Last one for the night. decided to do away with the bottles up front since they took away from the picture. As much as I would’ve loved to play with glass and the unique lighting situation from it, the extra lighting from the bottles would’ve taken away with my original idea for the lighting, so I removed them. Some other time, challenging bottles of crazy lighting issues. 

Now to play League or something.


The original title ‘Siren’s Fate’ for the story was named after a bar in the story. In the first chapter, we see Dave and Adam, two lifelong friends, in this bar. The name itself was given to me by a friend, who had seen the band ‘Siren’s Fate’ in San Diego. 

I created a ‘siren’ for this bar - a songstress- who could entertain the bar’s patrons whom were mostly working class men who needed to relax and get away. She is a highly developed robot, who looks and feels like a human, however has no AI of her own. Instead she is heavily hooked up to machinery that make her move. 

The Siren represents the notion that the world that the people escape to is beautiful, enticing, alluring… however in the end it is not real. The solace that the people look for is simply a crutch. It is only a temporary relief from their problems that only return day after day. The fact that she is also tied to other machinery in order to make her move, hints that society is also the same way - it is attached and anchored by a greater force  in order to make it move. 

The two pink concept sketches are costume ideas; the bottom darker sketch was an experiment of the idea of a ‘dark’ siren, an opposite to what she would be in the comic.