To my 50k+ lovely followers, I badly need your help.

Kimbra is going to have a concert here in our country and I really wanna go.

I joined a liking contest in Instagram that whoever have the most likes will won a pair of ticket. I am humbly asking for your help to like my post so I can have a chance to win this one. Thank you in advance and I will forever be grateful for your help. Thanks and god bless everyone.

Here is the link:


You can get a lot done during a song. Sonos your home.

Sometimes I record covers of songs I love and here is a recent one I made for a song by Owen Pallett called ‘The Passions’. It is off his new album ‘In Conflict’. I’ve followed his work for a while now - he used to go by the name Final Fantasy- and felt a connection with this song the first time I heard it… suddenly had the urge to reinterpret the song in a new way - playing with Owen’s string arrangement as a map for different vocal ideas so I locked myself away for a few hours to see what happened.

This came out of my little basement setup one afternoon, just using voices and some guitars. It’s very raw but I figured someone might enjoy discovering this down at The Catacombs. Make sure to listen in headphones :)

And here is the haunting original by the amazing Owen Pallett.

Enjoy x


Rock Steady - Janelle Monáe & Kimbra