Progress pic — 120+ lbs lost edition! I started losing weight and getting stronger in October 2011, and it’s definitely been a struggle but it’s worth it. I feel better in my own (albeit loose) skin now.

Reminding yourself of how far you’ve come despite setbacks keeps the motivation going! (2013 has been really tough so far!)

Progress photo: 100 lbs lost!

I’m very lucky to have a photographer boyfriend who accepts that I need my picture taken all the time. 

I have a bigger timeline progress set planned, but it’s been a week since I first hit 100 down, and I wanted to get something up real quick to mark that!

OOTD: Can’t even handle these thunder thighs

Jacket: Target, via my mom, XXL

Top: a really pilled-up off-shoulder top from Torrid by Twist Tees, 2X

Leggings: eBay, these, 3X

Boots: last season leather boots from Aldo, 11 (I’m normally a 10 but this toe box is tiny!)

Nails: Pantone Color of the Year Tangerine Tango creme

Necklace: Lovers tarot card with garnet, local shop

Bag (that you can’t really see): Rough Roses black leather bag with gold details

Tried this on at a Fashion to Figure store last night! I am in NJ for my boyfriend’s family’s Thanksgiving and I went to the Palisades for the first time, being from Boston.

Seeing a Fashion to Figure in real life was so amazing! I wish I could’ve stayed longer! We have no real plus-size shops besides the usual suspects up home.

(I also wish I had an occasion to wear this dress!)

One more from Salem!

This is my boyfriend Joe standing with me. We’ve been together for three years and he loved me at my heaviest weight, loves me now, and supports me during my weight loss journey. He loves me wholly, at any size, and I can’t ever imagine being with anyone else.

I used to weigh more than twice as much as he does. Our difference is still significant, but the gap will keep getting smaller. He’s never had much weight to lose, but we both are into weightlifting together. His goals are around bulking, while mine are about cutting, obviously!

I love you, Joe!

(Wow, my top is so sheer! I wonder if everyone else in Salem noticed!)

OOTD: Acid Wash and Red Lips

Top: This boatneck top from Old Navy, in a mysterious black color that seems to be unavailable online

Jacket: Leather stand-collar scuba jacket by Black Rivet from Wilson’s Leather

Jeans: The most expensive pants I have ever impulsively bought (though I did get $10 off), Sophia Skinny Jeans in Acid Wash from Torrid

Leather boots: Aldo, last season

Necklace: Tarot “Lovers” necklace with garnet, from local occult shop