Nakakaadik mainlab. Kasi once na nainlab ka na, hindi mo na maiiwasang hanap hanapin ang pakiramdam ng merong good morning at goodnight messages, wake up calls, late night conversations at araw araw na kilig. pero once na nasaktan ka parang ayaw mo ng maulit pa. Parang lahat nalang may doubt ka. Nakakaadik mainlab pero masakit ang masaktan.

1.25.2015 (7:30 PM)

Dear Julie and Elmo,

I was listening to One Direction’s They Don’t Know About Us, and I suddenly remembered ALL of your off cam moments. 

I miss all of your kulitan, and all of your kilig moments.

Please return to each other’s arms soon,

A JuliElmo Fan

leatheredluke asked:

Do you have a word that relates to photography or "butterflies in your stomach"?

kilig (Filipino)

n. the inexplicable rush and joy and the delightful feeling that sends shivers of pleasure down the spine as one encounters something romantic or cute

When kilig, aside from having chills to the spine and butterflies on the stomach, one may experience blushing, giggling or smiling uncontrollably, heart melting, irrepressible noises from one’s mouth - a kind of pleasure one gets when seeing your crush (especially when he smiles and/or talks at you), when someone special does something nice for you, watching romantic films, etc.