I’m still a KathNiel though and well, will always be. I’ll support whatever activities they are in, just like I always do. My tardism and love for their loveteam is something I just can’t let go that easily. Really. But one thing I am not sure of is, if I can still feel that kind of ‘kilig’ whenever I’ll see some of their offcam pictures. That kind of ‘kilig’ that can make my night sleepless or make me think about it all day. I’ll doubt. I’ll start to weigh things out specially those words that would come out in their/his mouth from now on. Whether it is scripted just to make us believe that everything is ok or it’s not. I’ll maybe find their gestures sweet but not like the innocent sweetness I used to feel… I’m afraid of how long I would feel this. I’m really disappointed of what he did… Gosh. I’m wishing that all of this was just a dream… a bad bad dream… and we could all wake up and come back to what we used to. TT-TT 

  • Crush:Papasok ka bukas?
  • Ako:Ewan ba. Bakit?
  • Crush:Sabay tayo.
  • Ako:Di ako sure kung papasok. Hahahahaha.
  • After a few minutes
  • Ako:Ano papasok ka?
  • Sya:Oo. Sabay tayo.
  • OHHHHHHHHHHH! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lalagnatin ata ako sa kilig.

leatheredluke said:

Do you have a word that relates to photography or "butterflies in your stomach"?


kilig (Filipino)


n. the inexplicable rush and joy and the delightful feeling that sends shivers of pleasure down the spine as one encounters something romantic or cute


When kilig, aside from having chills to the spine and butterflies on the stomach, one may experience blushing, giggling or smiling uncontrollably, heart melting, irrepressible noises from one’s mouth - a kind of pleasure one gets when seeing your crush (especially when he smiles and/or talks at you), when someone special does something nice for you, watching romantic films, etc.


Yung lalaking Tititigan ka kahit lusaw na lusaw ka na


Yung lalaking Sasamahan ka magsimba


Yung lalaking magpapakashunga makita ka lang sumaya


Yung lalaking haharanahin ka kahit di sya marunong kumanta


Yung lalaking hindi takot sabihin yung nararamdaman nya.


Yung lalaking hindi nahihiyang ipagsigawan na ikaw ang mahal nya


At yung lalaking hindi ka iiwanan matupad lang yung pangako nyang walang iwanan



1: From holding hands to hand on waist ;)

2: Padills leaning in closer :’)

3: Spin and hand back on waist ;)

4: Padills getting distracted by Kath xD

5: From holding hands to hand on waist 2.0 ;)


7: Le titigan; ‘it’s just me and you, bave’ 

8: Kilig overload~~~

9: Power hug!

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The way lay holds the girl’s hand tho. I am not jealous bec. She got the chance to hold hands with lay.i’m more into feeling happy because somehow we can see how lay treat girls and how lucky his future girlfriend and wife could be. Don’t get me wrong but idols have life and someday lay will have that “life” too and in that is the lucky girl he will protect for the rest of his life.

To the future girl who’ll own lay’s heart, mind, body and soul.

Pls take care of him as much as we have taken care of him and you are one lucky girl.

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