[NEWS] 150303 ‘Spy’ finale to be broadcast Friday

The actors on the crime miniseries “Spy” are making each moment count ahead of the finale.

Singer-actor Kim Jae-joong, 29, was spotted on-set chatting amiably with costars and joking with crew members, pretending to film them on his cellphone.

Actress Ko Sung-hee, 25, fed staff members egg tarts, took commemorative selfies and read her script between takes.

Yu Oh-seong, 48, played tricks on fellow actors, in contrast to his intimidating on-screen role as a chief spy.

The 15th and 16th episodes of “Spy” will air back-to-back on Friday at 9:30 and 11:10 p.m. The first episode aired on Jan. 9.

Source: Kpop Herald
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Happy birthday Kim Jaejoong

thank you for aging so beautifully and giving us the chance to watch you grow

i will always be here waiting and supporting you for years and years to come

pls continue to give your all in everything that you do

saranghaeee baeeeee

ps. 30 years have got nothing on you