There you are in the distance

like a star out my window at two am

when I can’t sleep

and I wonder how you’d feel up close

I’d like to explore your world

because so far, this world has offered me

nothing but pollution and poverty.

I’d like to wander the streets of your palm,

bask in the headlights of traffic-trapped cars.

There are mountains running like water

down your back and I’d like to drag my finger

tips along them, feel the ice caps fall away

so you wouldn’t shiver so much

so you wouldn’t be so cold anymore.

But I’m learning to accept that two am doesn’t last for

ever, that the sun comes eventually

to light up this city into a silhouette of homeless people

and angry cab drivers with their loud horns.

That’s when you recede into the distance

and don’t you know that your silence kills me?

It screams, I don’t exist to you.


Ageing Dragons

Many dragons age fairly well, but are usually killed by disease (such as Dragon Pox) or by challengers to their territory before they die of old age.

Most dragons, especially the larger ones, are known to be able to live to well over 90 years old, some even to 150, when on Dragon Reserves and Sanctuaries. Some, such as the Prussian Bloodwing (pictured above), will protect their territory well into their later years, while small breeds of dragons, especially the highly sociable Webbed Water Dragons, will often move territories depending on seasons, food supply, weather and group disagreements. 

Some dragons may lose their ability to flame as they grow older, this is most common among the impressive Chinese Fireball and Swedish Shortsnout breeds, though the Hungarian Horntail and the Catalonian Scorcher may also experience similar problems.

Ageing dragons do risk many infections, and their immune systems do tend to start to weaken after their 70th year. Many elderly dragons on reserves have to be constantly warded against disease during Dragon Pox outbreaks, while younger dragons usually endure a few days of discomfort and then continue on with an immunity.

LOTRO - Draigoch by Gorrem

(More dragons at the request of killingkari)

Insanity Is the New Black

One of my friends (female) has this really hot boyfriend, and the three of us are pretty good friends and hang out often.  I know better than to have feelings for him, but deer lawd he’s beautiful.  Anywhore, we play flirt whenever we hang and I adore it.  We took a picture together one night (where he slapped my ass right after!) and I show it to some of my friends and tell them that him and I are dating.  Fun all around!

I laugh to myself often, because I’m mentally unstable, and because I always compare to myself to Lorna Morello from Orange Is the New Black.  How she tells everyone about her fiancé ‘Christophaaa’, when in reality they had one date and she starts stalking him after that (she even caused an explosion trying to kill him and his new girl!) It’s just like that, but all I say is that we’re dating.  Nothing too crazy.  Yet.  Stay tuned/pressed.

He’ll always be my Chirstophaaa.


Proud to say that I drew this RIGHT now. This is Vampiria, a character relying to “AMV” characters like Elsa and Anna. But i will mostly draw her and maybe edit some pictures so they’ll look like her.

If you like this character, support her with some likes. I am sorry again for all those warrior cat fans and voiceactors who wait for my voiceacting video, I will do it soon, just got the 1st and 2nd scene (animated in PAINT) done. It will be just like a trailer, a few cutscenes. So yep.

So this

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1. I’m left handed, but my left eye doesn’t work.

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3. I won’t eat left overs.

4. I start nannying soon, and I’m hella excited! I get paid to play with babies!

5. I just recently started wearing underwear regularly.

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July has been good to me! I ran my fasted mile, I have done over 2000+ squats via the #julysquatschallenge, I’m a featured user on @codyapp and I’m so close to losing 150 pounds I can taste it. I was gonna wait to make a before and during when i hit that but I have been working my ass and I want to show it off! #hardwork #weightloss #fitblr #weight #loseweight #beforeandduring #beforeandafter #fit #iworkout #killingit #me #fitspiration #fitfam #fitspo #healthy #health #bodyhappy #happy #progress