I really don’t understand everyone’s problem with Kim Kardashian. Wait, I get it. She’s an easy target bc she had a sex tape leak.. but let’s remember that it was a sex tape of her & her BOYFRIEND at the time. She wasn’t getting gang banged by 10 random dudes on the side of the road. You know how many girls have had sex on an iPhone camera with dudes who weren’t their boyfriend?! & then we have the “She has no talent” argument. She’s a model. She just has to model & look good which judging by her fucking net worth.. she does pretty well. “SHES’S SO PHOTOSHOPPED” .. Okay and 90% of the pictures I see on Instagram have that Perfect 360 app to smooth your skin & filters galore. “HER ASS ISNT EVEN NICE IT HAS CELLULITE” … Ok, it’s cool for you to say this about Kim Kardashian but if some dude says he doesn’t like cellulite then every girl in the world is gonna call him an asshole because he’s “shallow.” “SHES A MOM, SHE SHOULDNT BE NAKED ON A MAGAZINE COVER” .. It’s called modeling. Miranda Kerr (VS Model) posed naked when she was pregnant. That was cool though? Where’s that rule written down? The 10 Commandments? “If thou is a mom, thou shall not show thy titties.” Everyone needs to chill the fuck out. I don’t even like Kim K enough to be writing some shit like this but everyone I see commenting about it is super hypocritical. It’s so easy to point the finger so that’s what people do. Shit is annoying. She sucked one dick on camera, big deal. Ray J was in the video too.. Where he at?!!?!? Playing with his dick at home probably. Remember that she could’ve just became a gold digging girl who bounced her ass in music videos but this bitch got her shit together & has a successful ass TV show & has all you people buying her app & clothes. You made her famous. Now live with it & shut up.


There is so much negativity surrounding this photoshoot, from both men and women, it astounds me.

I’m gonna make a jump and assume that a lot of the men speaking out against this, are the same men that shared links to nudes of Jennifer Lawrence, who downloaded photos stolen from celebrity phones and emails.

Now they thought that was great, ‘the fappening’ was a gift. But when Kim Kardashian chooses to pose naked on the cover of a magazine, (which *cough* *cough* men have being doing for years) she’s a slut, she is someone’s mother. Think of the children.

What’s quite clear is the difference, the women who had their photos stolen and their naked bodies plastered all over the web, had no say in it, it wasn’t their choice.

This however, isn’t submissive enough. This isn’t sexy and it isn’t here to serve some voyeuristic fantasy. She isn’t spread out over a bed waiting to for a man to complete the scene.

This is one of the most powerful and recognised women in media, standing alone, taking control of her own body, being naked because she can be, and people can’t handle it.