I need help guys.

So it might be May 1 or a few days after but I am getting my own place. I’d like to save up as money as I can before I do so that I don’t have to always be telling my mom that I need her help. I’ll be moving into an apartment- Possibly- that costs $520 a month. (I’ll need a room mate also, because that’s only half the rent I’ll be spending- It’s really $1025 a month for one person staying there).

Help a girl out, get some cool artwork with your fan character on it and help me financially. 

The Jon is not a commission piece, he’s just an example. The backgrounds are also examples but don’t cost more. You’ll get a free background of your choosing from Stripes(Like the one robot has) or a real background(The one with the mean orange dragon lady). All of them will be full bodied, by the way.

Reblog please!

Watch on thekillerart.tumblr.com

Here is a better pick of my painting from last night entitled One Cold Hearted Bitch i used a lot of #florescent #acrylic so it dose #glow under the #blacklight figured that out last night #acrylicpainting #bloodthirsty #femaledrawings #killerart #murder #coldherated #artwork #art #tattoosbye #sanantonio #artist #artislife by tattoosbye http://instagram.com/p/s72n_Tt80B/


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#flipagram made with @flipagram ♫ Music: MisterWives - Vagabond Like the art? Check out my bio for the link to my friend’s Facebook. He and his teenage daughter make killer art with canvas and spray paint. #art #beauty #killerart #spraypaint #paint #artoftheday #amazing #beauty #beautiful #butterfly #planets #trees #art_of_IG #art_of_Instagram #instaart #artofig #artofibstagram #instabeauty by beauty_and_the_beaks http://instagram.com/p/swFY5ICtK_/

Brand new characters. Made a new world called Por. 

Lewis, a normal young human man who took a waiting job at a local restaurant in Por. 

Kiana, a vampire cyclops who’s been alive since Greek times. Lewis’s love interest. 

Parker, a bird demon who loves heavy metal and dresses metal. Became Lewis’s friend when he moved to Por.

Magnet, a robot who waiters along with Lewis. He has a special talent where he can raise his voice high enough to sound like a Dalek(Scaring customers at the same time).

Ijo(I-gho), A non-binary demon. They like to shop to cover there burned and scarred body after an accident that killed their parents.

Dandelion, a fairy who lives with a werewolf in an apartment. She is a therapist who works in a local medical center.

Meirka(Meer-ka), an Aries dragon and the first born Zodiac Dragon born before her sisters. She guides Aries humans through dreams and spurts of confidence that humans think they grow within themselves.

Arika(Ah-rye-ka), an Aquarius dragon and the eleventh dragon born after her sisters and born before her last sister. She guides Aquarius humans with letting helpful and loyal people in to their lives. 

I should make more, this was a lot of fun.