the morning and seeing this :3! Gotta make it Facebook official too <3 Our playful type of relationship :3

Kidding, April Fools :)


February 22, 2012 // That black mark on my forehead is gonna be so hard to remove… But other then that I’m such a bop for having 3D glasses still LOL! Stitch is my boyfriend. Thanks @TimmyDBakthy! 


March 16, 2013 // Beyond Wonderland was amazing <3! First Rave

Thank you to Joe for making it happen for me :)! Thank you strangers for being so friendly. No thanks to the perverts who were raping the shit out of me. HAHA, I love the music, sometimes. I love the adventurous things. Went with Lily. Met up with Joe and Andrew. Met up with Matt and Marqus. Met up with Brandon. Saw Demi and Courtney. Saw Walter. Saw Jon and Jason. OMG. Met a bunch of people. YAY <3

EDC next ;3

November 7, 2011 // So I had a talk with my step dad today about guys and I opened up more than usual to him. I talked about how insecure I am towards guys. Or how I’m not the “type” of girls guy look for. And he told me how he fell in love with my mom. About how my mom was hooking him up with her friend, but he fell for her instead. Then I looked at their wedding pictures and he cheered me up so much.

"Falling in love is different for everyone. You can fall in love so many times or so little. And for you, you’ll know a guy really love you unconditionally is when he gives you the same look I gave your mom in these pictures. That looked that shows I would spend my whole life with her. That’s when you know it’s really love." - Step Dad

Would you take a second look at me if I wore no makeup, baggy sweats, and had my hair tied up in a bun. Or would you notice me more if I wore makeup and tried to look decent! 

Our looks attract, but the personality wins the heart.

November 2, 2011 // In PE, my friend Alex always said I looked “pretty”. And today he asked if I wanted to be his “best friend in the whole wide world”. I told him we already are and he gave me a big hug <3! Even though he’s special ed, he’s the only guy that ever made me feel important. Thanks Alex ^o^~


June 7-8, 2012 // Workman High School and Los Altos High School Class of ‘12 Graduation :)! 

Went with Stephanie to WOHS graduation then LAHS. Random plans after at Boston Cafe, dancing to Ma Boy in the parking lot, going to someone’s house and having a hookah sesh. Waking up to Kielthone requesting an open relationship with me. Haha he’s funny!