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two questions: 1. why do you ship satsuki and iori was there anything i overlooked because i don't see how you got there. we know nearly nothing about iori he had maybe 3 scenes. 2. have your ships changed from start til today? for example did you ship a couple in episode 1 for which you thought in episode 24 "ehh no"?

1) I ship them because of the great Satsuki/Shiro scenes in drama cd 2 and 3! The drama cds took place before the king-of-the-hill-game, during a time where Satsuki was still an icy and absolute dictator with no known soft side yet in the drama cd while she was with Soroi or Shiro she was always Softsuki! And always with the Softsuki piano theme in the background (an unreleased track btw I’m so sad it wasn’t included in the soundtrack cds!!). Also they go way back and Shiro played with her and tried to cheer her up because she was devastated after Soichiro’s “death” which is really adorable! 

2) Hmm only three of my ships went through major changes, otherwise I still ship the characters I shipped in the beginning. My OTPs changed many times though.

Really well-drawn and adorable doujinshis might warm me up for this ship but it’s gonna be very, very, very hard. Because Mako is the only character in KlK I only ever shipped with one character. Actually she is the kind of character I usually don’t ship at all (you know those adorable airheads with nothing but food in mind and who you would want as your BFF) but Ira is like the perfect match for her?! I have shipped them since episode 4 (where Mako told Ira he should wear his pajamas like everyone else) and the course of the show + all those hella rad fanarts and especially doujinshis only strengthened my passion for this uber-adorable couple.

And it’s not very helpful that there aren’t any awesome RyuMako doujins out there. Or at least I didn’t find any. If you know any good RyuMako doujinshis feel free to give me the link! I would love to check them out!