Shipping a popular ship!

Shipping an unpopular ship or a rarepair!

Having friends who ship the same thing as you!

Having friends who ship different things than you!

People who think it’s okay to trash on people who ship different things than they do

A/N: OHH I finally finished this! Hurray. I’ll also be posting it on but I want to share it here! I recently got into Prupan and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH *CRIES*. My love for them got me to attempt writing for this fandom so this isn’t really historical at all because I suck. It’s just a lot of uhm what is this? Romance, fluff, romance, and Gilbert being awesome so drown in it *throws it around*.Happy 154th anniversary you beautiful people. P.S. it is still the 24th for me ^^! *sweats*

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It was Nia’s birthday yesterday (Forgive me for the late upload //shot//) ’ v ‘

Wow Tito is getting really reaaally old-  Anyway happy birthday to you, Nia; I’m glad to have met such a good role model as you that I can go to for advice for things like what I should probably do to get ready for college, types of Byzantine art I should look up, and just really good tips for art related things. And for being a friend, of course.  You’re one of the first AsaKiku shippers/ that I’ve really gotten to know, and it has been a really wild ride ever since.  It’s inspiring to see you improve your art all the time, and even when you feel soupy, you never give up. 

So dream good dreams of Kiku butts and Mochimerica(I’m not so sure about Mochimerica..I think it is a bit unhealthy to think of such things all the time…seriously tho). 

 Maligayang Kaarawan sa Iyo!