Bobble Sheep Pillow 

Purl Bee is a Blog I just adore especially when it’s knitted goods, even more so when they are sheep related.

The pillow’s texture is a made of a booble pattern, which to makes the sheep more appealing to the eye. I just want to grab it and smush this cuddly sheep into my face!! 

If you couldn’t afford Purl Bee’s very own yarn brand you could easy pick up something else of a soft super chunky variety like Sirdar Big Softie which has a similar single ply softness and thickness too it.

You will need to be able to increase, decrease, make a bobble as instructed and use Kitchener Stitch (although purl bee has there very own tutorial for that).

Ewe should definitely give this Bobble Sheep a try!

I'm Running My Blog Sporadically

I’m Running My Blog Sporadically

Well It’s been over a weeks since I last posted, Yikes it didn’t seem that long ago! I’ve been posting a bit here and there lately but only when I’ve got news or something nice to share with you all. Like the Clueless girls I don’t want to go posting too sporadically, so I’m here throwing the irregular posting to the wind. :D

I have a small knitting update, I’m nearly ending the second sleeve and…

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That Shade Of Distraction

That Shade Of Distraction, check out my latest blog post on my new socks.

Finally I have my second instalment of patterns (On The Edge Of Dijon) ready for you all to enjoy. The week before releasing I found that one shade I’d used on my new pattern that had already been written and knitted had been discontinued and was no longer available for purchasing. So sad and frustrating when most of the design popped due to that shade. I’d also spent quite a while picking the…

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Mixtape Mondays 9

SOCK MONKEY by A Beautiful Mess

Out on the Blog prowl again and came across a very cute DIY project. It’s aimed to be made as a toy for children but what kind of adult wouldn’t just adore a Sock Monkey as well!!! 

I’m a massive sucker for a cuddly toy and it’s even more fun to learn to create your own little bundle of snuggly joy.

So whether it’s for a little one or not, it’s still a wonderful project. So whip together a pair of old thick socks, needle, thread and get sewing. 

Not only can you create a Sock Monkey you can create any animal you like with a bit of creative imagination.

I read a few blogs here and there throughout my week and like finding something new. Today I found something with some cute whimsy, a creative little list to throw you out of your weekly stride. It’s not enough to upset your routine but it is however a list to bring about a nice change and to even try something new. It’s a list to get you out of your mid week blues and to get you thinking about some slight and delicate changes to spice up your life.

Every Week Mathilde Manech collates a small list of 5 things to do. You don’t have to try them all but it’s nice to give even a few ago. I love it and will be keeping my eye on this blog more often.