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MakoHaru Serial Killer AU - Chapter One

This is the first installment of the MakoHaru Serial Killer! AU, based on this post! I really hope you all will enjoy it! If it gets a good enough response, I may just put it up on AO3!

Expect more soon!


Makoto was not delusional: He absolutely knew that he didn’t lead a normal life.

He reached for his hunting knife which had been embedded in his target’s neck, pulling it out with a sharp tug. He looked at the stained blade in disgust before wiping it on his victim’s silk shirt; he had never really liked blood. How ironic, since he was a serial killer.

He wasn’t in this alone though. He had been trained to kill by his mother and father from a very early age, his first hit having been at the tender age of 7 (and Mr. Nakishima had been such a nice man in his young opinion).

But despite any reservations Makoto may have had in the past, this was his life. His crazy, definitely-not-normal life.

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