Theories I’ve been hearing...

Barry will save the original Wells, but it will change the timeline. The Flash won’t be The Flash until years after, he will never meet Joe, Caitlin, Cisco. Caitlyn will go on to be Killer Frost, since she never met Harrison Wells. Cisco might somehow become Vibe. Something will happen like the Particle Accelerator happening, and it will make metahumans. You can’t ever truly change the timeline.

anonymous asked:

Will you ship Snowbarry after Westallen becomes canon and Caitlin Killer Frost?

Absolutely! Probably even more, because you can watch two people being canonicaly in love just this long and Cait as Killer Frost will be amazing… all that angst for Snowbarry, great storylines, I bet there will be time when they will be forced to cooperate and then the breakdown full of feels. Bring it!