With My Hands
  • With My Hands
  • Kimbra
  • Frankenweenie Unleashed! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Bonus Track Version]

With My Hands- Kimbra

So I thought I might share this new single from “Frankenweenie Unleashed” since I am excited to see the new film tomorrow! :)

ENJOY! See you at the movies! #Frankenweenie

Watch here for my thoughts on the movie later as well! :)


In love 


Good news. Today Sasha gave interview and Alison will meet a guy. Emison always will be good friends and strong connection. But not romantic way. So emison is not endgame as romantic. So Paige and kimbrely are left. Hope Emily say Paige and we can celebrate. Sasha said Alison realize that after apologizing to Paige she needs to ask forgiveness from other people. Sounds like Alison finally realize she makes mistakes and clean it up. I saw Norman talking to that lady counselor and I was thinking maybe Emily talked to her how she felt and hopefully she realize she wants Paige back. Finger crossed. Now I hope it will calm the war between paily and emison. I was right that Alison is straight.

kimbre asked:

I wish I could tell you how much I love your Eric and Alan art. My heart beats faster just seeing it!!!

aww thank you so much! I havent draw them since last year Q_Q… now you mentioned it I almost forgot about EricAlan story on Deviantart _(:3 (i’ll continue it later)

i dont draw them lately doesnt mean i abandon them completely! i still love them tbh! ^^


I can’t tell if 🐾 #KimBr 🐾loves or hates her new toy that @jjasso22 picked out. But she sure is going to town on it! 🐶 #getem #puppylove

It’s official guys! I am one of the proud owners along with @jjasso22 of this beautiful puppy. Her name is KimBr and it was love at first sight. I’m so excited to finally have a dog. I’ve wanted one for the longest! #KimBr is only 7 weeks old and I can’t wait to see her grow up!! 😍😍🐶