Talk about a micro niche: Lilleah West aka Beastcub

The internet really makes some micro niche marketing possible in ways that would have been impossible just 10 or 15 years ago.

Here’s someone who makes a living creating furry suits.

Her web site: Beastcub

Her deviantART page: lilleahwest

If you read through her web site it becomes clear that this is quite an involved process.

For example, one of the emerging uses of an all-time favorite, duct tape, is to create duct tape dummies, used to make form-fitting suits. Instructions for duct tape dummy at Kilcodo Costumes.

Happy Fursuit Friday! Here is a fursuit commission of CyberKitsune, a yellow fox! This fellow has 3d follow-me eyes, resin nose, teeth, and claws, vinyl pawpads and a hidden head-zipper so the performer can wear glasses in-suit.
He also has hand-sewn turquoise spirals on his arms and legs.

FA link:


Finished fursuit commission for Zaffa Zaffa, a super cute chihuahua/shiba inu mixed gal! This ‘suit features 3d follow-me eyes, vinyl nose and pawpads, resin teeth, hidden chest-zipper, and a (new!) poseable tail. The tail has a lightweight cable hidden inside that makes the tail totally bendable :3 I will be offering poseable options for tails and ears in all future fursuit commissions.

FA link:

Oh and speaking of which, fursuit commissions are now open for February 2014 forward completion! :3 Check out the Kilcodo Costumes website here: for more information!